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Finance and Culture Committee 2014/2015
Councilmember Nick Licata chairs the Finance and Culture Committee. The committee is responsible for reviewing the Mayor’s proposed budget and City financial management policies. Councilmember Licata’s committee also manages issues relating to Seattle’s art and culture, which includes nightlife issues and public access television.  

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Finance and Culture Committee 9/24/2014
Agenda: Public Comment, Appointments to Seattle Music Commission and Seattle Arts Commission, Landmark performing arts theater, Reappointment of Fred Podesta as Director of Department of Finance and Administrative Services, Reappointment of Glen Lee as Director of Finance, Timeline for Minimum Wage Rulemaking and Outreach, Principal Reduction Program Development Update.
Finance and Culture Committee 9/10/2014
Agenda: Words` Worth, Public Comment, Appointment to Museum Development Authority Council, Landmark performing arts theater, Capitol Hill Cultural Arts District Planning, wage and labor conditions, City Employees` Retirement System.
Finance and Culture Committee 8/13/2014
Agenda: Public Comment, Appointment and Re-appointments to the Seattle Music Commission, Relating to the 2014 Budget, Extending Deadline for compliance with Restrictions on Marijuana, Fire Station 20, Greenlake, Beverly and Boulevard Park Substations, 620 S main Street surplus.
Finance and Culture Committee 7/23/2014
Agenda: Film Forum, Office of Arts and Culture name change, acceptance of funding from non-City sources, 2014 Budget, marijuana locational restrictions.
Finance and Culture Committee 7/9/2014
Words` Worth, Public Comment, Employee Hours Tax and Commercial Parking Tax, West Seattle Junction Parking and Business Improvement Area, 2013 Annual Report of the Office of the City Auditor.
Finance and Culture Committee 6/25/2014
Agenda: Public Comment, Seattle Music Commission Reappointment, West Seattle Junction Parking and Business Improvement Area, Capitol Hill Business Improvement Area, Revised Investment Policies for the City of Seattle, Transfer of a Crown Victoria Police Interceptor.
Finance and Culture Committee - Special Meeting 6/5/2014
Agenda: Public Comment, office space lease agreement, 2014 Citywide Property Inventory Report, Adopting revised investment policies, Capitol Hill Business Improvement Area.
Finance and Culture Committee - Special Meeting 5/23/2014
Agenda: Relating to the 2014 Budget, West Seattle Junction Parking and Business Improvement Area, 2014 Citywide Property Inventory Report.
Finance and Culture Committee 5/14/2014
Agenda: Public comment, Labor Standards Compliance Advisory Committee Update, Ladd`s First Addition, acceptance of funding from non-City sources, Relating to the 2014 Budget, Capitol Hill Business Improvement Area.
Finance and Culture Committee 4/23/2014
Agenda: Final Research Report on Seattle`s Paid Sick and Safe Leave (PSSL) Regulations, carrying forward certain unexpended appropriations and funds, correcting errors in fund codes and budget control level codes.
Finance and Culture Committee 4/9/2014
Agenda: City procurement.
Joint Meeting of the Finance and Culture Committee and Committee on Housing Affordability, Human Services, and Economic Resiliency 3/26/2014
Agenda: Film Forum, City of Seattle Interdepartmental Team (IDT) Foreclosure Presentation, Reset Seattle Coalition Input.
Finance and Culture Committee 3/14/2014
Agenda Items: Public Comment, City Budget Office Appointment, 2014 Multipurpose General Obligation Bond Issue, Modifying Financial Policies, In Support of the Civics For All Initiative.
Finance and Culture Committee 2/21/2014
Agenda Items: Public Comment, Relating to public art museum facilities and Relating to the business license tax.
Finance and Culture Committee 2/12/2014
Agenda: Word`s Worth, Public Comment, Business License Tax, Museum Development Authority Bond Refinancing.
Finance and Culture Committee 1/29/2014
Agenda Items: Public Comment, Seattle Arts Commission Reappointments, Relating to the Seattle Music Comission

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