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Seattle is a vibrant and complex city, and the Seattle Channel's City Inside/Out with Brian Callanan brings you thoughtful, in-depth reports and discussions about important local issues every week.

Brian Callanan is a five-time Emmy winner who currently serves as a host, producer, and moderator for the Seattle Channel, where he's worked since 2011. His career in broadcast journalism began in 1995, and includes an 11-year stint as a reporter and anchor for Q13 News. Brian won the Seattle Municipal League's Civic Award for Government News Reporting in 2016. He lives with his wife and two daughters in West Seattle.

City Inside/Out: Worker Scheduling Law
City Inside/Out: Worker Scheduling Law

The Seattle City Council is considering some new laws for how employers schedule hourly workers, allowing for more predictable work schedules. While there is concern that employees need more protection from last-minute and back-to-back shifts, employers say mandated restrictive scheduling could hurt businesses. What type of policy would provide worker protection while allowing for business flexibility? And are new rules even necessary?

On the show:
Nick Hanauer, Second Avenue Partners
Lisa Herbold, Seattle City Council
Steven Hooper, Founder, Kigo Kitchen
David Jones, Seattle Restaurateur (studio)
Leila Kopcic, Starbucks Barista
Darrion Sjoquist, Starbucks Barista & Working WA Activist (studio)