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Energy Committee 2014/2015
Councilmember Kshama Sawant chairs this Energy Committee. As Chair of this committee, Councilmember Sawant focus on issues relating to Seattle's energy usage, as well issues relating to alternative energy sources, air pollution regulation, energy utility rates, and Seattle City Light finances.  

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Energy Committee 9/24/2014
Agenda: Public Comment, Community Workforce Agreements, City Light rate structure, City Light use and sale of electricity, City Light Net Wholesale Revenue targets, City Light agreement with Bullitt Foundation and Cascadia Center, City Light agreement with Pend Oreille County, Regional Energy Efficiency Initiative.
Energy Committee 9/11/2014
Agenda: 2015 and 2016 Seattle City Light Electricity Rate Increase overview, Cost Allocation Across Different Classes of Business and Residential Customers, use and sale of electricity.
Energy Committee 9/10/2014
Agenda: Public Comment, Regional Energy Market Developments, Generator Rewind Program, Approving a fifteen-year Franchise, Replacing the Dept requirement for a Letter of Credit or Cash Deposit.
Energy Committee 8/13/2014
Agenda Items: Public Comment, Environmental Discussions on Dangers with Nuclear Power, External Risk Management Letter.
Energy Committee 7/23/2014
Agenda: Public Comment, Review concerning Seattle City Light (SCL) CEO Jorge Carrasco, Seattle City Light`s (SCL) 2012 Integrated Resource Plan, Public Comment.
Energy Committee 7/9/2014
Agenda: Public Comment, Seattle City Light`s (SCL) 2012 Integrated Resource Plan (IRP), SCL 2014 IRP Update and Progress Report.
Energy Committee 6/25/2014
Agenda: "Guse Property" in Skagit County, fifteen-year franchise to certain designated public rights-of-way in the City of Shoreline, electrical rights in King County.
Energy Committee 6/11/2014
Agenda: Public Comment, Seattle City Light`s 2013 Financial Audit, SCL`s Plan to Increase Efficiences, SCL`s Service Center Facilities Master Plan.
Energy Committee 5/28/2014
Agenda Items: Public Comment, Seattle City Light`s Plan to replace analog meters, Seattle City Light Conservation Programs, Public Comment.
Energy Committee 5/14/2014
Agenda Items: Public Comment, Seattle City Light Review Panel Appointment, SCL Reliance on Net Wholesale Revenue, Introduction to Distribution Automation (SCADA) and City Light Implementing a Computer Controlled Power Grid.
Energy Committee 4/23/2014
Agenda Items: Public Comment, Relating to the City Light Department, Briefing on the Utility Discount Program (UDP) from Seattle Cight Light(SCL), Public Comment.
Energy Committee 3/26/2014
Agenda: Skagit Environmental Endowment Commission budget, salmon recovery and conservation, Quarterly Update on Seattle City Light`s Strategic Plan.
Energy Committee 3/12/2014
Agenda: Public Comment, West Seattle Sub Stations, Lake Forest Park Franchise Agreement.
Energy Committee 2/12/2014
Agenda Items: Public Comment, Transfer of Funds to Delay Rate Surcharges, Public Comment.
Energy Committee 1/22/2014
Agenda Items: Public Comment, Overview of SCL, History and Basic Facts, Seattle City Light Rate Structures, SCL Revenues, Rate Stabilization Account, Impending Surcharges, Public Comment.

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