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Deadly force reform on City Inside/Out
City Inside/Out: Deadly Force Reform

Police shootings have dominated the headlines for years, driving a deep wedge of mistrust between the public and law enforcement. That's why recent legislation brokered by state lawmakers over the use of deadly force is being hailed as a major achievement in police reform. How did this unlikely deal to approve Initiative 940 come together? Why was it modified with House Bill 3003? And why is the Legislature now facing a legal challenge? 

Manka Dhingra, State Sen. (D-45th)
Roger Goodman, State Rep. (D-45th)
Andre Taylor, Co-Chair, De-Escalate Washington
Steve Strachan, Director, WA Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs
Lisa Daugaard, Attorney, De-Escalate Washington
James Schrimpsher, Sergeant, Fraternal Order of Police
Tim Eyman, Plaintiff

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