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Seattle is a vibrant and complex city, and the Seattle Channel's City Inside/Out with Brian Callanan brings you thoughtful, in-depth reports and discussions about important local issues every week.

Brian Callanan is a five-time Emmy winner who currently serves as a host, producer, and moderator for the Seattle Channel, where he's worked since 2011. His career in broadcast journalism began in 1995, and includes an 11-year stint as a reporter and anchor for Q13 News. Brian won the Seattle Municipal League's Civic Award for Government News Reporting in 2016. He lives with his wife and two daughters in West Seattle.

City Inside/Out: Election 2020: Journalist Roundtable
City Inside/Out: Election 2020: Journalist Roundtable

Americans are voting in record numbers in the 2020 presidential election. What other key races and ballot measures should you be paying close attention to as well? Get the scoop from our panel of veteran political reporters!


Melissa Santos, Reporter, Crosscut

David Gutman, Reporter, Seattle Times


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