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Police accountability initiative debated on City Inside/Out
City Inside/Out: I-940 Police Accountability

When law enforcement officers are involved in fatal shootings, should it be easier to prosecute them? Supporters of Initiative 940 say more police accountability is needed, as well as de-escalation and mental health training. The law enforcement community has united in opposition to the ballot measure, arguing it will endanger officers and civilians. If this seems like déjà vu, a compromise deal brokered by the state Legislature this past spring was thrown out by the state Supreme Court, which ruled that I-940 must go before voters on the November ballot.

Mike Solan, Council of Metropolitan Police & Sheriffs (anti)
Andrè Taylor, Not This Time & De-Escalate WA (pro)
Sgt. Courtney Stewart, Washington State Patrol Troopers Association (con)
Annalesa Thomas, lost son in police shooting (pro)

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