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Arctic oil drilling controversy on City Inside/Out
City Inside/Out: Port Politics

A controversy over Arctic oil drilling is making some big waves at the Port of Seattle. Shell Oil has inked a two-year deal to lease Terminal 5 for its oil exploration vessels. Environmental groups filed a lawsuit and say the port should have conducted an environmental review before granting the lease. Meanwhile, the city of Seattle is reviewing the terminal's shoreline permit. Supporters say the Shell contract will create more than 200 jobs and provide some revenue while the empty terminal undergoes upgrades. Is this a done deal? The global energy debate comes to our waterfront.

On the show:
Tom Albro, Commissioner, Port of Seattle
KC Golden, Senior Policy Advisor, Climate Solutions
Mike O'Brien, Seattle City Council
Vince O'Halloran, Branch Agent, Sailors Union of the Pacific
Peter Philips, President, Philips Publishing & Past President, Seattle Marine Business Coalition
Paul Queary, Spokesperson, Foss Maritime

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