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Should the state restrict transgender access to bathrooms?
City Inside/Out: Restroom Rights

The battle over which restrooms transgender people should use is heating up in Washington state. Initiative 1515 seeks to overturn the state's open bathroom rule, which allows transgender people the right to use gender-segregated facilities consistent with their gender identity or gender expression. I-1515 proponents say the rule should be reversed as a matter of privacy and public safety, but opponents say their civil rights are at stake. We hear from both sides in this controversial debate.

On the show:
Joseph Backholm, Chair, I-1515 (Just Want Privacy)
Devin, Transgender Girl
Marikay, Devin's Mother
Kaeley Triller Haver, Communications Director, I-1515
Seth Kirby, Chair, No on I-1515 (Washington Won't Discriminate)
Sharon Ortiz, Executive Director, Human Rights Commission (WA)

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