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City Inside/Out: Density Debate
City Inside/Out: Density Debate
As new homes sprout up where gardens and garages used to be, some Seattle residents are battling developers and City Hall over the overcrowding of established neighborhoods. Is this type of tight construction the best way to add density in the city? Should zoning laws be changed? We discuss the Seattle City Council`s next move with Councilman Richard Conlin, chair of the Land Use Committee, hear from a Laurelhurst homeowner who is frustrated with small-lot development and a developer who argues dense development will accommodate the influx of new residents. Our studio panel weighs in on how to manage development on small lots, The panelists are Mike Podowski, land use policy manager at the Seattle Department of Planning and Development; Roger Valdez, director of Smart Growth Seattle; Brad Khouri, owner of b9 architects; and Montlake neighborhood activist Erin Miller. How should Seattle deal with a growing demand for housing in the city? Can we avoid the new, tall, skinny houses turning into a big, fat problem for residents?
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