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Black History Month
In honor of Black History Month, the Seattle Channel has put together a collection of videos that highlight and celebrate local African Americans and their culture.  More information about this show

There are 43 videos to watch.

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CityStream: Celebrating Black History 2/14/2013
Celebrate Black History from the James and Janie Washington Cultural Center, the former house and studio of late Seattle painter and sculptor James Washington Jr., a veteran of the nation`s earliest civil-rights struggles and one of the country`s leading African-American visionary folk artists. Plus, we`ll look into the busy corner of 23rd and Union in the Central District. Learn how it`s more than just an intersection of stores and restaurants. Then, Seattle airwaves were alive with soul, funk and R & B music during the "golden age" of the late 1960s and early Ď70s thanks to the late, great radio station KYAC. Hear about the history of the station from the folks behind the music. And find out how jazz musicians are passing their love of the beat down to the next generation. Join host Josephine Cheng for these stories and more.
Civil Rights Movement Activist Dr. Bernard Lafayette Jr. 2/20/2013
Civil Rights Movement activist Dr. Bernard Lafayette Jr. co-founded the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee in 1960. He was a leader of the Nashville Movement and the Freedom Rides.
Little Rock Nine Member Minnijean Brown Trickey 2/7/2013
To celebrate Black History Month, Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park welcomes one of the Little Rock Nine who desegregated Little Rock Central High School under the protection of federal troops in 1957.
Slavery in the Northwest 2/15/2013
An interpretive presentation about Charles Mitchell, a slave from Washington State who escaped as a boy to Canada, explores how ideologies move geographically.
Community Stories: Hydroplane Racer Harold Mills 2/3/2006
Veteran hydroplane racer Harold Mills has won just about every honor a driver could receive. He has been a Region 10 High Point Champion,Western Divisional Champion and National Champion, and has also won both the Sportsman of the Year award and the George Babcock Award for Most Outstanding Driver. But speed isn`t the only barrier Mills has broken; he`s also made history as the sport`s first African American driver. Mills is proud of his accomplishments as a driver, and is committed to bringing more diversity to the sport of hydroplane racing.
Front Row: Jennifer Johns 8/2/2012
Soul singer and food justice evolutionary Jennifer Johns celebrates culture, community and good food with a musical celebration at the newly renovated Langston Hughes Performing Arts Center. As the inaugural Artist in Residence at the Center, Johns was able to immerse herself in the Central District community to get an in-depth feel of the nation`s most diverse zip code.
Front Row: Free Desiree 5/10/2012
Amontaine Aurore`s funny yet thoughtful one woman show about Desiree`s crisis. The H.S. band drummer has committed suicide. No one around her cares, including Shauna, her cheerleader sister, plotting to be the first pom-pom wielding blaxploitation star.
A Voice from the Past - A Message for Today 3/5/2012
In honor of Black History Month, Kwame Ture (Stokely Carmichael) presents "A Voice from the Past - A Message for Today".
Black Heritage Society Salutes Pioneers in Media 2/20/2012
In honor of Black History Month, The Black Heritage Society of Washington State, in partnership with MOHAI and the Central District Forum for Arts and Ideas, pays tribute to Northwest Pioneers in Media.
Front Row: Martin Luther King Jr.`s Speech "Beyond Vietnam" 1/18/2011
The Central District Forum for Arts & Ideas presents a staged reading of Martin Luther King Jr.`s landmark speech in which he called the United States government "the greatest purveyor of violence in the world today".
Book Lust with Nancy Pearl featuring Charles Johnson 11/11/2010
National Book Award winner - and Professor Emeritus at the University of Washington - Charles Johnson talks about the difference between writing novels and short stories, whether or not creative writing can be taught, and the nature of reading.
Front Row: Hadley Caliman 10/22/2010
A living history of jazz music in America, Caliman`s works are full of fire and intensity. Experience his music from 2010`s Ballard Jazz Festival.
Community Stories: The Washington House 9/27/2010
People in an unassuming Seattle neighborhood live in the shadow of an amazing historic landmark. The Washington House is dedicated to the preservation of the art & life of a gifted sculptor, and in turn is a magnet for attracting talented artists.
Seattle City Light: Transformative leaders 2/26/2010
City Light and the Race and Social Justice Change Team present a talk by Judge Judith Hightower of the Seattle Municipal Court. The talk was held during the Black History Month celebration and was titled: Transformative Leaders -- in pursuit of social justice.
American Podium: Marching to the Dream - Rep. John. Lewis 2/9/2010
U.S. Representative John Lewis speaks at the 23rd Annual King County Dr. Martin Luther, Jr. Celebration at the Paramount Theater. A true American hero, Rep. John Lewis has dedicated his life to protecting human rights, securing civil liberties, and building what he calls "The Beloved Community" in America."
Community Stories: Pacific NW African American Fine Arts 1/19/2009
NAAFA (Northwest African American Fine Arts) is an organization of artists who have a group show in the Seattle area once a year. Inspired by a visit to an African American arts festival in Baltimore, NAAFA aims to showcase the diverse talents and creative vision of African American artists in the Pacific Northwest.
Seattle City Light: Black History Month Celebration 2/19/2008
Seattle City Light celebrates Black History Month.
Community Stories: Millie Russell 11/14/2007
On this episode of the Seattle Channel series Community Stories, meet Dr. Millie Russell. Dr. Russell is an African American civil rights activist and educator who recently retired from her daily duties at the University of Washington Office of Minority Affairs and Department of Biology. She shares her story of growing up in Seattle; breaking ground in the field of science; taking part in the civil rights movement; and why she can never really retire.
Carl Mack: Black Newspaper Publishers of America Keynote 7/31/2007
Carl Mack, well-known former head of the Seattle-King County office of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored Persons (NAACP), addressed a recent gathering of the National Newspaper Publishers Association, a professional organization for African-American newspaper publishers. Mr. Mack, who earned a Bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering from Mississippi State University in 1986, is currently executive director of the National Society of Black Engineers.
Speaking Out! Voices of Seattle`s Black Community 2/11/2007
The Black Heritage Society of Washington State, Inc., in collaboration with MOHAI, presents a powerful program introducing numerous individuals from Seattle`s Black community who were influential in shaping the city over its 150 year history. A cast of city leaders includes Micki Flowers, Larry Gossett, Carver Gayton, Reverend Samuel B. McKinney, and Mona Lake Jones.
Community Stories: The Royal Esquire Club 1/28/2007
A local fixture since 1948, the Royal Esquire Club was initially founded in post-World War II Seattle as a place where African American men could gather for group events and have fun. In the nearly sixty years since, the club continues to operate out of Columbia City as a gathering place for members, but it also contributes as a community resource with its scholarship fund and charitable giving. The Royal Esquire Club`s combined legacy of social activity and community outreach is what keeps it going strong after all these years.
Assuming Responsibility in a Struggling Nation 1/13/2007
Blacks In Government - Region X 25th Annual Commemorative Banquet Honoring Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Keith Knight, Cartoonist 11/30/2006
Fear of a Black Marker: Underground Cartooning and Activism is an evening with cartoonist and activist Keith Knight. Keith Knight is a writer, rapper (with Marginal Prophets) media activist, and award-winning cartoonist whose nationally-syndicated weekly comic strips, the K Chronicles and (th)ink, can be found in newspapers, magazines and websites across the country. Knight is part of a new generation of talented young African-American artists raised on hip hop; artists who infuse their work with urgency, edge, humor, satire, politics and race. Knight incorporates these same ingredients into his multi- media presentations, displaying some of his favorite cartoons.
Community Stories: Tap Dancing 3/5/2006
Melba Ayco assumed responsibility for TTAAPP (Talent, Tap, Acting, Arts, Performance and Production) Central after its founder, Darrlyn Cook-Smith, passed away in 2002. For Melba Ayco, a twenty year veteran of the Seattle Police Department, TTAAPP Central is more than just a tap dance studio reintroducing a traditional African American art form. She also instructs the students, ages 4 and up, in the importance of commitment, and how wrong choices can lead to unpleasant consequences. TTAAPP Central is one big family for Ayco, a self described Louisiana country girl.
Foolproof Series American Voices Presents Taylor Branch 2/21/2006
Pulitzer prize-winning author Taylor Branch emerged as a national authority of Americaís civic rights movement with the publication of Parting the Waters and Pillar of Fire. He chronicles the high-stakes political events and the day-to-day struggles of the farmers and teachers, sharecroppers and dentists, who pried their freedom loose from the grip of segregation. Branchís third and final installment of his inspiring trilogy, At Canaanís Edge, is about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Black Pioneers with Elmer & Aaron Dixon: Not All Bad 2/9/2006
Brothers Elmer and Aaron Dixon, former Seattle Black Panther Party Co-founders, explain how and why this city's group of radicals worked peacefully for equality and understanding.
Black Pioneers with Elmer & Aaron Dixon: Carolyn Downs Clinic 2/9/2006
The Dixon Brothers, Elmer and Aaron, tell the history of the Carolyn Downs Medical Center and how it became a model for similar facilities in other cities.
Black Pioneers with Elmer & Aaron Dixon: Free Breakfast Program 2/9/2006
Former Seattle Black Panther Party Co-founders, Elmer and Aaron Dixon, recall the creation of a breakfast program of hungry school age children in the late 1960's.
Black Pioneers with Rev. Phyllis R. Beaumonte: World`s Fair 2/9/2006
Phyllis Beaumonte, Minister and member of the Black Heritage Society of Washington State, Inc., recalls being the first African American to work for Century 21, the Seattle Worlds Fair, and the legacy that remains.
Black Pioneers with Rev. Samuel McKinney: MLK Visits Seattle 2/9/2006
Rev. Samuel B. McKinney remembers when Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. came to Seattle, and how the city greeted him.
The Seattle Metropolitan Urban League: Celebrating 75 Years 12/15/2005
A comprehensive look back at the rich history of the Seattle Metropolitan Urban League's first 75 years, as well as a glimpse of what lies ahead.
Human Rights Day Celebration with Dr. Joy Leary 12/8/2005
Dr. Joy Leary has been lauded as having among the most dynamic and inspirational messages currently being presented on the topics of culture, race relations and contemporary social issues. Past clients have included academic institutions such as Harvard, Columbia, Fisk and the University of Chicago. She has also presented to federal and state agencies such as The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Probation and Parole agencies, The Juvenile Justice Judges Association and Police departments. Dr. Leary has worked with major corporations such as Nordstrom's and Nike, as well as Jane Fonda's renowned Georgia Campaign On Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention.
Community Stories: Langston Hughes Performing Arts Center 10/23/2005
When 11 year old Jordan Bolden signed up for the summer musical program at the Langston Hughes Performing Arts Center, he knew he wanted to be a part of it since age four but he had no idea he was going to end up with the lead. A lot of kids who sign up for the summer musical donít know what they are capable of until the show finally hits the Seattle Rep after 10 weeks of intense rehearsals. Much of that education and growth comes from the musicalís director, Isiah Anderson Jr., a 15 year vet of summer musicals for kids.
Community Stories: Zewditu Aschenaki 9/25/2005
Zewditu Aschenaki is a true immigrant success story. She is an Ethiopian refugee who came to Seattle by way of Sudan and then Canada. Through determination, hard work and a strong community, Zed has managed to open a thriving salon in the heart of Columbia City, raise her small daughter and continue her own education.
Foolproof Presents: American Voices Lecture Series with Michael Eric Dyson 6/8/2005
Best-selling writer, preacher, and hip-hop intellectual Michael Eric Dyson talks about his new book Is Bill Cosby Right? (Or Has the Black Middle Class Lost its Mind?) Nothing has exposed the class and generational divide in black America more starkly than Bill Cosbyís remarks at an NAACP award ceremony where he lamented the lack of parenting, poor academic performance, promiscuity, and criminal behavior among a segment of the African American community. Dyson examines why the black middle class has joined mainstream America in blaming the poor for their troubles, rather than tackling the systemic injustices that shape their lives.
Seattle Voices with Lem Howell 5/18/2005
Host Eric Liu talks with Lem Howell, Civil Rights Attorney.
Seattle Voices with DeCharlene Williams 4/7/2005
Eric Liu talks with DeCharlene Williams, Founder of the Central Area Chamber of Commerce.
Seattle Voices with Roberto Maestas 9/30/2004
Host Eric Liu interviews Roberto Maestas, Executive Director, El Centro de la Raza.
Foolproof Presents: American Voices Lecture Series with Cornel West 9/11/2004
In his national bestseller Race Matters, philosopher Cornel West burst onto the national scene with his searing analysis of the scars of racism in American Democracy. In his new book, Democracy Matters: Winning the fight against Imperialism, West issues a call to action for the deepening of 'true democracy' at home and abroad.
Sankofa: A Maafa Experience 8/25/2004
Local actors perform scenes from the production 'Sankofa'. Following the performance, Germaine Covington, Director of the Seattle Office for Civil Rights, hosts a discussion about how City of Seattle employees can transform the workplace as part of the Race & Social Justice Initiative.
Black History Month Disparate Law Enforcement 2/26/2004
Racial differences in arrests, prosecution, and sentencing are discussed. Speakers include: Andy Ko of ACLU, Lisa Daugaard of Public Defenders, and SPD Chief Kerlikowske.
MLK Day at Seattle Center 1/19/2004
Enjoy the sights and sounds of events and activities commemorating the birthdate of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. at the Seattle Center on January 19th, 2004. Award Winning Video: 2005 National Association of Telecommunications Officers and Advisors (NATOA)Government Programming Honorable Mention for Documentary Event Coverage
A Walk through the Life of Dr. Homer Harris 3/4/2003
Dr. Homer Harris is one of Seattle's most beloved and respected athletes and physicians. This is his story, and the story of Homer Harris Park, at the corner of 24th Avenue and East Howell Street. The park was secured by an anonymous donation of $1.3 million toward acquisition and development of this public space.

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