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Full Council 10/28/2013
Full Council 10/28/2013
Agenda Items: Referral Calendar, Payment of Bills, No Committee Reports.

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Full Council 10/28/2013
Agenda Items: Referral Calendar, Payment of Bills, No Committee Reports.
Full Council 10/21/2013
Agenda: Public Comment, Alaskan Way Viaduct and Seawall Replacement property acquisition
Full Council 10/14/2013
Agenda: Public Comment, Elliott Bay Seawall Project
Full Council 10/7/2013
Agenda: Public Comment, Lynnwood Link Extension, Land Use and Zoning, 2008 Parks and Green Spaces Levy, Montlake interchange of State Route 520, Relating to the SR 520, I-5 to Medina
Full Council 9/30/2013

Agenda: Public comment, calendar, recyclable materials disposal, SoDo parking and BIA 5-year plan, authorizing funding from non-city sources, 2013 Budget revisions, U District planning donations, Port of Seattle lease agreement for Elliotte Bay Seawall Project, Third Ave South office space lease, Block 24 lease, Related to City employment and IBEW, Related to City employment and Police Dispatchers' Guild, Second Quarter 2013 Employment Ordinance, Seattle Women's Commission appointments, LGBT Commission appointments, CTTAB appointments, Commissions for People with Disabilities appointment, Pioneer Square zoning, Midrise zoning height, Discovery Park Boulevard bio-gas fuel treatment, Block 1, Wenzel Addition property, yellow pages phone books, rental registration and inspection.

Full Council 9/23/2013
Agenda: Budget, Public Comment, Housing for low-income households, Funding for housing and community dev program, Seattle Arts Commission, Seattle Indian Services Commission, Seattle Music Commission, Historic Preservation, Promoting Economic Opportunity, Landmarks Preservation Board appointments, Seattle Public Utilities, Seattle Center Advisory Commission appointments, Dept. of Parks and Recreation, City`s criminal code, City`s Traffic Code, Pioneer Square Parking and Business Improvement Area, High-quality preschool.
Full Council 9/16/2013
Agenda: Public Comment, Grant funds from non-City sources, General street purposes 13 deeds, Property Use and Development Agreement, Accepting conditional gift of funds, Alignment, Station Location and Maintenance Base Location, Central Puget Sound Regional Transit Authority, King County Department of Natural Resources and Parks, Port of Seattle conceptual approval, Seattle Bicycle Advisory Board Appt, Seattle Pedestrian Advisory Board Appt, 2012 International Fire Code, 2012 International Residential Code, 2012 Existing International Building Code, Seattle Energy Code, 2012 International Building Code, Seattle Plumbing Code, 2012 International Mechanical Code, 2012 International Fuel Gas Code, City Light Department, Local Infrastructure Project Area, Land Use and Zoning, Urban Forest Stewardship Plan, Pilot Technical Advisory Group Appointment.
Full Council 9/9/2013
Agenda: Public Comment, Land use and zoning, Supporting Washington Initiative 522 (I-522), I-522 Public Comment, Seattle Residential Code.
Full Council 9/3/2013
Agenda: Public Comment, Burke-Gilman Place Public Development Authority Board Appointment, 2008 Parks and Green Spaces Levy, 2013 Neighborhood Matching Fund projects, BNSF Railway Company, Bike Share Program, King County Department of Natural Resources and Parks, Restricted Parking Zones (RPZs), Puget Sound Bike Share, Bridging the Gap Levy Oversight Committee Appointment, Seattle Pedestrian Advisory Board Appointment, City Light Department, City Light Department`s Wholesale Energy Risk Management Policy, Seattle Design Review Board Appointment, Burke-Gilman Place Public Development Authority Appointment, Pioneer Square Parking and Business Improvement Area.
Full Council 8/12/2013
Agenda: Public Comment, Seattle Center Advisory Commission Appointments, Seattle Sister Cities program, City Banking Contracts, City Light Department, City employment and the 2013 Adopted Budget, City Contracting, Seattle City Employees` Retirement System, Five-year SoDo Parking and Business Improvement Area, 1983 Pioneer Square Parking and Business Improvement Area, Pioneer Square Parking and Business Improvement Area, Amortizing the unfunded liability of the SCERS, Approving interest rates set by the SCERS, Technology Matching Fund Program, Regulation of wheelchair accessible taxicab licenses.
Full Council 8/5/2013
Agenda: Public Comment, Certificate of Sufficiency for Seattle City Charter, Certificate of Sufficiency for Seattle City Charter, Voter-proposed City Charter Amendment, Property Use and Development Agreement, McCurdy Park, Seattle Arts Commission Appointment, Burke-Gilman Place Development Authority Appointment, Land use and zoning, Imposing controls upon the Rohrer House, Imposing controls upon the Barksdale House, Imposing controls upon the Horace Mann School, Imposing controls upon the Charles P. Dose House, Pike Place Market Preservation and Development Authority Council Appointments, Landmarks Preservation Board Appointments, Pioneer Square Preservation Board Appointment, Board of Park Commissioners Appointment.
Full Council 7/29/2013
Agenda: Public Comment, Amendment of the Property Use and Development Agreement, Land use and zoning, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Easement to Snohomish County and the Alderwood Water, Easements for overhead and underground electrical rights in King County, Comprehensive Plan amendments.
Full Council 7/22/2013
Agenda: Public Comment, 3rd Avenue Transit Corridor Design Concept, Green Stormwater Infrastructure, Agreement for Sewage Disposal, Ballard Carnegie Free Public Library Building, Anhalt Apartment Building, Landmarks Preservation Board Appointment, School Zone Fixed Automated Traffic Cameras, Grant of an Easement to Puget Sound Energy, 2013 Adopted Budget, Adopting a 2013 Citywide Position List, Downtown Parking and Business Improvement Area, Rainbow Point Park, Port of Seattle`s West Yard.
Full Council 7/15/2013
Agenda: Public Comment, Relating to revenues generated from the use of school zone fixed automated traffic cameras, Relating to the 2013 Budget, Relating to Restricted Parking Zones (RPZs), Relating to a pedestrian skybridge over and across Post Avenue Spring Street, Relating to the City Light Department.
Full Council 7/8/2013
Agenda: regulation of watercraft noise, Wood Property, environmental remediation of Slip 4 of the Lower Duwamish Waterway, Seattle Public Utilities` Customer Review Panel, archives and records management, Seattle Women`s Commission, Seattle Commission for People with Disabilities.
Full Council 7/1/2013
Agenda: 2013 budget appropriation for the Human Services Department (HSD) Transitional Living and Support BCL.
Full Council 6/24/2013
Agenda: Public Comment, Encampment, 2009 Housing Levy Oversight Committee, Director of the Office of Professional Accountability, production, processing, selling, or delivery of marijuana, public financing of political campaigns, First Quarter 2013 Employment Ordinance, public transit subsidy benefit, Seattle-King County Taxicab Advisory Commission, Washington Park Arboretum, Board of Park Commissioners, Seattle Youth Commission.
Full Council 6/17/2013
Agenda: Public Comment, Supporting creation of a secure, convenient medicine return program in King County, Campaign finance regulations, 2005 Transportation Strategic Plan Update, Seattle Freight Advisory Board, 2013 Seattle Climate Action Plan, Application of Seattle Housing Authority, Approving the extension of a Property Use and Development Agreement, Leschi House property, Seattle Music Commission.
Full Council Special Meeting 6/12/2013
Agenda: Sale and issuance of Revenue Bonds
Full Council 6/10/2013
Agenda: Public Comment, Relating to land use and zoning, Seeking increase public safety and job assistance, Authorizing acceptance of funding for non-city sources, Related to the 2013 Budget, Apex Hotel Condominium Association of Apartment Owner, North Beach Pump Station, Saturn Sculpture and Solar Collector, Relating to the Seattle Center Department, Relating to the Seattle Center
Full Council 6/3/2013
Agenda: Public Comment, Relating to Emergency Medical Services, Application of R.C. Backer and Aegis Living for a contract rezone, Relating to land use and zoning, Declaring the promotion and encouragement of buildings development.
Full Council 5/28/2013
Agenda: Call to order, Roll call, Approval of the agenda, Approval of the journal, Presentations, Public Comment, Adoption of Introduction and Referral calender, Payment of Bills, Cedar River municipal watershed, Seattle Public Library Board of Trustees Appointment, Fashioncraft Building landmark designation, Yesler Terrace Project, Seattle Design and Planning Commission appointment, Adoption of other resolutions, Other business
Full Council 5/20/2013
Agenda: Public Comment, Sound Transit Link Light Rail, Warehouse space leases at 2nd Ave S and S Spokane St, BPA transmission costs, Residential rate assistance, Cable franchise renewal, Seattle Audubon Society in Carkeek Park, Parks and Recreation Legacy Citizens` Advisory Committee, Arboretum and Botanical Garden Committee Appointment
Full Council 5/13/2013
Agenda: Public Comment, Committee Reports, Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, Declining Block Water Supply Agreement, Seattle Iron & Metals Company,Amending the Seattle Comprehensive Plan, Comprehensive Plan, Seattle Chinatown International District Public Development Authority Council Appointment
Full Council 5/8/2013
Agenda: Sale and Issuance of bonds