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City Inside/Out looks at options to expand light rail to West Seattle
City Inside/Out: West Seattle Light Rail

In 2016, voters approved expanding light rail to West Seattle and Ballard as part of the $54 billion Sound Transit 3 package. Now, after over a year of input, the Sound Transit board is on the cusp of deciding which preferred alternative(s) to study through an environmental impact process. We discuss the three route proposals being considered for West Seattle, a hybrid version the Stakeholder Advisory Group just recommended, and what happens next.


Willard Brown, Delridge Neighborhood Development Association, Stakeholder Advisory Group

Keith Kyle, Executive Director, Seattle Subway

Mike O'Brien, Seattle City Council

Ryan Packer, Senior Editor, The Urbanist

Lora Radford, Executive Director, West Seattle Junction Association

Cathal Ridge, Central Corridor Director, Sound Transit

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