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Energy and Environment 2012/2013
Councilmember O'Brien chairs this 2012/2013 committee, which focuses on: Seattle City Light; and the City's energy and environmental policies, stewardship, conservation programs, and initiatives.  

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Energy and Environment Committee 12/10/2013
Agenda: Public Comment, Land Use and Zoning, Pay for Performance pilot20, Real Property in Pend Oreille County, Biennial Energy Conservation Target, Community Power Works (CPW) Business and Operations Plan, Update on Building Energy Conservation, Citywide Resource Conservation Management Plan (RCMP).
Energy and Environment Committee 11/26/2013
Agenda: franchise with City of Burien, City of Shoreline, Boundary Dam`s Power Generators, City Light surplus property, biennial energy conservation, Interconnected Transmission Systems Agreement, downtown affordable housing and childcare incentive programs.
Energy and Environment Committee 9/24/2013
Agenda: Public Comment, City real property, SCH - Energy Efficiency Services, Pay for Performance Pilot Project, Land Use and Zoning, Distribution of Yellow Pages Phone Books.
Energy and Environment Committee 9/10/2013
Agenda: Public Comment, City Light Strategic Plan Quarterly Update, Seattle Residential Code, Seattle Energy Code, City Light Department, City Light Department ratepayer engagement process, 2013 Race and Social Justice Initiative Work Plan, City Light on the Strategic Plan Dashboard.
Energy and Environment Committee 8/13/2013
Agenda: Wholesale Energy Risk Management Policy, Building Code, Fuel Gas Code, Building Code, Residential Code. Mechanical Code.
Energy and Environment Committee 7/23/2013
Agenda: Generator 53 at Boundary Dam, Advanced Metering Infrastructure, Timber Creek Ranch Subdivision, overhaed and underground electrical rights.
Joint Meeting: Libraries, Utilities, and Center and Energy and Environment Committees 7/16/2013
Agenda: Green stormwater infrastructure, One Less Truck Pilot Program Report, Agreement for Sewage Disposal, Library Levy Implementation Update.
Joint Energy and Environment Committee and Housing, Human Services, Health and Culture Committee Meeting 7/11/2013
Presentation on Issues Facing Low-wage Workers in the Fast Food Industry.
Energy and Environment Committee 7/9/2013
Agenda: Federal License for Boundary Dam, cleanup of designated Superfund sites, Planet Youth Ambassadors for Climate Justice.
Energy and Environment Committee 6/25/2013
Agenda: Public Comment, Seattle Electric Vehicle Readiness, Environmental Impact Statement for the Denny Substation.
Energy and Environment Committee 6/11/2013
Agenda: 2013 Seattle Climate Action Plan, Seattle Municipal Building Energy Benchmarking, Amalfi Easement, Seattle City Light`s 2012 Financial Audit.
Energy and Environment Committee 5/31/2013
Agenda: Public Comment, Duwamish Transmission Corridor property surplus, City Light Strategic Plan
Energy and Environment Committee Special Meeting 5/14/2013
Agenda: Public Comment, Seattle Climate Action Plan, Residential rate assistance, Automatic BPA cost adjustment rate pass-through
Energy and Environment Committee 4/23/2013
Agenda: 2013 Seattle Climate Action Plan, 2013 State and Federal Legislation that Impacts Seattle City Light, Titles for Utility Chief Executives, City Light residential rate assistance.
Energy and Environment Committee 4/9/2013
Agenda: City Light on the Denny Substation Design, City Light Strategic Plan and Rate Design, Release of Patrol Road Easement.
Energy and Environment Committee 3/26/2013
Agenda: Seattle City Light Review Panel, Seattle`s Longterm Climate Goals, Community Power Works Program Transition Presentation, Nature`s Ridge Easement.
Energy and Environment Committee 3/12/2013
Agenda: South Fork Nooksack Land Exchange Ordinance, Skagit Environmental Endowment Commission Budget, City Light 2014 Integrated Resource Plan.
Energy and Environment Committee 2/26/2013
Agenda Items: South Fork Nooksack Land Exchange, 2013 Seattle Climate Action Plan, Seattle City Light on On-Bill Financing and Repayment of Energy Conservation Measures.
Energy and Environment Committee 2/12/2013
Agenda Items: Carbon Regulation and Carbon Pricing.
Energy and Environment Committee Special Meeting 2/6/2013
Agenda Items: Recommendations from the Green Ribbon Commission
Energy and Environment Committee 1/29/2013
Presentation and panel discussion on energy policy recommendations from the Green Ribbon Commission. This meeting was held at the Yesler Community Center.
Energy and Environment Committee Public Hearing 1/25/2013
Agenda Items: Public Comment, Nucor Steel energy conservation funding agreement, Rate Stabilization Account operation
Energy and Environment Committee 1/8/2013
Agenda Items: City Light sur plus properties, Waste Heat to Power Project, Advance District Energy in Seattle.
Energy and Environment Committee 12/11/2012
Agenda Items: Surplus City Light properties, Seattle City Light`s Strategic Plan Initiatives Performance Tracking Tool.
Energy and Environment Committee 11/27/2012
Agenda Items: City Light Review Board, Duwamish Permits, BNSF Permit, Low Income Assistance Update, Hurricance Sandy Briefing.
Energy and Environment Committee 9/25/2012
Agenda Items: Seattle Office of Environment and Sustainability Race and Social Justice Initiative Workplan, City Light Report on Surplus Property, Skagit Environmental Endowment Commission.
Energy and Environment Committee 9/11/2012
Agenda Items: Energy Benchmarking Presentation, Presentation on Seattle City Light`s Race and Social Justice Initiative Update, New Low Income Assistance Pilot Project Presentation, 2013-2014 Rate Ordinance, Net Wholesale Revenue, Columbia Ridge Renewable Power Purchase Authorization, Surplus Property Disposition.
Energy and Environment Committee 8/14/2012
Agenda Items: Washington State Energy Independence Act, Thousand Springs Wind Park, Oregon Trail Wind Park, Golden Valley Wind Park, Tuana Gulch Wind Park, Salmon Falls Wind Park, WM Renewable Energy, Georgetown Steam Plant Flume Property, City Light Rates, Net Wholesale Revenue targets for 2013 and 2014.
Energy and Environment Committee 7/24/2012
Agenda Items: Seattle City Light Review Panel, Seattle`s Energy Benchmarking and Reporting Program, Boundary Dam License, 2012 Integrated Resource Plan, New Chief Financial Officer of the City Light Department.
Energy and Environment Committee 7/10/2012
Agenda Items: Reappointment and Oath of Office of Jorge Carrasco, Superintendent of Seattle City Light
Energy and Environment Special Meeting 6/27/2012
Agenda Item: Equitable Transit Oriented Development
Energy and Environment Committee 6/26/2012
Agenda Items: Advance Metering Infrastructure Business Case Results, Light Rail Surplus Tracts, Utility Easements, Valley View Sewer District Easement, Reappointment of Jorge Carrasco, Superintendent of Seattle City Light.
Energy and Environment Committee 6/12/2012
Agenda Items: Seattle City Light Financial Statement Audit, Sound Transit`s Central Link Light Rail project, Valley View Sewer District Easement.
Energy and Environment Committee 5/22/2012
Agenda Items: Coal Exports Resolution.
Energy and Environment Committee 5/8/2012
Agenda Items: Seattle City Light Review Panel Reappointment, Salmon recovery and conservation, City Light Release Easements, Wholesale Energy Risk Management Policy.
Energy and Environment Committee 4/24/2012
Agenda Items: HSD utility low income customer enrollment and outreach, Pier 59 and McCaw Hall Reconstruction, Lower Cedar River fish habitat.
Energy and Environment Committee 4/10/2012
Agenda Items: The Impact of Falling Natural Gas Prices on our Rate Stabilization Fund and Surplus Power Charges, Seattle City Light rate policy framework, Seattle City Light`s Financial Safeguards.
Energy and Environment Committee 3/27/2012
Agenda Items: J.D. Power Review Presentation, Overhead and underground electrical rights.
Energy and Environment Committee 3/22/2012
Agenda Items: Integrated Resource Plan, Wholesale Energy Risk Management
Seattle City Light`s 2013-2018 Strategic Plan - North 3/20/2012
City Council Member Mike O`Brien and the City Light Review Panel reach out to North Seattle residents for input to help set the course for the future of Seattle City Light.
Seattle City Light`s 2013-2018 Strategic Plan - South 3/19/2012
City Council Member Mike O`Brien and the City Light Review Panel reach out to South Seattle residents for input to help set the course for the future of Seattle City Light.
Energy and Environment Committee 2/28/2012
Agenda Items: Relating to the North Downtown electrical substation, Relating to the City Light Department, Seattle City Light response to the Deloitte Risk Review Report
Energy and Environment Committee 2/14/2012
Agenda Items: Skagit Environmental Endowment Commission, City Light rate policy framework, district energy systems, Pressentin Creek.
Energy and Environment Committee 1/24/2012
Agenda Items: Biennial energy conservation target for 2012-2013, Deferred Environmental Costs,Seattle City Light Rate Setting Policy Resolution, District Energy Systems.

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