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Urban Sustainability
This series highlights the latest advances in sustainable design, planning and development, and ways to transform Seattle into a climate neutral, pedestrian friendly, transit oriented, community focused and sustainable designed city.  

There are 18 videos to watch.

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Walk This Town: Perspectives on Designing a Healthy City 9/20/2013
Presentations from a wide-range of design professionals whose work is revolutionizing pathways to health through the design of our urban landscape.
Town Square: Creating Walkable Cities 11/29/2012
Author Jeff Speck has spent his career as a city planner determining what makes a city work, and he says for urban life to thrive, cities must prioritize pedestrians over cars and develop vibrant downtowns.
Town Square: Structures - A Look at King County`s Development 6/14/2012
King County Executive Dow Constantine leads a discussing on projects underway in the region, whether approved or in the planning stages, and the impact these projects will have on the region.
Seattle Comp Plan 101 1/27/2012
The Seattle Comprehensive Plan, Toward a Sustainable Seattle, guides City decisions and actions about where and how to manage new population, jobs and developments. This brief presentation describes what our Comprehensive Plan is, what we`ve accomplished since it was first adopted in 1994, and how it will help us develop a vision for Seattle for the next 20 years.
Town Square: Soundings - `Agile City` Panel Discussion 11/17/2011
Urban analyst James S. Russell, author of The Agile City, argues that we`ll more quickly slow global warming by retrofitting cities, suburbs, and towns, whose "agility" also requires learning to adapt to the effects of climate change.
Committee on the Built Environment Public Hearing 9/19/2011
Public Hearing on the Roosevelt Rezone
Town Square: CityClub Presents Nourishing Community 6/22/2011
CityClub looks at the critical importance of agriculture to our State`s identity, the flowering of Northwest cuisine, and our local food movement.
National Trust for Historic Preservation 4/15/2010
Lauren Adkins, Assistant Director for Field Services at the National Trust Main Street Center, talks about what Main Street as a model can do for Pioneer Square.
Transformational Lecture Series: Low Energy Buildings 6/25/2009
Guy Battle is an environmental and building engineer known for his work in low energy sustainable buildings and urban environments. His consultancy engineering practice has worked on a vast range of projects and has an international reputation for its work in delivering cost effective Eco-friendly buildings.
Town Square: Creating Green Neighborhoods in North America 2/28/2008
Greg Searle is the Executive Director of BioRegional North America. In this talk he shares strategies that participating developers are using to achieve ambitious targets, as well as lessons learned at the multi-award winning BedZED - the UKs largest urban eco-village and the prototype for One Planet Living.
Urban Sustainability Forum 10/3/2007
Urban Sustainability Forum with John Moffat, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on Urban Design, Driver Behavior and Pedestrian Safety. View the PowerPoint Presentation
Cascade Scorecard 2007: How Green Is OUR City? 9/12/2007
Steve Nicholas, Director, OSE moderates a panel discussion between nationally renowned urban sustainability analysts Alan Durning, Executive Director, Sightline Institute ( and Warren Karlenzig, Chief Strategy Officer of SustainLane (
Urban Sustainability Forum: Livable, Walkable Communities 8/9/2007
The footprint and design of our communities play a critical role in our ability to meet our climate change goals and our ability to tackle global warming. Whether it`s public policies and investments in transportation, water, schools, public safety, waste facilities, and parks - or private investment in commercial buildings, shopping areas, industrial facilities and individual homes - these decisions have an immediate and long term impact on our energy, our lifestyles, and the legacy we leave behind. Speaking is Rep. Earl Blumenauer, US Congress, Oregon`s 3rd District, is the nation`s foremost spokesperson for Livable Communities.
Urban Sustainability Forum: Safe and Walkable Communities By Design 7/30/2007
Walking, along with bicycling, should be considered the most promising means of travel: it is friendliest to the environment, healthiest for individuals, and cheapest for society. Seattle and King County are uniquely fortunate to have many neighborhoods where, for most people, walking is an alternative to driving. Yet many more neighborhoods could be made more walkable and safer, bringing the greater Seattle area closer to being the showcase sustainable metropolitan region it wants to be. Dr Anne Vernez Moudon shares research showing how much people walk, where they do so in Seattle and King County, and what characteristics of neighborhood design best support walking.
Sustainable by Design - High Point Neighborhood 6/23/2006
High Point is a new "green" neighborhood redevelopment project managed by the Seattle Housing Authority. This national award-winning design focuses on community and environmental sustainability, creating a safe, high quality and healthy residential environment. The completed project will contain a wide range of housing types each built to Green standards. The plan is designed to fully integrate the redevelopment with the surrounding community. Tom Phillips of Seattle Housing Authority points out some of the sustainable features of this innovative neighborhood design.
Sustainable By Design: New School Engineering 4/22/2006
The Sustainable by Design series highlights the latest advances in sustainable design, planning and development. Looking beyond recycling and pollution control, this program shows how progressive designers, urban planners, educators and business leaders are making sustainability an integral part of their work. In this episode we visit the UW's Sustainability and Design for Environment course where students are learning how to incorporate resource conservation and pollution prevention into the product design process.
Seattle Climate Protection Initiative: 2005 City Livability Awards Program 6/24/2005
A short feature about Seattle that was played in honor of Former Mayor Nickels' First Place Award received at the 2005 City Livability Awards Program, sponsored by The U.S. Conference of Mayors and Waste Management. The Award recognizes and honors mayors for exemplary leadership in developing and implementing programs that improve the quality of life in America's cities.
Council Forum: Visions of Urban Sustainability 1/25/2005
Seattle City Councilmember Peter Steinbrueck hosts a forum on lessons learned from Europe on green building and urban sustainability. The purpose of this forum is to hear from key developers and urban planning professionals who recently toured cities in Denmark and Sweden, what they learned about green building and urban design. The goal of the forum is to learn how new ideas can be applied here in Seattle and to stimulate interest in green building.

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