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Video Bebop presents "Stay Well, Stay Awake"
Video Bebop presents "Stay Well, Stay Awake"

Video Bebop Presents "Stay Well, Stay Awake." The film, created by the band Asterhouse, chronicles how the pandemic affected the local music community, with candid conversations about mental health and resilience. Footage was recorded between September 2019 and July 2021.

Contributing voices:

Asterhouse (John Thornburg, Russ Thornburg, and Julio Posada)
Jonathan Plum, London Bridge Studios
Marshall Hugh, Marshall Law Band
Eva Walker, The Black Tones
John Richards, 90.3 KEXP
Guy Keltner, Acid Tongue/Freakout Records
Troy Nelson, 90.3 KEXP
Taryn Daly, 99.9 KISW
Rachel Flotard, Visqueen/Red Light Management/Neko Case
Nicolle Swims, Black Ends
Nancy Guppy, Art Zone/Almost Live
Cozell Wilson & Sam Styles, Beverly Crusher
Gregr 1077 The End
Ryan Castle, 99.9 KISW
Adam Gehrke, Q13 Fox News
Don Yates, 90.3 KEXP
Chris King, Chris King & The Gutterballs
Kai Hill
Davey Ingersoll, Loudermilk/Gosling/The Echolarks
...and many, many more.


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