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Full Council - Special Meeting 1/21/16
Full Council - Special Meeting 1/21/16

Agenda: Public Comment, Resolution ratifying Mayor's Civil Emergency Order addressing encampments and vehicles used as residences (Res 31649)


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Full Council - Special Meeting 1/21/2016

Agenda: Public Comment, Resolution ratifying Mayor's Civil Emergency Order addressing encampments and vehicles used as residences (Res 31649)

Full Council 1/19/2016

Agenda: Public comment, salmon habitat protection (CB 118607).

Full Council - Special Meeting 1/13/2016

Agenda: Relating to contracting indebtedness (Res 31646)

Full Council 1/11/2016

Agenda: Public comment, Petition of Acorn Development, Pay Zone Ordinance, Wage increases, Collective bargaining agreements, Land use and zoning, City Light Department, Electricity rates and terms, Biennial energy conservation, Appointment to City Light Review Panel, Additional Appointments, Seattle Japanese Garden, Re-appointments to Seattle Center Advisory Commission.

Full Council 1/4/2016

Agenda: Public Comment, 2016 Inauguration Ceremony, Oath of Office administered to newly elected Councilmembers, Election of 2016-2017 Council President, 2016-2017 committees, President Pro Tem designation.

Full Council 12/14/2015

Agenda: Public Comment, Cable television, Full unit lot subdivision, Greenbelt Station, School District Levy, Taxicab and for-hire vehicle drivers, City employment, City Council rules and procedures, Appointments to committees, Seattle Employment, Appointments to Human Rights Commissions, Non-city source funding, 2015 Budget, Title 6 business license creation, Arts/Cultural District in Central Area, Appointments to Museum and Arts Commissions, Historic preservation, North City and Olympic view water district, Ship Canal Water Quality Project, Appointments to preservation councils and boards, Petition of Acorn Development LLC, Vacating West Seattle area.

Full Council 12/7/2015

Agenda: Public Comment, Construction and Land Use Fund, Seattle Streetcar, Appointment of Seattle Dept of Construction and Inspections, Land Use and Zoning, Affordable Housing, Gender Pay Equity, Board of Park Commissioners appointment, Court Administrator appointment, City's criminal code amendments, City's traffic code amendments, Cable Television Franchise Agreement, Prisoner and Community Corrections Re-entry Work Group, City's Emergency Management Program, Report of the Police Intelligence Audit, Chief of Police Audit Report, Response of Police Chief, Street and sidewalk Use amendments, Land Use amendments, Seward Park Easement, Drainage Easements, Light Detection and Ranging data, Vacation of South Lake Union Property

Full Council 11/30/15

Agenda: Public Comment, 2016 State Legislative Agenda, Pacific Science Center, Town Hall Seattle, Schoenfeld Building, Pike Place Market Historical Commission, SPU Water System, Property Rights, Easement to City of Renton, Swedish Health Services, Property Use and Development, Vacating 5th Ave Subterranean, Bicycle counter display, Public art installation.

Full Council 11/23/15

Agenda: Public Comment, non-City source funding, 2015 Budget, 2016 Proposed Budget, 2016-2021 Proposed Capital Improvement Program, Office of Arts and Culture Budget, Street and sidewalk use, Central Waterfront Project, Smith Cove project, Seattle Center Department, Relating to taxes, Solid waste system, Seattle City Light, Planning and Development, IT Department, Financial practices/Jail Services/Pet License, Contracting indebtedness, Haller Lake Improvements, Joint Training, Capital Improvement Program, Property Taxes.

Full Council 11/16/15

Agenda: Public comment, Department of Parks and Recreation.

Full Council 11/9/15

Agenda: Public Comment, Land use and zoning, Affordable housing program.

Full Council 11/3/15

Agenda: Public Comment, Mayoral Proclamation of Civil Emergency, Homelessness.

Full Council 11/2/15

Agenda: Public Comment, an ordinance appropriating money to pay certain audited claims and ordering the payment thereof.

Full Council 10/26/15

Agenda: Public Comment, Washington Animal Trafficking, Public Hearing on Res 31625, Acorn Development Petition.

Full Council 10/19/15

Agenda: Washington Initiative Measure 1366, Special vehicle permits, Planned Parenthood.

Full Council 10/12/15

Agenda: Inter-generational traumas impacting American Indian, Appointments to Commissions, Land use and zoning, Housing affordability, Seattle Comprehensive Plan, University Community Urban Center.

Full Council 10/5/15

Agenda: State Route 520, Property for recreational purposes, Boyer Children's Clinic Lease, Tenant relocation assistance, Land use and zoning, Appointments to Boards, Affordable housing strategies.

Full Council 9/28/15

Agenda: Mayor 2016 Proposed Budget, Affordable housing, Cheasty Trail Pilot Project, Appointments to boards, City Employees' Retirement System Funding and Interest Rates, Multifamily Housing Property Tax Exemption Program, Traffic incident response improvement, Amended and Restated Agreement, Wholesale Energy Risk Management.

Full Council 9/21/15

Agenda: Special Events Permits and Fees, Low-income and Rental housing, Appointments to committee council, Second Quarter 2015 Employment Ordinance, Appointment to Civil Service Commission, NE Riviera Place for open space, Activation and Programming Agreement, King County Conservation Futures Levy, Appropriations for Seattle Center, Deed for recreation purposes, Land use and zoning, Fire station 22, AlertSeattle Notification System, Youth Detention Vision, Neighborhood Matching Fund projects, Stormwater Code, Appointment to Advisory Council, Open space improvements, Appointments to Boards.

Full Council 9/14/15

Agenda: 2015 Citywide Position List, Easement for public access.

Full Council 9/8/15

Agenda: Appointment to Director of the Office of Economic Development, Appointments to Commissions and Boards, Green Lake Park concession agreement, Magnuson Park Lease, Youth Athletics Facilities, Adopting revised rules for City Council, Police Department, Emergency Management Program, Appointments to Commissions, Historic Districts, Landmark Preservation, Cedar River Municipal Watershed, Habitat Conservation Plan, South Fork Tolt River Municipal Watershed, Sewer facility easement, Demographic Data Task Force.

Full Council 8/17/15

Agenda: Initiative 123 to establish a Public Development Authority for the waterfront, Emergency Low-Income Assistance program eligibility guidelines, non-City sources funding, 2015 Budget, Property Sales, all gender restrooms, Vacant Property Sale, Lease Agreement Extension, Appointments to commissions, Land use and zoning, Appointments to SPU Boards, Vacation Petition, Electrical substation development.

Full Council 8/10/15

Agenda: Initiative 123 to establish a Public Development Authority for the waterfront, retail tax for firearms and ammunition, requiring reporting of lost and stolen firearms, payments to the North Highline Fire District, Comprehensive Evaluation Strategy for the Seattle Preschool Program, all gender restrooms, Green business programs, Property Sales for Residential Development, Seattle Center ground lease.

Full Council 8/3/15

Agenda: Certificate of Sufficiency, Seattle Aquarium Master Plan, Summit Re-Implementation, Anti-Chinese legislation, Easement Agreement, Cedar River Hatchery Program, Appointments to Committees and Boards.

Full Council 7/27/15

Agenda: Public Comment, Office of the Hearing Examiner Report, Crude oil transportation, Comprehensive Plan, Shoreline Easement Agreement, Water well ownership, Bonneville Power Administration, SeaTac electricity terms, Reliability Coordinator Funding Agreement, SeaTac franchise, Burke Gilman Trail Sprint Lease Agreement, End Homelessness in King County.