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Full Council 1/8/2018
Full Council 1/8/2018

Agenda: Public Comment; Payment of Bills.


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Full Council 1/8/2018

Agenda: Public Comment; Payment of Bills.

Full Council 1/2/2018

Agenda: Public Comment; Payment of Bills; CB 119154: Relating to Pier 54, LLC; CB 119159: Relating to Lakefront Investors 2 LLC; Res 31773: Relating to racial equity and social justice ; Appt 00868: Appointment to Seattle Bicycle Advisory Board; Appt 00876: Appointment to Seattle Transit Advisory Board; CB 119169: Relating to Bruce Stotler property and Department of Parks and Recreation; CB 119140: Relating to Seattle Public Utilities; CB 119165: Relating to Seattle Public Utilities; CB 119166: Relating to Seattle Public Utilities memorandum of lease; CB 119167: Relating to Seattle Public Utilities and franchise agreement; Appt 00855: Appointment to Seattle Human Rights Commission; Appts 00857 and 00861: Appointments to Seattle Women's Commission; Appt 00881: Appointment to Seattle LGBTQ Commission; Appts 00880 and 00882: Reappointments to Seattle Commission for People with Disabilities; Appt 00870: Appointment to Pioneer Square Preservation Board; Appt 00873: Appointment to Urban Forestry Commission; Appt 00871: Reappointment to Seattle Indian Services Commission; Appt 00872: Reappointment to Pacific Hospital Preservation and Development Authority Governing Council.

Full Council 12/11/17

Agenda: Public Comment; Payment of Bills; CB 119160: relating to City Employment; CB 119161: Property Use and Development Agreement (PUDA); CB 119081:  relating to the regulation of short-term rental businesses; CB 119158: relating to funding for housing and community development programs; CB 119152: pertaining to the fund structure of the City Treasury; CB 119157:  acceptance of funding from non-City sources; CB 119156: 2017 budget; CB 119153: 2018 budget; Reappointments; CB 119162: relating to the City Light Department; CB 119163: relating to the City Light Department; Res 31765: relating to the City Light Department; Appointments to City Light Review Panel; CB 119049:  relating to the Department of Parks and Recreation - EarthCorps; CB 119145:  relating to employment in Seattle; CB 119151: relating to Sound Transit; CB 119155: relating to the State Route 99 Alaskan Way Viaduct and Seawall Replacement Program; CF 314309: Broad Street vacation; Res 31784: light rail alignment; Res 31788:  relating to Sound Transit extensions; Res 31786:  Request for Proposals (RFP) for Mercer Mega Block; Appointments to Seattle Bicycle Advisory Board.

Full Council 12/4/17

Agenda: Public Comment; Payment of Bills; CB 119082: relating to short-term rental uses; CF 314343: Application of West Seattle Church of Nazarene; CB 119147: relating to land use and zoning; Res 31787: The City of Seattle's 2018 State Legislative Agenda; CB 119144: relating to City employment; CB 119142:  relating to Seattle Public Utilities; CB 119141: relating to historic preservation; Appointment to Seattle Human Rights Commission; Appointments to Seattle Women's Commission; CB 119088: related to KeyArena.

Full Council 11/27/17

Agenda: Public Comment; Payment of Bills; CB 119138: relating to procedures for filling Council vacancies; Other resolutions: Res 31783 - Seattle AIDS Legacy Memorial.

Full Council 11/20/17

Agenda: Public Comment; Appointment and Oath of Office of Andrew Myerberg as Director of the Office of Police Accountability; Reappointments to the Community Police Commission; CB 119122: acceptance of funding from non-City sources; CB 119123: amending Ordinance 125207, which adopted the 2017 Budget; CF 314382: 2018 Proposed Budget; CF 314383: 2018-2023 Proposed Capital Improvement Program: CB 119111: regulatory business and professional license fees; CB 119112: pet adoption fees and other animal control fees; CB 119106: fees and charges for permits and activities of the Seattle Department of Construction and Inspections; CB 119099: street and sidewalk use; CB 119108: 2018 fee schedule for the use of park properties;  CB 119102-3: drainage and wastewater system; CB 119109-10: contracting indebtedness;  CB 119101: solid waste system; CB 119104-5: electric system; CB 119100: solid waste system; CB 119135: financing of Equitable Development Implementation Plan project; CB 119132: financing of certain general government programs;  CB 119129:  financing of tax administration system improvements and regulatory licensing systems; CB 119134: Sweetened Beverage Tax; CB 119098: financing of the Mercer West project; CB 119113: retirement-savings program; CB 119107: Emergency Relocation Assistance Program; CB 119115: City Light Department pay provisions; CB 119120: Directors of the Office for Civil Rights; CB 119124: Seattle Department of Transportation's 2018 grant applications; CB 119136: decreasing militarization of police activities; CB 119128: Equitable Development Initiative; CB 119125: contracting by the Human Services Department; CB 119116: adopting a budget, including a capital improvement program and position modifications; CF 314384: City Council Changes to the 2018 Proposed Budget and the 2018-2023 Proposed Capital Improvement Program; CB 119117-8: levy of property taxes, Other resolutions: Res 31781 and Res 31782.

Full Council 11/13/17

Agenda: Public Comment; Payment of Bills, CB 119126: relating to City employment - Seattle Police Management Association collective bargaining agreement; CB 119081: relating to regulation of short-term rentals (deferred); CB 119083: relating to short-term rental tax; Res 31760: Strategic Business Plan Update for Seattle Public Utilities; CB 119075: wastewater and drainage services of Seattle Public Utilities; CB 119050: relating to rates and charges for water services of Seattle Public Utilities; CB 119051: relating to water services of Seattle Public Utilities.

Full Council 11/6/17

Agenda: Public Comment; Payment of Bills, CB 119126: relating to City employment - Seattle Police Management Association collective bargaining agreement (held until 11/13/17).

Full Council 10/30/17

Agenda: Public Comment; Payment of Bills, CF 314342: Full unit lot subdivision application of Views at Queen Anne, LLC; CB 119119: approving and confirming the plat of "Views on South Queen Anne."

Full Council 10/23/17

Agenda: Presentations; Public Comment; Res 31780: street vacations; Reappointment of David G. Jones as City Auditor.

Full Council 10/16/17

Agenda: Public Comment, Payment of Bills, CF 314381: Corrected Clerk File.

Full Council 10/9/17

Agenda: Public Comment, Payment of Bills, CF 314325: Application of Martin Squared, LLC to rezone, CB 119091: rezone property located at 1106 34th Ave.

Full Council Special Meeting - 10/6/17

Agenda: Selection of Candidate for City Council Position 8.

Full Council Special Meeting - Executive Session 10/5/17

Agenda: Executive Session to Evaluate the Qualifications of Candidates for Appointment to Elective Office (to fill the vacancy in City Council Position 8 previously held by Mayor Tim Burgess).*

*Please note that Executive Sessions are closed to the public.

Full Council Special Meeting - Public Hearing - 10/4/17

Seattle City Council Public Hearing on Vacancy of Council Position 8. Agenda: Presentations by City Council Position 8 applicants, Public Hearing.

Full Council 10/2/17

Agenda: Public Comment; Res 31779: support of immigrant communities; Res 31775: strengthening public safety; CB 119093: Aurora-Licton Urban Village; CB 119092: the St. Martin de Porres shelter for homeless men; CB 119027: Seattle Comprehensive Plan amendments; CB 119057: Design Review program; CB 119055: rezone land in the Uptown area; Res 31772: Uptown Urban Design Framework; Res 31766: Arts & Cultural District in the Uptown neighborhood; CB 119090: WaveDivision Cable Franchise; CB 119079: Maple Leaf radio-transmitter facility; Appointment.

Full Council 9/25/17

Agenda: Presentations: Mayor Burgess presents his 2018 Proposed Budget; Public Comment; Payment of Bills; CB 119054: relating to The City of Seattle's contracting practices, CB 119063: relating to historic preservation - Seattle Asian Art Museum, CB 119064: relating to historic preservation - Maritime Building; CB 119077: Capitol Hill Housing Improvement Program; CB 119078: relating to Historic Seattle Preservation and Development Authority; Res 31770: amending procedures for the Evaluation of the Reuse and Disposal of the City's Real Property; Appointments and Reappointments; CB 119085: Aquatic Lands Lease; CB 119086: Central Waterfront Project; CB 119037: related to appropriations for the Office of Arts and Culture; Appointments and Reappointments, Other Business - Resolutions 31776, 31777, 31778.

Full Council 9/18/17

Agenda: Presentations, Public Comment; Res 31774: In support of a single-payer health care system; CB 119070: redevelopment of City-owned real property across from the Seattle Center campus; CB 119068: skybridge; Res 31767: private communication conduits; CB 119069: Seattle Electrical Code; CB 119071: 2015 Seattle Building Code; CB 119072: Seattle's technical codes; CB 119073: public defense legal services; CF 314339-40: 2015 Report of the Police Intelligence Audit; CF 314373-4, CF 314351: Chief of Police Reports; CB 119056: City Light Department easement; CB 119058: City Light Department easements; CB 119076: City Light Department - revised easement; CB 119066: Urban Forestry Commission; Appointments, Other Business: Possible Selection of Candidate for Position of Seattle Mayor. 

Full Council 9/13/17

Agenda: Res 31771: bond sales.

Full Council 9/11/17

Agenda: Presentations; Public Comment; Payment of Bills; Appointments to Commissions and Advisory Boards; CB 119045: sale and redevelopment of the former Public Safety Building block; CB 119065: Seattle Municipal Tower restaurant and retail tenants leases; CB 119030: WaveDivision I, LLC Cable Television Franchise Agreement; CB 119041: Seward Park Clay Studio; Res 31768: public spaces on the Central Waterfront.

Full Council 9/5/17

Agenda: Public Comment; Res 31769: Filipino Town; CB 119042: Fire Station 22; Appointments to the Seattle Renters' Commission; CF 314310/CB 119059: Capitol Hill/First Hill development, LLC; CB 118971: maintenance and demolition standards related to vacant buildings; CF 314357: West Coast Self-Storage and General Steel Services of Washington, LLC.

Full Council 8/14/17

Agenda: Public Comment; Res 31764: related to the redevelopment of KeyArena; Appointment to Seattle Women's Commission; CB 119015: relating to housing regulations (Fair Chance Housing); CB 119036: Seattle Public Utilities contract with Cedar Grove Composting, Inc.; CB 119052: relating to Seattle Public Utilities; Appointment to Seattle Women's Commission; CB 118996: Department of Parks and Recreation lease agreement; CB 119048: relating to Seattle's technical codes; Appointments to Seattle Fire Code Advisory Board; Appointments to Seattle Immigrant and Refugee Commission; Appointments to Community Police Commission.

Full Council 8/7/17

Agenda: Public Comment, CB 119044: relating to City employment, CB 119046: relating to automated fixed camera revenue, CB 119019: Second Quarter 2017 Employment Ordinance, CB 119020: 2017 Citywide Position List, CB 119023: acceptance of funding from non-City sources, CB 119022: 2017 Budget, Appointments to Seattle Renters' Commission, CB 119029: relating to the Technology Matching Fund, CB 119040: Agreement with Seattle Public Theater, CB 119043: Alki Coastal Erosion Control Project, Res 31763: 2017 Parks Development Plan, CB 118985: relating to land use and zoning, Res 31762: identifying proposed Comprehensive Plan amendments.

Full Council 7/31/17

Agenda: Public Comment; CB 118930: acquisition and use of surveillance technologies; CB 118959: rezone certain land in the Chinatown/International District; Res 31754: enhance cultural identity and economic vitality, recognize history, and promote equitable development in the Chinatown/International District; CB 119038: encourage voluntary setbacks in the Downtown Office Core 2 zone; CB 119034: City's 8th and Roy Street property; CB 119035: financing of King Street Station third-floor tenant improvements; Appointments.

Full Council 7/24/17

Agenda: Public Comment, CB 119032: related to City public works and the priority hire program, CB 118984: relating to the Seattle Office for Civil Rights, CB 119024: relating to funding for housing and community development programs, CB 119026: relating to property at Sand Point, Appointments, CB 119021: relating to the reconstruction of Alaskan Way, CF 314349: Application of Capitol Hill Housing to rezone property, CB 119028: relating to land use and zoning, CB 119004: relating to land use and zoning - downtown, CB 118980: relating to land use and zoning - Mount Baker Town Center, CB 118981: relating to land use and zoning - 23rd and Cherry, CB 118982: related to land use and zoning - 23rd and Union, CB 118983: related to land use and zoning - 23rd and Jackson, Res 31752: 23rd Avenue Action Plan, CB 119031: amending ordinance 125205, Res 31761: relating to the Roosevelt RapidRide Project, Res 31755: relating to the 2005 Transportation Strategic Plan Update.