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Eccentric Seattle
You may think you knew Seattle's history, but you haven't heard the best stories until you've spent time with author J. Kingston Pierce. Based on his book of the same name, Eccentric Seattle exposes the lesser-known (though no less compelling) people, places and stories of our city's past. Dive into Seattle's lesser known history with Eccentric Seattle with J. Kingston Pierce.  More information about this show

There are 9 videos to watch.

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Eccentric Seattle: Seattle's Own Red Scare 3/3/2006
In this edition of Eccentric Seattle J. Kingston Pierce introduces us to Washington state Representative Albert Canwell, whose dogged pursuit during the 1940s of alleged communists at the University of Washington campus and elsewhere destroyed careers and gave Seattleites a bitter taste of what was to come nationally during the McCarthy-era red scare. Award Winning Video: 2006 National Association of Telecommunications Officers and Advisors (NATOA) Government Programming First Place for a Documentary Profile (Operating Budget Over $400,000)
Eccentric Seattle: Seattle's Historical Landmarks 10/7/2005
Seattleites are said to be brainy folk. But, really, how familiar are you with the history of this salmon-scented town? Do you know which famous Old West figure operated a gambling house on Second Avenue? Or the Seattle landmark that was constructed using embezzled funds? This month in Eccentric Seattle, host J. Kingston Pierce puts your trivia skills to the test.
Eccentric Seattle: Reginald H. Thomson, King of the Hills 5/6/2005
This month, Eccentric Seattle host J. Kingston Pierce unearths the earth shaking story of turn of the last century city engineer Reginald H. Thomson. Thomsonís obsession with leveling the hills of Seattle lasted two decades and gave the city a face-lift on a scale it had never seen before and will probably never see again.
Eccentric Seattle: Ivar Haglund, The Captain of Kitsch 3/8/2005
In this episode of Eccentric Seattle, we'll "keep clam" with folk singer, restaurateur and much loved "Mayor of the Waterfront" Ivar Haglund.
Eccentric Seattle: Elmer Fisher, The Elusive Architect 2/4/2005
Host J. Kingston Pierce introduces us to a very important local figure from the late-19th century. Before a highly-publicized sex scandal ended his career, Fisher established the look of early downtown Seattle. His handsome creations in brick and stone, some of which still stand today, decorated this city's skyline all the way from Jackson Street north to Belltown.
Eccentric Seattle: Bertha Landes, The Housekeeping Mayor 1/7/2005
Landes, the first woman mayor of a major American city, brought serious reform to Seattle and made serious enemies among `fun-loving males`.
Eccentric Seattle: Seattle, City of Gold 12/3/2004
This show details the events leading up to the beginning of the Klondike Stampede in the late 1890's. Men and women from around the world came to Seattle, the northernmost departure point in the continental US for Dawson City - heart of the Gold Rush.
Eccentric Seattle: Roy Olmsted, Bootleg Czar 11/5/2004
Be introduced to dapper cop turned "King of the Rumrunners" and toast of Prohibition era Seattle, Roy Olmsted.
Eccentric Seattle: Ballad of Lou Graham 10/8/2004
The Ballad of Lou Graham tells the story of a business-savvy madam who arrived in Seattle in 1888 and may well have been one of the most important women in historic Seattle.

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