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2008/2009 Transportation Committee
Councilmember Jan Drago chairs this 2008/2009 committee which focuses on city-wide and regional transportation, street maintenance, traffic control, parking, pedestrian and bicycle programs.  

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Transportation Committee 12/1/2009
Agenda items include: Chair's report; public comment and Bridging the Gap Levy Oversight Committee appointments.
Transportation Committee 9/29/2009
Agenda Items: Viaduct and Seawall replacement, Seattle Streetcar, Seattle-King County Taxicab Advisory Commission, Pedestrian Pathway Standards, Seattle Bicycle Advisory Board, Restricted Parking Zone program.
Joint Transportation Committee and Special Committee on Pedestrian Safety 9/15/2009
Agenda Items: Pedestrian Master Plan, Pedestrian Safety Education and Awareness Campaign Update Report.
Transportation Committee 9/15/2009
Agenda Items: Seattle-King County Taxicab Commission, South Park Bridge project, street and sidewalk use violation classifications.
Transportation Committee 8/18/2009
Agenda Items: Chair's Report, Public Comment, Director's Report, Relating to the Alaskan Way Viaduct, amendment to BNSF Railway Company Ordinance, Creation of Taxicab Commission.
Transportation Committee 8/12/2009
Discussion by Panel of Current Budget Shortfall Proposals and Implications for City of Seattle Ridership.
Transportation Committee 8/4/2009
Agenda Items: Chair's Report, Public Comment, Director's Report, Museum Development Authority Council, Pedestrian Pathway Standards in Construction Zones, Soundway Property, Duwamish Intelligent Transportation Systems, Accepting deeds, correction deeds, and easements.
Joint Transportation and Pedestrian Safety Committee 7/21/2009
Agenda Items: Pedestrian Master Plan Draft, Pedestrian Safety Education and Awareness Campaign -- Report on Knowledge, Attitudes and Beliefs (KAB) Study.
Joint Transportation and Pedestrian Safety Public Hearing 7/21/2009
Public Hearing on Draft of Proposed Pedestrian Master Plan.
Transportation Committee 7/21/2009
Agenda Items: Chair's Report, Public Comment, SDOT Director's Report, Swedish Health Skybridge.
Transportation Committee 7/7/2009
Agenda Items: Chair's Report, Public Comment, Employee Head Tax, MFR Law Firm Report, parking infraction enforcement, Bridging the Gap update, 2005 Strategic Plan Update, Street Vacation Policies.
Transportation Committee 6/16/2009
Agenda Items: Chair's Report, Appointment to Bridging the Gap Levy Oversight Committee, Puget Sounds Regional Council, 3rd Ave Streetscape.
Transportation Committee 6/2/2009
Agenda Items: Public Comment, Public Safety Building Block, Restricted Parking Zone, Aurora Corridor Traffic Safety Project, Petition of SAFECO, Petition of New Covenant Christian Center, Petition of James C. Y. Koh, Petition to vacate South Oregon St, Petition of Ray Head.
Transportation Committee Public Hearing 5/27/2009
A Public Hearing of the Transportation Committee on the Restricted Parking Zone Legislation.
Transportation Committee 5/19/2009
Agenda Items: Chair's Report, Public Comment, Housing Resources Group and Chung Tai International Chan Buddhist Association, related to Restricted Parking Zone Program.
Transportation Committee 5/5/2009
Agenda Items: Public Comment, Easement from Alki Developments Ltd. and slope stabilization, Restricted Parking Zone program, Alaskan Way Viaduct, Link Light Rail Fare Policy and ORCA.
Joint Transportation and Pedestrian Safety Committee 4/24/2009
Presentation of Draft Pedestrian Master Plan.
Transportation Committee 4/21/2009
Agenda Items: Appointments to the Seattle Sister Cities Coordinating Council, Relating to financing the design of improvements to the Airport over Argo Bridge, Residential Parking Zone legislation, Construction Impact to I-5 and I-90, South Harbor Truck Parking Work Group Recommendations.
Transportation Committee 4/7/2009
Agenda Items: Pedestrian bridge crossing Montlake Boulevard NE and NE Pacific Place, First Hill Streetcar, Redistribution of Transit in Southeast Seattle, triangular public plaza at 300 Fifth Avenue.
Transportation Committee 3/27/2009
Relating to the Mercer Corridor project; amending the 2009 Adopted Budget of the Seattle Department of Transportation by restricting the use of the appropriation for the Major Projects Control Level (19002).
Transportation Committee Meeting 3/3/2009
Agenda Items: Chair's Report, Public Comment, Appointments of Tom Williams, Benjamin Smith, Seth Schromen-Wawrin, Vanessa K. Lund, Christina Bollo, and Mark S. Bandy to Seattle Pedestrian Advisory Board, Council Bills 116465 and 116466 relating to the Burke-Gilman Trail, Link Light Rail Station Neighborhood Parking Plans, Clerk File 309199 Petition of Epiphany School, Council Bill 116447 Accepting deeds for street and/or alley purposes and easements for sidewalk purposes.
Joint Transportation, Energy & Technology, and Environment, Emergency Management & Utilities Committee Meeting 2/20/2009
Agenda Items: Mercer Corridor Project, Review of City Department After Action Report on the December Snow Storm.
Transportation Committee 2/3/2009
Agenda Items: Sound Transit Fare proposals, Bridging the Gap, Freight Mobility, Mercer Corridor Project.
Transportation Committee 1/23/2009
Agenda Items: Update on King Street Station, Municipal League Foundation of King County: Review of Metro Transit, Major Projects Revised Funding Plan and Update: Mercer Corridor and Spokane Street Viaduct.
Joint Transportation and Environment, Emergency Management and Utilities Committees 1/6/2009
Agenda Items: City Department Policies and Review of the December Snow Storm Response, Metro King County's Snow Storm Policies and Coordination with the City of Seattle.
Transportation Committee 12/16/2008
On the agenda; noise control issues for public transportation projects; Southeast Seattle Transportation: Bus Reconfiguration and Light Rail and the Capitol Hill Light Rail Station: Transit-Oriented Development update.
Transportation Committee 12/2/2008
Agenda Items: Sound Transit 2 Seattle projects, developing a streetcar network, Petition of Fifth & Columbia Investors, Chinese gate in the Chinatown-International District, Interlaken Park,Denny-Fuhrman Addition.
Transportation Committee 9/30/2008
Agenda Items: Seattle Bicycle Advisory Board, streetcar network, Commute Trip Reduction Plan, Pedestrian and Cyclist Mobility.
Transportation Committee 8/19/2008
Agenda Items: Sidewalk Cafe Legislation, D.T. Denny's Fifth Addition to North Seattle, Car sharing zones, Multi-Modal Analysis.
Transportation Committee 8/5/2008
Agenda Items: Sidewalk Cafe Legislation, Bridging the Gap Progess Report.
Transportation Committee Brown Bag 7/30/2008
Councilmember Jan Drago, Council Transportation Committee Chair, along with Cascade Bicycle Club, is co-hosting a special brown-bag lunchtime presentation with European Union Green Party representative Michael Cramer. The presenter will discuss the importance of promoting alternative transportation both in Europe and globally, focusing on Michael's work on bicycling at the European Union.
Transportation Committee 7/29/2008
Agenda Items: Traffic Code, Vacating portions of South Hanford Street, South Horton Street and South Hinds Street, Summary of City Council sponsored Streetcar Forums.
Transportation Committee 7/15/2008
Agenda Items: Petition of CarrAmerica Dexter Avenue LLC to vacate a portion of Highland Drive, Seattle Sister Cities Coordinating Council, Accepting deeds for street and/or alley purposes and easements for street, alley, and sidewalk purposes.
Transportation Committee 7/1/2008
Agenda Item: Presentation on the Southeast Transportation Study.
Transportation Committee 6/17/2008
Agenda Items: enforcement of traffic infractions, Capitol Hill Light Rail Station from Sound Transit, public right-of-way for construction on private property.
Transportation Committee 6/3/2008
Agenda Items: Metro King County’s Rapid Ride: West Seattle to Downtown, noise control for public construction projects.
Transportation Committee 5/20/2008
Agenda Items: Noise control, Seattle Pedestrian Advisory Board, Seattle Bicycle Advisory Board, Accepting deeds for street and/or alley purposes and easements for sidewalk purposes.
Transportation Committee 5/6/2008
Agenda Items: capital activities of Seattle Department of Transportation, Alaskan Way Viaduct Electrical Utility Relocation, Seattle Streetcar Network Concept Plan.
Transportation Committee 4/15/2008
Agenda Items: Department of Transportation 2008 Budget, Upcoming Street or Alley Vacation Petitions in South Lake Union.
Transportation Committee 4/1/2008
Agenda Items: Public right-of-way for construction on private property; Department of Transportation 2008 Budget.
Transportation Committee 3/18/2008
Agenda Items: Construction Coordination Mapping and Tracking Tool, Seattle Bicycle Advisory Board, Seattle Pedestrian Advisory Board.
Transportation Committee 2/22/2008
Agenda Items: Bridging the Gap 2007 Annual Report and 2008 Work Plan, Bridging the Gap paving program.
Did You Know? with Councilmember Jan Drago 2/19/2008
Seattle City Councilmember Jan Drago tells us about a plan designed to improve bike safety and triple the number of bicycle commuters in Seattle by the year 2012.
Transportation Committee 2/5/2008
Agenda Items: Seattle Streetcar Network Concept, Bike Master Plan Implementation program.
Transportation Committee 1/8/2008
Agenda Item: Streetcar Network.

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