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Journalists weigh in on City & County partnership to tackle homelessness
City Inside/Out: Regional Response to the Homelessness Crisis

Seattle's homelessness problem is part of a growing countywide crisis, even as millions of dollars are spent annually trying to address it. With more than 11,000 unsheltered people here, can streamlining homeless services fix the problem? Is a new Regional Homelessness Authority the solution? Our panel of journalists who have reported extensively on the issue share their insights. 

On this show:

Ashley Archibald, Reporter, Real Change News 
Sydney Brownstone, Reporter, The Seattle Times 
David Kroman, City Reporter, Crosscut  
Eric Davis, Manager, Camp Second Chance 
August Drake-Ericson, Operations Manager, Navigation Team 
Jami Fecher, Pastor, Gift of Grace Lutheran Church  
Alex Finch, Resident, Northlake Village  
Stacy Lanier, Resident, Camp Second Chance  
Sharon Lee, Executive Director, Low Income Housing Institute (LIHI) 

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