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American Podium
Seattle is a crossroads for information, and a popular stop for the authors, politicians and pundits making news nationally and internationally. The SEATTLE CHANNEL's American Podium series take you to the lecture halls and conference rooms where some of today's most fascinating speakers are sharing their thoughts and insights about what's going on in the world today.  More information about this show

There are 243 videos to watch.

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American Podium: Every School - One Citizen`s Guide to Transforming Education 10/23/2014
Former Seattle School Board member Don Nielsen draws on his business career, and two decades as a school activist, to offer innovative solutions to the educational challenges facing our country.
American Podium: Robert Reich on Reclaiming Prosperity 9/27/2014
Former U.S. Secretary of Labor Robert Reich examines the effects of Seattle`s movement toward a living wage on the future economics of the Puget Sound.
American Podium: Losing Hearing, Finding Life 9/15/2014
Katherine Bouton, author of `Shouting Won`t Help` lost her hearing in 2009 after years of gradual decline. She shares her journey of hearing loss and explains how it helped her find a new life.
American Podium: Eric Liu - The Chinese American Dream 7/10/2014
Citizen University`s Eric Liu explores the impact of China`s as a rising power on today`s Chinese Americans.
American Podium: The Impact of American Inequality 5/16/2014
With our wide disparities in income, educational opportunities, and criminal justice outcomes, Pulitzer Prize-winner David Cay Johnson has called the US "the most unequal of developed nations."
American Podium: Stella Nyanzi, PhD - Repression of Sexual Minorities 4/4/2014
Stella Nyanzi, social scientist from Uganda, speaks to the repression of sexual minorities in many nations around the world. She joins more than 60 speakers at the UW global conference, Uncensored: Gender, Sexuality, and Social Movements in Global Health.
American Podium: US Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor 3/13/2014
From a housing project in the Bronx to her appointment to the highest court in the land, Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor`s memoir shares the details of her inspirational journey. Interviewed by Eric Liu.
American Podium: Jake Rosenfeld - What Unions No Longer Do 3/6/2014
University of Washington Associate Professor of Sociology Jake Rosenfeld looks at the decline of labor unions and its effect on inequality in America in his book, What Unions No Longer Do.
American Podium: Hattie Kauffman - Falling into Place 12/8/2013
A history-making journalist, as the first Native American reporter to do national news reporting, Hattie Kauffman is also someone with deep Seattle and Northwest ties, including years of working at KING-TV.
American Podium: 40 Chances to Make a Difference 11/14/2013
Son and grandson of legendary investor Warren Buffett, Howard G. Buffett and Howard W. Buffet along with Joe Whinney, share a way of thinking about philanthropy applicable to any person who wants to make a difference.
American Podium: Mayor Julian Castro - Sustainable Futures Question and Answer 10/30/2013
Mayor Julian Castro hosts a question and answer session after discussing sustainable cities and the leadership it takes to achieve them.
American Podium: Power to the People! 10/17/2013
Angela Davis is the author of nine books and has lectured throughout the world on numerous issues related to race, gender and imprisonment.
American Podium: Mayor Julian Castro - Sustainable Futures 10/23/2013
San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro is the youngest mayor of a top 50 American city and was handily re-elected to a 3rd term. He discusses the idea of sustainable cities and the leadership it takes to achieve them.
American Podium: Women Rebel - The Margaret Sanger Story 9/26/2013
Seattle alternative-comics master Peter Bagge shares a graphic-novel biography of Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger, in conversation with Cienna Madrid of The Stranger.
American Podium: Jay Richards - Infiltrated 8/12/2013
Discovery Institute Sr. Fellow Jay Richards is back with a new book titled "Infiltrated: How to Stop the Insiders and Activist Who Are Exploiting the Financial Crisis to Control Our Lives and Our Fortunes.
American Podium: Equity and Prosperity in a Changing Nation 7/25/2013
USC Professor Manuel Pastor discusses the dramatic demographic shifts and challenges facing the U.S. in the next 30 years, arguing that high levels of inequality have damaged our country`s productive potential.
American Podium: Reflections - The Early Days of AIDS 7/23/2013
Dr. James W. Curran, Co-Director and Principal Investigator of the Emory Center for AIDS Research reflects on the early days of AIDS as part of the AIDS Clinical Conference at Harborview Medical Center.
American Podium: Charles Wolfe - `Urbanism Without Effort` 6/19/2013
Seattle attorney Charles Wolfe, author of the illustrated e-book Urbanism Without Effort, argues that city dwellers invariably celebrate environments where they can coexist safely, in a mutually supportive way.
American Podium: Discovery Institute, Governors of Washington 5/30/2013
Dr. George Scott provides historic context to current events and enhances our understanding of Washington`s unique political culture in this discussion of his new book, "Governors of Washington".
American Podium: Temple Grandin 5/24/2013
Temple Grandin, author of The Autistic Brain, weaves her experience with new discoveries, introducing the neuroimaging advances and genetic research that link brain science to behavior.
American Podium: Defeating the Culture of Bullying 4/29/2013
Emily Bazelon (Slate) and Dan Savage (The Stranger) define bullying, identify when intervention is essential, dispels persistent myths and explains why we must first understand what today`s kids are going through.
American Podium: Vaccine Myths, Parents and Modern Health Info 4/23/2013
Seth Mnookin, author of "The Panic Virus" talks with "Seattle Mama Doc" blogger Wendy Sue Swanson on the importance of immunization and how parents can find accurate information and make decisions for their families.
American Podium: The Encore Career Handbook 4/16/2013
A conversation that explores the transition involved in an encore career, how much you need to make, how to network effectively and harness the power of social media, and who is hiring and for what jobs.
American Podium: Joel Magnuson 3/28/2013
Magnuson provides a philosophical basis and guidelines for developing economic institutions centered on self-reliance, ecological permanence, stability, and a celebration of human creativity.
American Podium: David Shields 3/19/2013
Essayist, fiction writer and University of Washington professor David Shields makes a welcome return with his newest work, "How Literature Saved My Life".
American Podium: Gavin Newsom 3/12/2013
California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom explains how ordinary citizens can use new digital tools to dissolve political gridlock and transform American democracy.
American Podium: Gavin Newsom Question and Answer 3/12/2013
California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom has a Question and Answer session after discussing the use of new digital tools in politics.
American Podium: Michelle Rhee 2/19/2013
Education-reform advocate Michelle Rhee says that our children are well outside the top-10 international student rankings in reading, science, and math, and will continue to plummet unless we take dramatic action.
American Podium: Capitalism Put on the Defensive 2/12/2013
The Discovery Institute`s Senior Fellow Scott Powell addresses and answers the sources of hostility to capitalism.
American Podium: A Call for Free, Universal, Global Education 2/6/2013
In his book The One World Schoolhouse, Salman Khan explains the roots of America`s education crisis, and why a return to “mastery learning” could offer the best opportunity to give children a world-class education.
American Podium: Ray Suarez, Q and A 1/30/2013
Ray Suarez, senior PBS correspondent, examines how organized religion and politics intersect in America, and how this powerful collision is transforming the current and future American mind-set. This is the Q and after a lecture.
American Podium: American Women in Environmental History 2/5/2013
Seattle native Nancy Unger, author of Beyond Nature`s Housekeepers, examines how women have played a unique role, for better and sometimes for worse, in the shaping of the American environment.
American Podium: The Politics of Faith in America with Ray Suarez 1/30/2013
Ray Suarez, senior PBS correspondent, examines how organized religion and politics intersect in America, and how this powerful collision is transforming the current and future American mind-set.
American Podium: Meacham on Jefferson 12/4/2012
In his new biography of Thomas Jefferson, Pulitzer Prize-winning author Jon Meacham brings to life an extraordinary man and his remarkable times.
American Podium: William Ruckelshaus 11/27/2012
William Ruckelshaus has spent a lifetime in leadership. The first director of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, he also led the FBI and served as Deputy U.S. Attorney General before working in the private sector as Chairman and CEO of Browning-Ferris Industries. One of the greatest environmental statesmen in American history, Bill chairs the William Ruckelshaus Center, a partnership of the University of Washington and Washington State University to promote collaborative problem-solving. Join Discovery`s Center for the Civic Leadership to learn leadership lessons from Bill Ruckelshaus. Hear Bill`s stories from a distinguished career working with Presidents, top business executives, and environmental leaders. And hear about Bill`s passion for collaborative problem-solving.
American Podium: Denis Moyinhan 11/13/2012
Denis Moyinhan, co-founder of "Democracy Now!", discusses the book "The Silenced Majority: Stories of Uprisings, Occupations Resistance and Hope".
American Podium: Amy Goodman 11/6/2012
Amy Goodman host of "Democracy Now!", discusses the book "The Silenced Majority: Stories of Uprisings, Occupations Resistance and Hope".
American Podium: A Debate on Civil Liberties 10/15/2012
The UW hosts a political debate on civil liberties between a liberal, a conservative and a libertarian.
American Podium: Obama, the Tea Party and Racism 10/16/2012
A candid, evidence-based conversation around an explosive topic: President Barack Obama has been subjected to historically unprecedented disrespect by legislators and many citizens.
American Podium: The Left Isn`t Always Right, Science-Wise 9/17/2012
Alex Berezow, co-author of "Science Left Behind" proves that anti-scientific thiinking is a bipartisan phenomenon.
American Podium: George Gilder`s "Wealth and Poverty" 9/13/2012
Join the Discovery Institute as they celebrate the re-release of Gilder`s Wealth and Poverty, revised and updated for the 21st Century! With over 80 new pages, the book offers hope for the future and proposes economic solutions in light of today`s challenges.
American Podium: Barry Sweet `Split Seconds` 9/4/2012
For many years a highly regarded AP photographer who lived, and was based here in the Seattle, Barry Sweet returns with a lovely book of photographs.
American Podium: Bill McCollum 8/7/2012
Former US Congressman and Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum discusses the recent Supreme Court decision regarding the Affordable Healthcare act and his views on moving forward.
American Podium: The Rise and Fall of Washington Mutual 6/26/2012
Journalist Kirsten Grind traces the rise -- and spectacular fall -- of Washington Mutual, the largest bank failure in American history.
American Podium: Frank Deford 7/3/2012
The celebrated sportswriter Frank Deford looks back on a remarkable career in which he has chronicled the heroes and the characters of just about every sport in nearly every medium.
American Podium: Alice Walker & Frances Moore Lappe 6/26/2012
Alice Walker and Frances Moore Lappe speak about their personal experience in choosing a meaningful path and the power we each have to affect change.
American Podium: CityClub presents General Colin Powell 6/19/2012
Four-star general and former Secretary of State Colin Powell reveals the unique lessons that have shaped his life and legendary career in public service.
American Podium: The Good Food Revolution 6/17/2012
As the champion of a new and promising movement, ex-professional basketball player Will Allen is skillfully leading Americans to face one of our greatest domestic issues - our health.
American Podium: Paul Krugman - An Economist`s Take on 2012 6/5/2012
Economist Paul Krugman returns once again to Town Hall - this visit promising a timely and brilliantly informed take on the economy.
American Podium: Van Jones 5/2/2012
Outraged by the escalating attacks on America`s middle class and working families, and grounded in tough-minded American idealism, human-rights pioneer and author Van Jones has launched a new national movement in response: Rebuild the Dream.
American Podium: A New Way to be Human 5/8/2012
The Seattle author of "A New Way to Be Human", Robert Taylor, lives the question of how to integrate personal spirituality with compassionate purpose -- and invites others to do the same.
American Podium: Discovery Institute presents Dr. Jay Richards 3/13/2012
Dr. Richards` discusses his new book, Indivisible. He is joined by Discovery Institute Sr. Fellow George Gilder to discuss the Institute`s new Center on Wealth, Poverty and Morality.
American Podium: Politics of the Possible 4/19/2012
Former state legislator Mary Ellen McCaffree and her co-author, Anne McNamee Corbett to discuss their new book, Politics of the Possible. The book offers proof that our political system really can function as our founders intended.
American Podium: Rachel Maddow on Security to the Extreme 4/24/2012
Rachel Maddow explores how the national-security sector has shape-shifted and grown-favoring the priorities of the war machine over those of civilian life-to the point of financial unsustainability, a confused mission and a weaker and less secure country.
American Podium: A Religious Assault on Public Education 4/3/2012
Journalist Stewart, author of The Good News Club, says this program is part of a calculated national initiative with the aim of repurposing America`s public schools with a Fundamentalist Christian agenda and her whole first chapter focuses on Seattle.
American Podium: A Religious Assault on Public Education - Q and A 4/3/2012
Question and Answer Session: Journalist Stewart, author of The Good News Club, says this program is part of a calculated national initiative with the aim of repurposing America`s public schools with a Fundamentalist Christian agenda and her whole first chapter focuses on Seattle.
American Podium: Guiding Lights Weekend presents Lawrence Lessig and Mark Meckler 3/10/2012
Guiding Lights Weekend presents Lawrence Lessig, Harvard Law professor and campaign finance reform activist and Tea Party Patriots co-founder Mark Meckler discuss building left-right alliances to reclaim politics for everyday Americans.
American Podium: Guiding Lights Weekend presents Van Jones 3/10/2012
Van Jones, the keynote speaker for the Guiding Lights Weekend 2012, is a globally recognized, award-winning pioneer in human rights and the clean-energy economy.
American Podium: Andrew Ross - World`s Least Sustainable City 3/6/2012
In Bird on Fire, Andrew Ross (Professor of Social and Cultural Analysis at NYU, and a Nation contributor) examines Phoenix, AZ, one of the fastest growing and least sustainable metropolitan regions: a city in the bull`s eye of global warming.
American Podium: Andrew Ross - World`s Least Sustainable City Q and A Session 3/6/2012
Question and Answer Session: Andrew Ross. He examines Phoenix, AZ, one of the fastest growing and least sustainable metropolitan regions.
American Podium: Jimmy Carter 2/14/2012
The World Affairs Council, in celebration of its 60th Anniversary, presents a conversation with President Jimmy Carter, including discussion on the work of The Carter Center and some of the world`s most pressing, yet solvable problems.
American Podium: Hitchens, Havel and Kim Jong-il Remembered 1/31/2012
Within the space of four days in December, three public figures died, and now a few local luminaries are asked to deliver remembrances/assessments of these men and their cultural impact - though not all will be warmly remembered.
American Podium: Slade Gorton: A Half Century in Politics 1/17/2012
The Discovery Institute honors Senator Slade Gorton. Focusing on leadership lessons drawn from his storied career, he is joined by John Hughes, Chief Historian of the Washington State Legacy Project and author of Slade Gorton: A Half Century in Politics
American Podium: Clay Jenkinson as Meriwether Lewis 12/4/2011
Clay Jenkinson, an American humanities Rhodes scholar, is co-founder of the modern Chatuauqua movement -- a forum for public discussion about the ideas and lives of key figures in American history.
American Podium: Government -- What is it Good For? 11/30/2011
The size and scope of government has become one of the most contested issues in American politics. David Callahan, co-founder of the public policy center Demos, debates Yaron Brook, President of the Ayn Rand Institute, on the proper role of government.
American Podium: Fighting for Progress in the Obama Era 12/26/2011
Three years after the 2008 presidential election-says Nation editor Katrina vanden Heuvel-it`s clear that it will take more than one election (and one person) to reshape American politics and repair the damage wreaked by a decade of conservative rule.
American Podium: Fighting for Progress in the Obama Era Question and Answer 12/26/2011
Question and Answer with Nation editor Katrina vanden Heuvel
American Podium: Maya Enista Smith, CEO of 12/13/2011
As the East Coast Coordinator for Rock The Vote at age 17, Maya Enista Smith registered over 30,000 young people to vote. Today, as the CEO of,, she advocates for adequately preparing young people with knowledge of history
American Podium: Punishment & Inequality in America 10/13/2011
Bruce Western, a professor of sociology at Harvard University and author of Punishment and Inequality in America, exposes how mass imprisonment shapes our society and how communities are struggling to deal with its consequences.
American Podium: How the World has Changed 11/22/2011
The Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies presents an unparalleled group of experts who describe their impressions of how this world changed from various perspectives post-9/11, and answer questions from the audience.
American Podium: The Warmth of Other Suns 11/15/2011
Journalist Isabel Wilkerson, the first black woman to win a Pulitzer Prize and author of The Warmth of Other Suns tells the story of the Great Migration through three people who made the journey—and the forces that compelled them to leave.
American Podium: Gun Control Through History 11/8/2011
Constitutional law expert Adam Winkler examines America`s centuries-long political battle over gun control and the right to bear arms using a 2008 case which invalidated a law banning handguns in the nation`s capital as a springboard.
American Podium: Jeremy Rifkin on the "Energy Internet" 10/5/2011
Jeremy Rifkin, author of The Third Industrial Revolution, says the “Energy Internet” will fundamentally change every aspect of the way we work and live -- if we can summon the political will to embrace it.
American Podium: Jeremy Rifkin on The "Energy Internet" Question and Answers 10/5/2011
A question and answer session with Jeremy Rifkin. This is additional footage from the original American Podium: Jeremy Rifkin that premiered on Tuesday, October 25 on the Seattle Channel.
American Podium: A Working Anti-Violence Plan 10/3/2011
Inner-city violence is a defining crime problem, and few initiatives have made much difference. But when David M. Kennedy engineered the “Boston Miracle” crusade in the 1990s, it cut youth homicide by two-thirds and pointed the way toward a real solution.
American Podium: Susan Herman on Erosion of Civil Liberties 10/11/2011
Through unsettling stories of ordinary people caught in the government`s dragnet, ACLU president Susan Herman, author of Taking Liberties, examines the human and social costs of the War on Terror.
American Podium: Jay Feldman on America`s History of Hysteria 10/5/2011
Jay Feldman, author of Manufacturing Hysteria, finds a pattern of elected officials and private citizens alike inflaming American fears and prejudices to ostracize minorities, silence dissent, and stem civil rights.
American Podium: Hirsh Goodman on The Future of Israel 9/27/2011
Israeli journalist and security expert Hirsh Goodman, author of The Anatomy of Israel`s Survival, conducts a "strategic state of the nation" tour to assess the issues facing Israel today. Presenters: Town Hall Center for Civic Life and University Books.
American Podium: Rethinking Environmental Challenges 9/20/2011
Frances Moore Lappe, author of Diet for a Small Planet, argues that the biggest challenge to human survival isn`t our fossil-fuel dependency or melting glaciers - it`s faulty thinking. Presented by: Town Hall Center for Civic Life with Elliott Bay Book Company.
American Podium: Merchants of Doubt 8/16/2011
Naomi Oreskes and Erik M. Conway, historians of science, roll back the rug on this dark corner of the American scientific community, showing how ideology and corporate interests have skewed public understanding of some of the most pressing issues of our era.
American Podium: Richard LeMieux 7/19/2011
Richard LeMieux, Bremerton resident and author, tells his true riches-to-rags story of losing his business, all his personal assets, and the support of his family and friends, and living in his van for a year and a half. Also, Bill Block, the Project Director of the Committee to End Homelessness.
American Podium: Rep Luis Gutierrez - Families and Deportation 7/17/2011
Rep. Luis Gutierrez stops in Seattle as part of a 20 city tour to campaign for American families facing deportation.
American Podium: Age of Greed 7/5/2011
Author Jeff Madrick shows how the single-minded pursuit of huge personal wealth did not start in the 2000s but has been on the rise in the United States since the 1970s, led by a few individuals who argued that self-interest guides society more effectively than community concerns.
American Podium: Michael Prell on Defeating `Underdogmatism` 6/30/2011
Tea Party Patriots strategist and author of the book "underdogmatism", Michael Prell argues that our nation can be reunified by re-embracing American exceptionalism.
American Podium: How the Civil War Created a Nation 6/28/2011
David Goldfield offers the first major new interpretation of the Civil War. Goldfield sees it as America`s greatest failure: the result of a breakdown caused by the infusion of evangelical religion into the public sphere.
American Podium: Obama, The Tea Party and Civil Liberties 6/27/2011
ACLU-WA Annual Membership Conference presents David Domke, noted author and UW Professor of Communications, who studies political leadership, media culture, values and social change.
American Podium: Eli Pariser - What is the Internet Hiding? 6/21/2011
Former executive director Eli Pariser reveals how hidden algorithms have personalized the internet to an extent that it threatens the democratic exchange of ideas and he reveals what he believes is the new vision of the web.
American Podium: The Great Disruption 6/21/2011
The Great Disruption offers a stark and unflinching look at the challenge humanity faces -- yet also a deeply optimistic message. Author Paul Gilding tells us how to prevent catastrophic warming of the earth, and how to start today.
American Podium: What`s Right with Islam 6/21/2011
The Imam of the controversial proposed Ground Zero mosque, Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, delivers the keynote address at a conference on Islamophobia.
American Podium: The Dark Side of Digital Technology 6/14/2011
Robert Vamosi, an award-winning journalist and analyst who has been covering digital security issues for more than a decade, shows us the dark side of all our digital capability and convenience.
American Podium: Rep. Dennis Kucinich 6/11/2011
Seattle`s Green Festival presents Representative Dennis Kucinich. Since being elected to Congress in 1996, Kucinich has been a tireless advocate for worker rights, civil rights and human rights.
American Podium: Amy Goodman 6/8/2011
Seattle`s Green Festival presents Amy Goodman, the first journalist to receive the Right Livelihood Award, widely known as the Alternative Nobel Prize.
American Podium: Michael Eric Dyson 6/7/2011
Michael Eric Dyson -- scholar, social critic and author -- makes a rare Seattle appearance, discussing issues of local relevance: law-enforcement accountability, educational excellence, community activism, and cultural diversity.
American Podium: Michael Eric Dyson Question and Answers 6/7/2011
A question and answer session with Michael Eric Dyson. This is additional footage from the original American Podium: Michael Eric Dyson that premiered on Tuesday, June 7 on the Seattle Channel.
American Podium: Eric Alterman 5/24/2011
Columnist Eric Alterman examines the larger context in which the Obama Administration is waging its intended agenda - and systemic forces working against that agenda. Presented by Elliott Bay Books and Town Hall Center for Civic Life.
American Podium: Eric Alterman - Question and Answer 5/24/2011
A question and answer session with Eric Alterman. This is additional footage from the original American Podium: Eric Alterman that premiered on Tuesday, May 24 on the Seattle Channel.
American Podium: Climate Change Capitalism 5/11/2011
Authors L. Hunter Lovins and Boyd Cohen make a case that the best route to rebuilding our economy, and assuring national security, is to embrace efficiency, innovation, renewables, carbon markets, and new technologies.
American Podium: Climate Change Capitalism - Question and Answer 5/11/2011
A question and answer session on Climate Change Capitalism. This is additional footage from the original American Podium: Climate Change Capitalism that premiered on May 11 on the Seattle Channel.
American Podium: Gen. Michael Hayden - Cybersecurity Threats 5/10/2011
Gen. Michael Hayden states that the key to confronting cybersecurity threats in the 21st century is defense. Hear what he thinks we need to be doing in this talk presented by the World Affairs Council.
American Podium: How Google Thinks, Works, & Shapes Our Lives 5/5/2011
Wired senior writer, former Newsweek correspondent and the author Steven Levy is here with his most insider-informed account of Google yet: In the Plex: How Google Thinks, Works, and Shapes Our Lives. Presented by Town Hall, with University Book Store.
American Podium: Paul Allen 5/3/2011
Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen discusses his memoir Idea Man and explains how he has solved problems, what he`s learned from his triumphs and failures, and his vision for the future. Presented by Town Hall, with University Book Store.
American Podium: We Must Not Be Afraid to Be Free 4/26/2011
Professor Ronald Collins of the UW School of Law and a fellow at the First Amendment Center and David Skover of Seattle University`s School of Law discuss free speech, its constitutionally-protected status, and attempts often made to abrogate it.
American Podium: Saleem H. Ali on the Greening of Islam 4/20/2011
The Muslim Association of Puget Sound presents prominent environmental scholar Saleem H. Ali for a talk, “Greening Islam: Education, the Environment, and Counter-extremism,” in its Muslim Academic Speaker Series.
American Podium: Arne Duncan, US Secretary of Education 4/4/2011
Arne Duncan has been the U.S. Secretary of Education since January 20, 2009. Before his appointment, he served as the Chicago Public Schools CEO (June 2001 - December 2008), becoming the longest-serving big-city education superintendent in the country.
American Podium: Environmentalist Bill McKibben 4/4/2011
Environmentalist and author Bill McKibben delivers the closing address at the 2011 Guiding Lights Weekend.
American Podium: Van Jones 4/4/2011
Van Jones is the best-selling author of the definitive book on green jobs: The Green-Collar Economy. He served as the green jobs advisor in the Obama White House in 2009.
American Podium: David Brooks - How Humans Flourish 3/29/2011
By following two fictional characters through every stage of life, New York Times op-ed columnist David Brooks (Bobos in Paradise) offers a powerful new understanding of how human success happens.
American Podium: David Brooks - How Humans Flourish - Question and Answer 3/29/2011
A question and answer session with David Brooks, author of The Social Animal. This is additional footage from the original American Podium: David Brooks - How Humans Flourish that premiered on Tuesday, March 29 on the Seattle Channel.
American Podium: How the Dalai Lama Conquered the World 3/22/2011
Tim Johnson, Journalist and Author, speaks at the University of Washington on his book, "Tragedy in Crimson: How the Dalai Lama Conquered the World but Lost the Battle with China".
American Podium: The Splendor of Our Cities 3/15/2011
Harvard Professor Edward Glaeser, author of Triumph of the City, reveals how cities bring out our best, conferring surprising benefits on the people who flock to them, and reminding us why we should nurture our cities -- or suffer painful consequences.
American Podium: The Splendor of Our Cities Question and Answer 3/15/2011
A question and answer session with Edward Glaeser, author of Triumph of the City. This is additional footage from the original American Podium: The Splendor of Our Cities that premiered on Tuesday, March 15 on the Seattle Channel.
American Podium: A Conversation with Nancy Rawles 3/8/2011
For more than 20 years, Nancy Rawles has worked as a writer and teacher as well as an active voice in the vigorous debates surrounding education. Presented by Seattle City Light as part of their Race & Social Justice Book Club.
American Podium: How Innovation Can Save the U.S. 2/22/2011
Adam Segal makes the case for the “software” of innovation: By strengthening politics, social relations, and institutions that move ideas from the lab to the marketplace, the U.S. can preserve its position as a global power.
American Podium: Isolation Fueled by Technology 2/15/2011
MIT Professor Sherry Turkle explores how our narcissistic use of technology is fueling disturbing levels of isolation, as well as what we are looking for-and sacrificing-in a world of electronic companions.
American Podium: Revisiting `The Feminine Mystique` 2/8/2011
Stephanie Coontz examines the impact of Betty Friedan`s THE FEMININE MYSTIQUE, revealing how a generation of women came to realize that their dissatisfaction with domestic life didn`t reflect personal weakness but rather a social and political injustice.
American Podium: Ron Reagan - `My Father at 100` 2/1/2011
In marking the 100th anniversary of Reagan`s birth, Seattle political commentator Ron Reagan shares an intimate and nuanced look at his father`s life, which was enigmatic in ways neither his acolytes nor detractors can fully accept.
American Podium: Ron Reagan - `My Father at 100` Question and Answer 2/1/2011
A question and answer session with Ron Reagan. This is additional footage from the original American Podium: Ron Reagan - `My Father at 100` that premiered on Tuesday, February 1 on the Seattle Channel.
American Podium: Outsourcing American Power 1/18/2011
Private contractors have become an integral part of American foreign policy, often in scandalous ways-but Middlebury College Professor Allison Stanger maintains that contractors aren`t the problem; the absence of good government is.
American Podium: Clay Jenkinson as J. Robert Oppenheimer 1/4/2011
American Humanities Rhodes scholar Clay Jenkinson, known for his award-winning portrayals of Thomas Jefferson and Theodore Roosevelt, moves into more modern history with a portrayal of J. Robert Oppenheimer, "the father of the atomic bomb."
American Podium: Chris Hedges on Death of the Liberal Class 12/28/2010
Author Chris Hedges argues that the traditional pillars of the liberal class-the press, liberal religious institutions, labor unions, universities, and the Democratic Party-are now more concerned with status and privilege than justice and progress.
American Podium: Tim Wu asks Who Will Control the Internet? 12/21/2010
Columbia Professor Tim Wu, author of The Master Switch, says every once-free-and-open technology, from telephone to cable TV, arrived on a wave of idealistic optimism but in time was centralized and closed, profoundly affecting how Americans communicate.
American Podium: What Works - Changing Our Schools 12/14/2010
Educational leaders speak to parents and community leaders about how they are changing education through engaged leadership, effective teaching and innovative schools.
American Podium: Alan Mulally, President and CEO of Ford 12/7/2010
Alan Mulally is the President and CEO of the Ford Motor Company. The Wall Street Journal has dubbed him "Ford`s Renaissance Man," while Time Magazine has named him "one of world`s most influential people." Presented by The Puget Sound Business Journal.
American Podium: Peace Corps Director Aaron S. Williams 11/23/2010
The World Affairs Council presents Peace Corps Director Aaron S. Williams for a celebration of 50 years of the Peace Corps: past, present, and future.
American Podium: Dr. James Zogby on Islam & the Arab World 11/9/2010
Through Zogby International and polls conducted in numerous Arab countries, Dr. James Zogby reveals the real thoughts and opinions of Arab people.
American Podium: The State of Metropolitan America 10/26/2010
The United States has been undergoing a profound demographic transformation over the last decade and metropolitan areas like the city of Seattle are the vanguard of this transformation.
American Podium: World Affairs Council -- Ayaan Hirsi Ali 10/19/2010
Author of the memoir Infidel and the new Nomad. Hirsi Ali will discuss her life since losing her Dutch citizenship and her attempt to reconcile her Islamic past with her passionate adherence to democracy and Western values.
American Podium: An Evening with Aaron Brown 10/12/2010
Aaron Brown returns to the Northwest for an evening of conversation about where he`s been and what he`s seen.
American Podium: A Conversation with David Gregory 10/5/2010
Meet the Press` David Gregory is a regular contributor to the Today show and substitute anchor on NBC`s Nightly News. He was named one of Washington`s 50 best and most influential journalists by Washingtonian magazine. Moderated by KING 5`s Jean Enersen.
American Podium: David Plouffe 9/28/2010
David Plouffe, author of The Audacity to Win, reveals the strategies that delivered President Barack Obama to office and how the candidate (and campaign) tackled challenges and opportunities.
American Podium: ACLU of Washington on Marijuana Reform 9/21/2010
This public forum titled “Where is Marijuana Reform Heading?” features local and national panelists discussing the history, current status, and future of marijuana-law reform in Washington and the United States.
American Podium: David Callahan -- The New Liberal Rich 9/14/2010
David Callahan, co-founder of the think tank Demos, says something big is happening among the wealthiest Americans: They`re turning liberal. Callahan explains how our politics and culture are changing -- and what the future may hold.
American Podium: David Callahan Question and Answer 9/14/2010
A question and answer session with David Callahan. This is additional footage from the original American Podium: David Callahan -- The New Liberal Rich that premiered on Tuesday, September 14 on the Seattle Channel.
American Podium: Gringo Nightmare - Eric Volz 8/19/2010
Eric Volz, an American man who was sentenced to a 30-year prison term in Nicaragua for a murder he didn`t commit, talks about his experience and how it lead to his memoir, "Gringo Nightmare".
American Podium: Gringo Nightmare - Eric Volz Question and Answer 8/19/2010
A question and answer session with Eric Volz. This is additional footage from the original American Podium: Gringo Nightmare - Eric Volz that premiered on Monday, August 30 on the Seattle Channel.
American Podium: Carjacked - The Culture of the Automobile 8/23/2010
Join "Carjacked" authors Professor Catherine Lutz and Anne Fernandez Lutz as they present their research on the complex impact of the automobile on modern society and discuss how to develop a healthier, cheaper, and greener relationship with cars.
American Podium: America`s Responsibility to Refugees 8/3/2010
For decades, the US has accepted more refugees than any other nation on earth-as many as 70,000 a year. Journalist Margaret Larson leads a discussion on whether or not America`s treatment of asylum seekers can, or should, be improved.
American Podium: America`s Responsibility to Refugees Question and Answer 8/3/2010
A question and answer session with the panelists from the America`s Responsibility to Refugees discussion. This is additional footage from the original American Podium: America`s Responsibility to Refugees that premiered on Tuesday, August 3 on the Seattle Channel.
American Podium: Free Enterprise vs. Big Government 7/27/2010
Seattle native Arthur Brooks believes America is facing a new culture war-not against guns, abortion, or gay rights, but against creeping changes to our entrepreneurial culture.
American Podium: Free Enterprise vs. Big Government Question and Answer 7/27/2010
A question and answer session with Arthur Brooks from the Free Enterprise vs. Big Government discussion. This is additional footage from the original American Podium: Free Enterprise vs. Big Government that premiered on July 27 on the Seattle Channel.
American Podium: An Evening With Ray Suarez 7/20/2010
Ray Suarez, Senior Correspondent for The NewsHour on PBS, discusses global health; hear how it as it relates to global development, security, economic growth, and the environment.
American Podium: Sebastian Junger on "War" 7/13/2010
Through their experiences, Author Sebastian Junger explores the fear, the honor, and the trust among young soldiers, going to the heart of what it means not just to be a soldier, but to be human.
American Podium: Sebastian Junger on "War" Question and Answer 7/13/2010
A question and answer session with Sebastian Junger. This is additional footage from the original American Podium:Sebastian Junger on "War" that premiered on Tuesday, July 13 on the Seattle Channel.
American Podium: Business with a Conscience Question and Answer 6/29/2010
A question and answer session with Muhammad Yunus. This is additional footage from the original American Podium: Business with a Conscience that premiered on Tuesday, June 29 on the Seattle Channel.
American Podium: Business with Conscience 6/29/2010
Microcredit pioneer Muhammad Yunus has developed a new approach to capitalism. Hear how social business will create self-supporting enterprises that generate economic growth even as they produce goods and services that make the world a better place.
American Podium: Dennis Henigan - Exposing Gun-Policy Myths 6/15/2010
The author of Lethal Logic and a vice president at the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence, Dennis Henigan analyzes the gun-lobby`s reductive "reasoning", dismantling the messages that have impeded progress toward sensible solutions to gun violence.
American Podium: Dennis Henigan - Exposing Gun-Policy Myths Question and Answer 6/15/2010
A question and answer session with Dennis Henigan. This is additional footage from the original American Podium: Dennis Henigan - Exposing Gun-Policy Myths that premiered on Tuesday, June 15 on the Seattle Channel.
American Podium: An Immigration Crisis in the Making 6/1/2010
Journalist Jeffrey Kaye, author of Moving Millions, says we have a role in immigration-law enforcement. Lawmakers nationwide are under growing pressure to address the issue and to reframe the debate on migration, by dropping the obsession with migrants` legal status; address its fundamental causes; think internationally; and work toward sustainable economies. For more information on Jeffrey Kaye, visit his web-site at:
American Podium: Van Jones - Green Jobs and Local Climate Leadership 5/31/2010
Van Jones is a globally recognized, award-winning pioneer in human rights and the clean energy economy. He is the author of The Green Collar Economy.
American Podium: Moby and Miyun Park - "Gristle" 5/4/2010
"Gristle" features writing by ten contributors, including Frances Moore Lappe and Anna Lappe, making the case against industrialized animal production, citing research on climate change, animal welfare, economic analysis, children`s health, and more. The book was edited by hip-hop legend Moby, and Miyun Park (executive director of Global Animal Partnership).
American Podium: The Decision Tree with Thomas Goetz 4/20/2010
Wired Magazine Executive Editor Goetz offers a bold new vision of healthcare, where something as simple as a list of pros and cons can allow patients to make sense of their options and figure out their path to better health.
American Podium: Joseph Stiglitz - Classic Economics 2/26/2010
Nobel Prize-winning economist and Columbia University professor Joseph Stiglitz is considered one of today`s most distinguished and controversial economists, known for his work on asymmetric information and as a pioneer in the field of modern information economics and microeconomics.
American Podium: Joseph Stiglitz - Classic Economics Question and Answer 2/26/2010
A question and answer session with Joseph Stiglitz. This is additional footage from the original American Podium: Joseph Stiglitz - Classic Economics that premiered on Tuesday, April 13 on the Seattle Channel.
American Podium: Joel Kotkin `America in 2050` 3/30/2010
The United States is growing at a record rate, with our population poised to hit 400 million by 2050. That means 100,000,000 more of us, using our highways, breathing our air, and stuffing our schools. But Joel Kotkin, an internationally recognized authority on global, economic, political, and social trends and author of The Next Hundred Million, sees the looming population boom as the strongest indicator of our country`s long-term economic strength, making us more diverse and more competitive than any nation on Earth.
American Podium: Joel Kotkin `America in 2050` Question and Answer 3/30/2010
A question and answer session with Joel Kotkin. This is additional footage from the original American Podium: Joel Kotkin `America in 2050` that premiered on Tuesday, March 30 on the Seattle Channel.
American Podium: Chris Farrell - Living Simply, Frugally 3/23/2010
If "green" is the new black, and frugality is cooler than credit, then there`s nothing more financially fashionable these days than sustainable affordability. Chris Farrell, personal finance expert for Public Radio International`s Marketplace Money and author of The New Frugality: How to Consume Less, Save More, and Live Better, presents a new paradigm of smart, sustainable, and ultimately more fulfilling ways to approach our personal finances.
American Podium: Garry Wills - `Bomb Power` 3/16/2010
The power of the atomic bomb resonates far beyond megatons, says Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and historian Garry Wills. Its very existence has transformed our nation by dramatically increasing the power of the modern presidency and redefining the government as a national security state. Wills, author of Bomb Power, says the Manhattan Project was a triumph of official secrecy and military discipline-perhaps expected in wartime, but then growing into the covert operations and overt authority that have defined American government in the nuclear era.
American Podium: Development for the Bottom Billion 3/9/2010
Esteemed economist Paul Collier researches the causes and consequences of civil war, the effects of aid, and the problems of democracy in low-income and natural-resource-rich societies. In countries at the bottom of the world economy, the predominant route to power has been violence. Collier discusses why political violence is endemic in the bottom billion and what can be done to curtail it.
American Podium: Development for the Bottom Billion Question and Answer 3/9/2010
A question and answer session with economist Paul Collier. This is additional footage from the original American Podium: Development for the Bottom Billion that premiered on Tuesday, March 9 on the Seattle Channel.
American Podium: Working with Violent Youth 2/23/2010
Dr. Stuart Twemlow, senior psychiatrist and professor of psychiatry at the Menninger Clinic, headlines this second annual Dorpat Lecture in Psychoanalysis and Society. Twemlow, internationally known for his work on youth violence and bullying, will be joined by Mariko Lockhart, director of the Seattle Youth Violence Initiative, and Martin Bullard, MSW, who works with adolescents and children in his Seattle practice.
American Podium: Working with Violent Youth Question and Answer 2/23/2010
A question and answer session with Dr. Stuart Twemlow. This is additional footage from the original American Podium: Working with Violent Youth program that premiered on Tuesday, February 23 on the Seattle Channel.
American Podium: Jeremy Rifkin - The Age of Empathy 2/16/2010
Empathy became a political buzzword during the confirmation hearings of Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor: As a "wise Latina woman," was she too empathetic, selectively empathetic, or just-right empathetic? Perhaps time will tell, but in the meantime, says controversial social critic Jeremy Rifkin, empathy is our best-and possibly only-model for global survival in the early 21st century. Rifkin, founder and president of the Foundation on Economic Trends and author of The Age of Empathy, believes we sit on the cusp of a great experiment to date-refashioning human consciousness so that humans can live and flourish in the new globalizing society-and that the development of empathy is central to a future in which we think and behave like the whole world matters.
American Podium: Marching to the Dream - Rep. John. Lewis 2/9/2010
U.S. Representative John Lewis speaks at the 23rd Annual King County Dr. Martin Luther, Jr. Celebration at the Paramount Theater. A true American hero, Rep. John Lewis has dedicated his life to protecting human rights, securing civil liberties, and building what he calls "The Beloved Community" in America."
American Podium: Raj Patel - Looking Beyond Price Tags 2/2/2010
In an era when the gears of the economy have ground to a virtual halt, writer, activist, and academic Raj Patel (2008`s bestselling Stuffed and Starved) says we all need to start asking the fundamental but baffling question of why things cost what they do. His latest work, The Value of Nothing, uses some fundamental but forgotten economics and cutting-edge neuroeconomics to show how the price we pay for everything is systematically distorted. Patel clearly explains why the question "How much?" means far more than the price on the sticker.
American Podium: Future of Health - Understanding Addiction 1/26/2010
Addictions fill celebrity tabloids and fuel "reality" TV shows, but the true reality is that even those of us who know an addict, or have experienced addiction, have a hard time fully understanding the void that addiction attempts to fill, or know how to address it. But bestselling writer and physician Gabor Mate (In the Realm of Hungry Ghosts), who has worked with the severely addicted on Vancouver`s Skid Row, explains the phenomenon by describing its root causes -- a complex interplay of personal history, emotional and neurological development, brain chemistry, and Western culture.
American Podium: Understanding Addiction Question and Answer 1/26/2010
A question and answer session with Gabor Mate. This is additional footage from the original American Podium: Future of Health - Understanding Addiction program that premiered on Tuesday, January 26 on the Seattle Channel.
American Podium: Larry Downes - Catching up with Technology 1/19/2010
The Law of Disruption is a simple but devastating principle explaining resistance to change: Social, political, and economic systems change incrementally, but technology changes exponentially. This means that while digital life races ahead, the rest of our life, from law to business, struggles to keep up. Author Larry Downes (The Laws of Disruption) explores this accident-prone intersection, offering a guide for these confusing times through nine critical areas in which technology is dramatically rewriting the rules of business and life. Presented by the Town Hall Center for Civic Life with University Book Store. Series supported by The Boeing Company Charitable Trust and RealNetworks Foundation. Media sponsorship provided by Publicola.
American Podium: Greg Mortenson - Stones into Schools 12/30/2009
Greg Mortenson discusses his new book, "Stones into Schools: Promoting Peace with Books, not Bombs, in Afghanistan and Pakistan". The much anticipated book is the follow-up to Mortenson`s international bestseller, THREE CUPS OF TEA.
American Podium: The 5 Big Lies About American Business 12/29/2009
Local conservative pundit Michael Medved returns to Town Hall with the follow-up to his best-seller The 10 Big Lies About America. Medved, host of the nationally syndicated radio program The Michael Medved Show and author of The 5 Big Lies About American Business, says contempt for free enterprise is fueled by lies, including the belief that pursuit of profit damages the public interest and undermines values. In challenging myths about our corporate system, Medved argues that free-market businesses are responsible for providing today`s food, medical care, and other necessities of life.
American Podium: Searching for Whitopia 12/15/2009
A prediction that made headlines 10 years ago is fast becoming a reality: By 2042, whites will no longer be the American majority. As immigrant populations-largely people of color-increase in cities and suburbs, more and more white people are moving to small towns and exurban areas that are predominately white. Journalist Rich Benjamin, a senior fellow at the nonpartisan public-policy research and advocacy organization Demos, calls these enclaves "Whitopias," and from 2007 to 2009, he embarked on a 26,909-mile journey to some of the fastest-growing and whitest locales in our nation. Benjamin, author of Searching for Whitopia, explores the social and political implications of this phenomenon.
American Podium: SuperFreakonomics 12/8/2009
Since its 2005 publication, Freakonomics has changed our understanding of how the world works, how we really make decisions, and even how we name our children. The revolutionary book spent two years on The New York Times bestseller list and spawned a new genre of books on behavioral economics - and now, hear an update by the authors who made economic sciences cool. SuperFreakonomics: Global Cooling, Patriotic Prostitutes and Why Suicide Bombers Should Buy Life Insurance is based on all-new research and original studies by Steven D. Levit, who was recently awarded the American Economic Association`s John Bates Clark Medal, given to the economist under age 40 who has made the greatest contribution to the field. Journalist Stephen J. Dubner is co-author of both books. Presented by Kim Ricketts Book Events.
American Podium: SuperFreakonomics Question and Answer 12/7/2009
A question and answer session with Steven D. Levit and Stephen J. Dubner. This is additional footage from the original American Podium: SuperFreakonomics program that premiered on Tuesday, December 8, 2009 on the Seattle Channel.
American Podium: Al Gore 12/1/2009
Former Vice President Al Gore`s best-selling book (and Oscar-winning film) An Inconvenient Truth sounded the global-warming alarm and raised the world`s climate consciousness to a new level. Now, drawing on more than 30 "Solutions Summits" Gore has since led with top scientists, engineers, and policy experts, he offers real solutions to the climate crisis and describes a comprehensive global strategy to implement them urgently. Our Choice, the latest work by the 2007 winner of the Nobel Peace, argues that the bold decisions necessary to address the Earth`s climate can also be the foundations of policies worldwide to create new jobs and stimulate sustainable economic progress.
American Podium: Genocide`s Assault on Humanity 11/24/2009
With his international bestseller Hitler`s Willing Executioners, Daniel Goldhagen stirred passionate public debate by compelling people to reexamine a profound and stubborn moral dilemma. Now he`s turned to the phenomenon of genocide, which he calls the greatest scourge of humankind, having caused more deaths in the modern world than military conflict. Goldhagen says we can`t begin to eradicate genocide until we challenge fundamental assumptions about human nature, society, and politics. Toward that end, his latest book Worse Than War explains why genocides begin, are sustained, and end; why societies support them; why they happen so frequently; and how the international community should and can successfully stop them.
American Podium: Derrick R. Cartwright, Seattle Art Museum 11/17/2009
In May of 2009, Seattle Art Museum (SAM) announced Derrick R. Cartwright as the Museum`s new Illsley Ball Nordstrom Director. Prior to SAM, Cartwright was executive director at the San Diego Museum, director of the Hood Museum of Art at Dartmouth College, and director of the Musee d`Art Americain Giverny in France. Mr. Cartwright succeeds Mimi Gates who retired on June 30, 2009 after 15 years as the museum`s director.
American Podium: Surveillance Without Suspicion 10/8/2009
A 16-year veteran of federal law enforcement, Mike German specialized in domestic terrorism and covert operations with the FBI. Now he serves as Policy Counsel for National Security and Privacy with the ACLU`s Legislative Office in Washington, DC.
American Podium: A Quest for Better Health Care 9/8/2009
According to the World Health Organization, the United States, the richest country in the world, ranks 37th overall on healthcare costs, quality, and coverage. As politicians, providers and just plain folks debate how to reform America`s healthcare system, NPR commentator and author T.R. Reid took a more global view: He visited successful healthcare systems around the world, examining why other countries have better, fairer, and cheaper healthcare than we do-and looking for ideas we could use. In his new book, The Healing of America, Reid concludes that one key lesson is that most foreign countries do not use socialized medicine. Japan has 99 percent private hospitals and 5,000 health-insurance companies, for example, but provides universal coverage and excellent care for less than half what we spend per capita.
American Podium: Middle East Update 9/9/2009
Ryan Crocker retired from the Foreign Service in 2009 after a career of over 37 years. His last post was Ambassador to Iraq from 2007-2009. Previously, he served as Ambassador to Pakistan (2004-2007). From May to August 2003, he was in Baghdad as the first Director of Governance for the Coalition Provisional Authority. He served previously as Ambassador to Syria (1998-2001), Ambassador to Kuwait (1994-1997) and Ambassador to Lebanon (1990-1993). As CBS News Middle East correspondent in the 1980s, Lawrence Pintak covered the Iran-Iraq War, the Israeli invasion of Lebanon, the rise of Hezbollah and the birth of suicide bombing - including the 2003 destruction of the Beirut U.S. Marine barracks. Join us as these two Middle East experts give us the contextual background in this critical global region.
American Podium: The Arts in Crisis 10/6/2009
Arts in Crisis: A Kennedy Center Initiative is a program designed to provide planning assistance and consulting to struggling arts organizations throughout the United States. The program provided counsel from Kennedy Center President Michael Kaiser and the Kennedy Center executive staff in the areas of fundraising, building more effective Boards of Trustees, budgeting, marketing, technology, and other areas pertinent to maintaining a vital performing arts organization during a troubled economy.
American Podium: Thom Hartmann 9/29/2009
Co-presented with the TOWN HALL CENTER FOR CIVIC LIFE. Noted author, social critic, historian, political analyst and syndicated radio host Thom Hartmann - who is heard locally on AM-1090 - is back in Seattle and Town Hall with a compelling, open-eyed new book, "Threshold: The Crisis of Western Culture" (Viking). At last a book that defines the problems of our current robber baron economy and presents solutions that integrate natural laws with the way we live, work, and shop. Americas most popular progressive talk show host brings his powerful political and historical insight to bear on the most important question of our time: To what may we humans aspire in this time of crisis and how can we achieve it?
American Podium: David Neiwert 9/22/2009
Seattle journalist-turned author/historian David Neiwert discusses his timely new book, "The Eliminationists: Hate Talk and the Radical Right" (PoliPoint). Neiwert, founder of the political blog Orcinus, links the proliferation of radical conservative ideas in the political mainstream to the looming specter of eliminationism, an ideology rejecting dialogue and debate in favor of the pursuit of the outright elimination of the opposing side, either through suppression, exile and eviction, or extermination. In these efforts, the author discerns a nascent American fascism. Rich in historical and journalistic detail, the book offers a fine overview of the uglier strains in American politics.
American Podium: Chris Hedges - Our Dying Culture 9/15/2009
Newspapers are folding across the country, but we can't get enough 140-character Twitter Tweets. Presidential debates and political rhetoric are delivered at a sixth-grade reading level. Serious film, theater, and books are pushed to the margins of society. It's as if we live in two Americas, says Pulitzer Prize-winner Chris Hedges: One, now the minority, functions in a print-based, literate world that can cope with complexity and separate illusion from truth. The other, the majority, is retreating from the scary reality-based world into one of false certainty and squalid celebrity pseudo-events. Hedges, author of Empire of Illusion: The End of Literacy and the Triumph of Spectacle, visited professional wrestling bouts, the Adult Video News Awards, and Ivy League graduation ceremonies to expose the mechanisms used to divert us from confronting the economic, political, and moral collapse around us, and to chronicle the terrifying spiral of a dying culture.
American Podium: Chris Hedges Question and Answer 9/14/2009
A question and answer session with Pulitzer Prize-winner Chris Hedges. This is additional footage from the original American Podium program that premiered on Tuesday, September 15, 2009 on the Seattle Channel.
American Podium: Howard Dean 9/8/2009
The six-term governor of Vermont, onetime presidential candidate, former chair of the Democratic Party, and a physician, Howard Dean talks about the state of health care reform in this country. With Faiz Shakir and Igor Volsky, he has written a book outlining a proposed way to reform, "Howard Deans Prescription for Real Healthcare Reform: How We Can Achieve Affordable Medical Care for Every American and Make Our Jobs Safer" (Chelsea Green). Dean gives an up-to-the-minute assessment of where things are, and where they might/should go. Co-presented with the TOWN HALL CENTER FOR CIVIC LIFE.
American Podium: Dean Kuipers - Radical Environmentalism 9/1/2009
Environmentalism is all the rage these days, gaining followers, momentum, and exposure. But outside the mainstream's gentle "green" movement lies a different kind of rage: radical environmentalists who take eco-defense into their own hands. Rod Coronado, an animal-rights activist and arsonist who was recently released from prison and has claimed to denounce direct action, spearheaded a movement that has led to more than 1,200 acts of sabotage, a billion dollars in damages, and a legal showdown that will define America's relationship with environmentalism, raising tough questions, such as: What is the definition of nonviolence? Should environmentalists be tried for terrorism? Los Angeles Times editor Dean Kuipers, author of Burning Rainbow Farm and Operation Bite Back: Rod Coronado's War to Save American Wilderness, looks into the radical Animal Liberation and Earth Liberation fronts through Coronado's story. Presented as part of Seattle Science Lectures, with University Book Store and Pacific Science Center.
American Podium: Gloria Steinem with Holly Near 7/10/2009
How do women authors change? What woman writer altered your reality? Join iconoclast Gloria Steinem, who is currently writing her memoir at Hedgebrook, with special guest - the groundbreaking singer/songwriter/activist Holly Near - and a panel of powerhouse Hedgebrook alumnae for a provocative discussion, readings, songs, and conversation with the audience exploring how women's voices have shaped our culture across generations, and continue to impact our world in an era of revolutionary change.
American Podium: Arts in a Challenged Economy with Bill Ivey 6/18/2009
Bill Ivey, former chair of the National Endowment for the Arts and director of the Curb Center for Art, Enterprise, and Public Policy at Vanderbilt University, addressed more than 1,100 arts leaders at the opening session of the 2009 Americans for the Arts annual convention, Renewable Resources: Arts in Sustainable Communities. He will discuss the position of the arts in a challenged economy while highlighting potential opportunities for the arts in the Obama administration.
American Podium: A Conversation with Dr. Paul Farmer 8/11/2009
Dr. Paul Farmer, global health and human rights advocate and co-founder of Partners In Health, talks about the future of global health delivery, the challenge of multi drug-resistant tuberculosis, and how one person has the ability to make a significant contribution to global health. Farmer spoke at the University of Washington in a conversation moderated by Dr. Chris Elias, the CEO of PATH.
American Podium: General David Petraeus 8/4/2009
The World Affairs Council presents as part of its Global Leadership Series, a unique opportunity to hear directly from General David Petraeus, Commander of the United States Central Command.
American Podium: An Economic Guide for Troubled Times 6/22/2009
Should you buy a Pontiac while you can? Is it better to rent your house or to sell it? How should the government manage regulation, tax policy, and health care? These might sound like typical economic choices for our times, but New York Times columnist and Cornell Professor Robert H. Frank says almost every choice we make is economic, limited by resources and loaded with tradeoffs. Frank, a leading proponent of the emerging field of behavioral economics and author of The Economic Naturalist's Guide to Washington: Common Sense Principles for Troubled Times, explains how the decisions we make, down to food, gasoline, and even how we choose to love, affect our pocketbooks, our policies, and our personal happiness.
American Podium: Winning Health Care for All 5/16/2009
A community event designed to illuminate the dialogue around America's health care crisis and shape a future in which health care is a right provided to all. "Winning Health Care for All", features a short talk by U.S. Congressman Jim McDermott entitled, "Health Care for All: If not now, when?" Congressman McDermott addresses audience questions before joining in a panel discussion with health care advocates Reverend Bev Spears, Legislative Director, Washington Community Action Network, David McLanahan, M.D., Western Washington Coordinator, Physicians for a National Health Program and Teresita Batayola, CEO, International Community Health Services.
American Podium: Winning Health Care for All - Panel Question and Answer Session 5/16/2009
U.S. Congressman Jim McDermott and others answer questions about health care in America. This is additional footage from the original American Podium program that premiered on Saturday, May 16, 2009 on the Seattle Channel.
American Podium: Mark Rudd - Lessons from a Violent Past 4/24/2009
For decades, Mark Rudd didn't talk about his role as an activist icon in the 1960s. As the leader of the 1968 Columbia University student uprising and a member of the radical guerrilla organization Weather Underground, Rudd became a federal fugitive after a bomb killed several leaders of the group. But now, with federal charges dropped and a new era of anti-war activism as inspiration, Rudd tells his compelling story for the first time. Rudd, author of Underground: My Life with SDS and the Weathermen, joined the Students for a Democratic Society in 1966, when it was defined by its commitment to education. But following his expulsion after the legendary 1968 protest, Rudd was determined to move the SDS in a more militant direction, eventually forming the Weathermen. Now a retired community college teacher in New Mexico, Rudd uses his disastrous experience with violent activism to educate a new generation of organizers in effective, peaceful action.
American Podium: Mark Rudd Question and Answer Session 4/24/2009
A question and answer session with 1960's activist icon Mark Rudd. This is additional footage from the original American Podium program that premiered on Friday, April 4, 2009 on the Seattle Channel.
American Podium: Tim Wise - Between Barack and a Hard Place 4/27/2009
Tim Wise is among the most prominent anti-racist writers and activists in the U.S., and has been called, "One of the most brilliant, articulate and courageous critics of white privilege in the nation." Wise is the author of Between Barack and a Hard Place: Race and Whiteness in the Age of Obama, White Like Me: Reflections on Race from a Privileged Son, and other books.
American Podium: Thomas E. Ricks 4/9/2009
Pulitzer Prize-winning Washington Post Pentagon correspondent Thomas E. Ricks has followed his definitive account of the United States' disastrously-conceived and executed incursion into Iraq, "Fiasco", with another timely chronicle of what has happened there, and where things stand now, "The Gamble: General David Petraeus and the American Military Adventure in Iraq, 2006-2008" (Penguin Press). Mr. Ricks writes as both an analyst and a reporter with lots of real-time access to the chain of command, and his books narrative is closely observed descriptions of how the surge worked on the ground, by a savvy knowledge of internal Pentagon politics, and by a keen understanding of the Iraq wars long-term fallout on already strained American forces.
American Podium: The 2008 Election as History 3/26/2009
The 2008 presidential election is only months behind us, but already its historic significance and initial impacts are evident. The Organization of American Historians, an Indiana-based group founded in 1907 to promote U.S. history teaching and scholarship, present a plenary panel chaired by Harry Rubenstein of the Smithsonian Institution. Topics and panelists include: Race and Politics, by Clayborne Carson of Stanford University; Blogging From the Center as a Historian During a Contested Campaign, by Gil Troy of McGill University; The Gallup Poll, Public Opinion, and the Presidency, by Fred L. Israel of City College of New York; and Gender and Politics by Blanche Wiesen Cook of John Jay College and City University of New York.
American Podium: Helen Thomas and Bob Schieffer 4/6/2009
Widely known as "The First Lady of the Press," Thomas has covered every president since John F. Kennedy. For 57 years, she served as White House correspondent for United Press International (UPI). She has traveled around the world several times with presidents Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, and Clinton, during the course of which she covered every Economic Summit. 2009 marks Schieffer's 52nd year as a reporter and his 40th year at CBS News. He is one of the few broadcast or print journalists to have covered all four major beats in the nation's capital - the White House, the Pentagon, the State Department, and Capitol Hill. He has covered every presidential campaign since 1972, and recently moderated a 2008 Presidential Debate.
American Podium: Tavis Smiley - Accountable 3/12/2009
Tavis Smiley's new book, Accountable, provides facts, statistics and real-life examples to show how current issues such as health care, education, the economy, unequal justice and the environment are affecting America. Smiley is the host of "The Tavis Smiley Show" on National Public Radio (NPR) and "Tavis Smiley" on Public Broadcasting Service (PBS).
American Podium: Sustainable Path - Climate Change and Water 3/25/2009
With our varied landscape and abundance of water sources, Washington is likely to feel the effects of climate change even more profoundly than other places. Already were seeing signs of what the future could hold: too much water at some times, and not enough at others. Washington State Climatologist Philip Mote and Steve Malloch of the National Wildlife Federation lead a seminar to address how we as a community and as individuals can respond to the prospect of more flooding, drought, wildfires and other potential climate-change catastrophes. They will analyze our current situation and put forward solutions concerning growth, development, climate and community as well as personal lifestyle changes that can reduce our carbon and water footprints. Presented by Sustustainable Path Foundation.
American Podium: Jonathan Alter - The Defining Moment 3/31/2009
President Barack Obama, like Franklin D. Roosevelt, has inherited a severely depressed economy, bank failures, and climbing unemployment. Jonathan Alter, a Newsweek senior editor and NBC News correspondent, is the author of The Defining Moment: FDR's Hundred Days and the Triumph of Hope. He appears in an on stage conversation with Eric Liu, looking at the similarities and differences of these two administrations. Alters appearance is the Seattle Public Library's 2009 A. Scott Bullitt Lecture in American History.
American Podium: Matt Flannery - Microcredit 3/5/2009
Matt Flannery is the CEO and Co-Founder of, a peer-to-peer microcredit site. Flannery has been featured on Oprah, written about by Bill Clinton (Giving), and lauded as one of CNNs heroes. He will talk about microcredit as a means of poverty eradication, how technology can help facilitate development, and how Kivas peer-to-peer microcredit site enables individuals to make small loans to microentrepreneurs around the world. Presented by
American Podium: Congressman Harold Ford Jr. 2/24/2009
Harold Ford, Jr. served Tennessee in the United States Congress from 1997 until 2007. Mr. Ford has been described by President Bill Clinton as "the walking, living embodiment of where America ought to go in the 21st century." Having served on both the Financial Services and Budge Committees, his passion for free enterprise and balanced budgets and confidence in American ingenuity to overcome any foe bolsters his belief that America's best days are in front of us and continues to inspire his work today. Harold Ford, Jr. is now a visiting Professor of Public Policy at Vanderbilt University, Chairman of the Democratic Leadership Council, and a NBC News Analyst.
American Podium: Matt Miller -- The Tyranny of Dead Ideas 1/27/2009
America is at a crossroads and our economy is about it face its most severe test in nearly a century. In The Tyranny of Dead Ideas, Matt Miller overturns orthodoxies of the right and the left including free trade is always good, employers should be responsible for health coverage, taxes hurt the economy, schools are a local matter, money follows merit and offers fresh insights that can contribute to reinventing American capitalism and democracy for the 21st century. Miller is senior fellow at the Center for American Progress, a contributing editor at Fortune, and host of NPR's Left, Right and Center.
American Podium: Malcolm Gladwell "Outliers" 1/17/2009
With his beguiling blend of storytelling and academic social science, Malcolm Gladwell (Tipping Point, Blink) is back with Outliers, an examination of why some people are so accomplished, while so many more never reach their potential. Gladwell asserts that environmental factors such as the role of culture, work ethic, and accidental opportunity are as important as intellect and talent in shaping the lives of extraordinary men and women.
American Podium: Malcolm Gladwell Question and Answer Session 1/17/2009
Malcolm Gladwell (author of the Tipping Point, Blink) answers questions about his book -- Outliers. This is additional footage from the original American Podium program that premiered on Tuesday, February 10, 2009 on the Seattle Channel.
American Podium: Michael Medved - 10 Big Lies About America 1/27/2009
Local conservative pundit Michael Medved takes aim at what he identifies as “widely believed disinformation” in The 10 Big Lies About America. Medved considers the veracity of the following statements: the founders intended a secular, not Christian, nation; America was founded on genocide against Native Americans; America is an imperialist nation and a constant threat to world peace; and that the rise of big business hurts the country and oppresses the people.
American Podium: Anthony Romero, Executive Director ACLU 1/21/2009
Anthony D. Romero is the Executive Director of the American Civil Liberties Union, the nation’s premier defender of liberty and individual freedom. He took the helm of the 87-year-old organization just four days before the September 11, 2001 attacks. Under Romero’s leadership, the ACLU has gained court victories on the Patriot Act, filed landmark litigation on the torture and abuse of detainees in U.S. custody, and filed the first successful legal challenge to the Bush administration’s illegal NSA spying program. Romero is the ACLU’s sixth executive director, and the first Latino and openly gay man to serve in that capacity. In 2005, Romero was named one of Time magazine’s 25 Most Influential Hispanics in America, and has received dozens of public service awards and an honorary doctorate from the City University of New York School of Law.
American Podium: Richard Florida - The Importance of Place 1/13/2009
Richard Florida is a professor of business and creativity at the University of Toronto and the best-selling author of The Rise of the Creative Class. His new book, Who's Your City?, examines the surprising importance of place. According to Florida, globalization is not flattening the world; in fact, place is increasingly relevant to the global economy and our individual lives. Where we live determines the jobs and careers we have access to, the people we meet, and the "mating markets" in which we participate. And everything we think we know about cities and their economic roles is up for grabs. He offers city rankings by life-stage, rating the best places for singles, families, and empty-nesters to reside. Presented by the Town Hall Center for Civic Life with University Book Store and the Mayor`s Office of Arts and Cultural Affairs.
American Podium: Richard Florida Question and Answer Session 1/13/2009
Richard Florida, professor of business and creativity at the University of Toronto, answers questions about his book -- Who's Your City? This is additional footage from the original American Podium program that premiered on Tuesday, January 13, 2009 on the Seattle Channel.
American Podium: Paul Roberts - Food, Energy and the Future 1/7/2009
As America's corn-ethanol boom sends food prices soaring--and ignites protests and even riots in the developing world--the lesson is clear: in an era of global food markets, food security can no longer be managed as a national policy, but will instead require careful multinational strategies. How did our food sector become so globalized in its markets, players, and commodity sources? How will the emergence of new consumer markets, such as China, or new demand sectors, such as biofuels, effect prices, resource stability, and long-term sustainability? What are the strengths and weaknesses of the current global model, versus local or regional models, and is there room--or need--to reconcile these different visions for food production? The World Affairs Council presents Paul Roberts, a long-time observer of energy issues and politics, and a regular commentator on national and international television and radio news shows, including CNN's Lou Dobbs, the BBC, PBS NewsHour, MSNBC, CBS Evening News, and on NPR's Morning Edition, On Point, Weekend Edition, and Fresh Air. Roberts has published 'The End of Oil,' an examination of the decline of global petroleum production, the social and political costs of a post-oil shock and the possibilities for moving beyond oil.
American Podium: Bringing Global Health Home 12/30/2008
Public attention to the health of the world's population has skyrocketed over the past decade, as have the efforts to cover global health stories such as HIV/AIDS, malaria, hunger, and emerging threats (avian flu, SARS, and extremely drug-resistant TB). Join us for a conversation with two prominent science journalists who cover global health and are faced with the challenges of bringing a wide variety of stories to their U.S. and international audiences. This conversation, moderated by Dave Ross, Talk Show Host, 710 KIRO-AM, will feature Brenda Wilson of NPR (National Public Radio) and Donald G. McNeil, Jr., of The New York Times, as they share their experiences in the field and discuss ways in which the complexity of global health issues are covered on radio, television, print, and web media.
American Podium: Dr. David Berlinski - The Devil's Delusion 11/25/2008
In The Devil’s Delusion, Berlinski -- an urbane scholar with a withering wit to delight and entertain -- defends religious thought against a movement of intolerance which now includes much of the scientific elite. “The so-called new atheists are hijacking science in an attempt to use it to bolster the foundations of their anti-religious views and in so doing are enshrining a new secular religion of scientism,” said Robert Crowther director of communications at Discovery Institute which is hosting the event. “And now, here comes an agnostic of all people to challenge them.” “If science stands opposed to religion, it is not because of anything contained in either the premises or the conclusions of the great scientific theories,” Berlinski writes in his book. “Confident assertions by scientists that ... they have demonstrated that God does not exist have nothing to do with science, and even less to do with God’s existence.” According to Harvard University Professor of Government Harvey Mansfield, The Devil’s Delusion is a “powerful riposte to atheist mockery and cocksure science, and to the sort of philosophy that surrenders to them. David Berlinski proceeds reasonably and calmly to challenge recent scientific theorizing and to expose the unreason from which it presumes to criticize religion.” Presented by the Discovery Institute.
American Podium: Alice Schroeder on Warren Buffett 11/18/2008
The legendary Omaha investor has never written a memoir, but now he has allowed one writer, Alice Schroeder, unprecedented access to explore directly with him and with those closest to him his work, opinions, struggles, triumphs, follies, and wisdom. The result is the personally revealing and complete biography of the man known everywhere as “The Oracle of Omaha.”
American Podium: Misha Glenny - McMafia 11/11/2008
With the collapse of the Soviet Union and the deregulation of international financial markets, both governments and entrepreneurs become intoxicated by forecasts of limitless expansion into newly open markets. No one foresaw that one of the greatest successes of globalization would be the limitless expansion of organized crime. Current estimates suggest that illegal trade now accounts for twenty percent of global GDP. In his new book McMafia, British journalist Misha Glenny traces organized crime’s phenomenal growth showing how it and terror are fueled by the identical source: the material affluence of the West and the poverty of the developing world. Glenny’s award-winning books include The Rebirth of History, The Fall of Yugoslavia and The Balkans, 1804-1999. Presented by the Town Hall Center for Civic Life with Elliott Bay Book Company.
American Podium: Rick Perlstein - Nixonland 11/4/2008
Historian Rick Perlstein recaptures American's turbulent 60s and early 70s and reveals how Richard Nixon rose from the political grave to seize and hold the presidency. He shows how in 1972, Nixon harvested the bitterness and resentment born of the country's turmoil, and set the stage for the ideological divide that characterizes American today. Presented by the Town Hall Center for Civic Life with Elliott Bay Book Company.
American Podium: Chris Hedges - I Don’t Believe in Atheists 10/28/2008
Chris Hedges, the bestselling author of American Fascists: The Christian Right and the War on Americas and a Harvard Divinity School graduate, believes that both evangelicals and atheists (such as Christopher Hitchens and Sam Harris) are on dangerous sides of the debate on faith and religion in America. His forthcoming book, I Don’t Believe in Atheists, is a critique of both religious and secular fundamentalism. Presented by the Town Hall Center for Civic Life with University Book Store.
American Podium: Michael Kinsley - Provocations and Commentaries 10/21/2008
Please Don't Remain Calm, is Michael Kinsley's latest collection of essays, most of them published in Slate, on the American political scene -- from the Clinton administration to the present. Kinsley's wit is a weapon to be wished for by politicians and talk-show hosts alike, and this selection is a lucid deconstruction of politics and public figures, and the social, financial, and military disasters visited upon the country during the last decade. Kinsley is a columnist for Time, past editor of the New Republic, Harper's and Slate. Presented by the Town Hall Center for Civic Life with Elliott Bay Book Company.
American Podium: Randall Kennedy - Sellout 10/14/2008
Author of the controversial national bestseller, Nigger, Harvard Law School professor Randall Kennedy explores problems of loyalty and disloyalty among African-Americans in his new book, Sellout. Condolezza Rice, Colin Powell, Barack Obama, Vernon Jordan, Henry Louis Gates, Jr., and Clarence Thomas have all been stigmatized in certain quarters as "sellouts." Kennedy outlines the history of the idea of "racial betrayal" among blacks, who "owns" black culture, and explores what the stigma is really all about. Kennedy's interest in the "sellout" phenomenon emerged from earlier projects-most notably, his 2002 book Nigger: The Strange History of a Troublesome Word and 2003's Interracial Intimacies: Sex, Marriage, Identity, and Adoption-which dissected some of the most resonant, but seldom examined, codes of race relations in America. Kennedy has said that he has felt the sting of the label himself, most recently in response to his stated support for interracial adoption. Presented by the Town Hall Center for Civic Life with University Book Store.
American Podium: Fareed Zakaria - Rise of the Rest 10/7/2008
Former PBS host and present editor of Newsweek International, Fareed Zakariah has written a new book titled The Post-American World, whose thesis is that the U.S. will no longer dominate the global economy, orchestrate politics, or overwhelm cultures in the foreseeable future. The growth and influence of countries like China, India, Brazil, and Russia will reshape the world. Zakaria discusses how the U.S. can understand and thrive in this rapidly changing international climate. Presented as part of the Town Hall Center for Civic Life with University Book Store.
American Podium: Jeremy Scahill - Blackwater USA 9/30/2008
Blackwater: The Rise of the World’s Most Powerful Mercenary Army tells the story of the rise of the fastest-growing private army in the world. Journalist Jeremy Scahill traces Blackwater’s founding in 1997 by Erik Prince, an ex-Navy Seal and scion of a wealthy conservative family, its military operations in Iraq, Afghanistan and inside the U.S., and its close ties to the Bush administration. The shooting spree by Blackwater forces in Baghdad last September has brought questions about its lack of accountability into mainstream discourse. Among the only western reporters to gain access to the Abu Ghraib prison when Saddam Hussein was in power, Scahill is a fellow at The Nation Institute and a frequent contributor of The Nation magazine. Presented by the Town Hall Center for Civic Life with Elliott Bay Book Company.
American Podium: Jeremy Scahill Question and Answer Session 9/30/2008
Journalist Jeremy Scahill answers questions about his newest book, Blackwater: The Rise of the World’s Most Powerful Mercenary Army. This is additional footage from the original American Podium program that premiered on Tuesday, September 30, 2008 on the Seattle Channel.
American Podium: John Zogby - The New Generation of Voters 9/30/2008
World renowned pollster John Zogby, President and CEO of Zogby International, talks about polling, geopolitical trends and how today's 18 to 29 year olds are transforming America into a more internationalist and tolerant society.
American Podium: Madeleine Albright 9/16/2008
Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright offers a wide-ranging set of recommendations to the prospective winner of the 2008 presidential election. In "Memo to the President Elect: How We Can Restore America's Reputation and Leadership", Albright addresses the major world conflicts and offers her thoughts on how to restore the country's reputation and avoid the pitfalls that have plagued earlier presidents. Much more than a set of policy prescriptions, Albright blends lessons from the past with forward-looking suggestions about how to select a first-rate foreign policy team, how to ensure that decisions, once carefully made, are successfully implemented, and how to employ the full range of tools available to a president to persuade other countries to support U.S. objectives. Making full use of her experience as an adviser to two presidents and as a key figure in four presidential transitions, Albright addresses all the major world conflicts that are sure to be paramount over the next four years at the White House. Top on her list are our confrontation with terror, Iraq, the Middle East, the control of nuclear weapons, the rise of Asia, emerging threats to democracy, and the management of U.S. relations with troublesome leaders, including Iran's President Mahomoud Ahmadinejad, Venezuela's Hugo Chavez and North Korea's Kim Jong-Il. Presented by the Town Hall Center for Civic Life with University Book Store.
American Podium: Kevin Phillips - Bad Money 9/9/2008
Author and columnist, Kevin Phillips, talks about his newest book, Bad Money: Reckless Finance, Failed Politics and the Global Crisis of American Capitalism.
American Podium Extras: Kevin Phillips -- Bad Money Question and Answer Session 9/8/2008
Author and columnist, Kevin Phillips, answers questions about his newest book, Bad Money: Reckless Finance, Failed Politics and the Global Crisis of American Capitalism. This is additional footage from the original American Podium program that premiered on Tuesday, September 9, 2008 on the Seattle Channel.
American Podium: Scott McClellan - Inside the Bush White House 9/7/2008
Scott McClellan, the author of What Happened: Inside the Bush White House and Washington's Culture of Deception and one of President George W. Bush's closest aides, gives a behind-the-scenes look at the Bush presidency. McClellan was the White House press secretary from 2003 to 2006. McClellan testified before the House Judiciary Committee about whether Vice President Dick Cheney ordered him to make misleading public statements about the leaking of CIA agent Valerie Plame's identity. He is a senior adviser for a global technology firm and a communications strategist. Presented by the Town Hall Center for Civic Life, with University Book Store.
American Podium: Arianna Huffington - Right is Wrong 8/26/2008
For Arianna Huffington, the problem with the Republican Party is not that it is at odds with the views of progressives but that it is at odds with the views of the American people. By significant majorities, Americans believe in the science of evolution, don’t want Roe v. Wade overturned, don’t want to ignore global warming, want good health care for their kids, and want to bring our troops home from Iraq. In Right is Wrong, Huffington takes a humorous but hard look at how the right wing fringe has taken over the party and how the media has been "complicit" in the entire endeavor. Arianna Huffington is the cofounder and editor in chief of The Huffington Post, a nationally syndicated columnist, and the author of eleven books. Presented by the Town Hall Center for Civic Life with University Book Store.
American Podium: Isabel Allende - The Sum of Our Days 8/12/2008
In this heartfelt memoir, Isabel Allende reconstructs the painful reality of her own life in the wake of tragic death of her daughter, Paula. Recalling the past thirteen years from the daily letters the author and her mother, who lives in Chile, wrote to each other, Allende bares her soul in a book that is as exuberant and full of life as its creator. She recounts the stories of the wildly eccentric, strong-minded, and eclectic tribe she gathers around her that becomes a new kind of family. Throughout, Allende shares her thoughts on love, marriage, motherhood, spirituality and religion, infidelity, addiction, and memory. Sponsored by University Book Store.
American Podium: Howard Fineman - Thirteen American Arguments 6/30/2008
Newsweek’s Howard Fineman believes that our nation’s process of never-ending argument is not only what defines us as a country but is what keeps us free. He shows that every one of these debates -- from the nation’s founding to the present day -- is rooted in thirteen essential questions—from what is a person, to who is an American, the role of faith, what can we know and say, and local vs. federal control. In The Thirteen American Arguments: Enduring Debates that Inspire and Define Our Country, Fineman shows that the issues that galvanized the Founding Fathers, should still inspire our leaders, thinkers, and citizens. Presented by the Town Hall Center for Civic Life with Elliott Bay Book Company.
American Podium: Angela Davis - The Prison Industrial Complex 6/24/2008
Philosopher, writer and activist Angela Davis addresses issues related to the prison system in America, urging all to think seriously about a world without prisons and to forge a 21st century abolitionist movement. This event is part of The Bush Shool's Diversity Speaker Series and is co-sponsored by Mount Zion Baptist Church, North Seattle Community College, and others.
American Podium: E.J. Dionne - 'Souled Out' 6/12/2008
In Souled Out, award-winning commentator and journalist E. J. Dionne explains why the era of the “religious right” is over. Profiling contemporary religious figures such as Rich Warren and Richard Cizik to John Paul II and Benedict XVI, Dionne shows that our great religious traditions have always preached a broad message of hope and have refused to be mere props for the powers that be. He also argues that atheist writers such as Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens should be seen as a gift to believers, by demanding that they live up to their proclaimed values and embrace scientific and philosophical inquiry. Presented by The Town Hall Center for Civic Life and Elliott Bay Book Company.
American Podium: Roger Mudd: ‘The Place to Be’ 6/10/2008
A star reporter and news anchor at CBS and NBC at a time when broadcast television news was at its peak, Roger Mudd tells the story of TV journalism as it once was and shows what it is missing today. In The Place to Be, he describes the rivalries, the egos, the pride, the competition, the ambitions, and the frustrations of conveying the world to a national television audience in thirty minutes minus commercials. Presented by Town Hall.
American Podium: Daniel Schorr 6/3/2008
For this year's A. Scott Bullitt Lecture in American History, venerable, esteemed journalist and author Daniel Schorr will be joined in conversation by Seattle author/commentator Eric Liu. Presently a senior news analyst at NPR, Mr. Schorr has received numerous broadcast journalism awards for his work, which has spanned over half a century. He visits with a perceptive, timely new book, as well, Come to Think of It: Notes on the Turn of the Millennium (Viking). "[Daniel Schorr has] a matchless, and I do mean matchless, sense of history … He brings a real sense of excitement about the news." - Scott Simon. Presented by the SEATTLE PUBLIC LIBRARY.
American Podium: Samantha Power - Chasing The Flame 5/27/2008
A Pulitzer-prize winning author (A Problem from Hell: American and the Age of Genocide) and professor at Harvard's John F. Kennedy School of Government, Samantha Power has mined the tragic 2003 death of UN High Commissioner Sergio Vieira de Mello in Iraq to tell the story of how we might better deal with the challenges of religious extremism, refugees, terrorism, and ethnic struggle. In her new book Chasing the Flame, Power offers an answer to the question of who possesess the moral authority, the political sense, and the military and economic heft to bring peace to the unruly new world order. Presented by the Town Hall Center for Civic Live with Elliott Bay Book Company.
American Podium: Oliver Sacks on Musicophilia 3/18/2008
Physician and bestselling author Oliver Sacks reads from his latest work, "Musicophilia: Tales of Music and the Brain." In his latest work, Sacks explores the power music wields over people. He explores how music can provide access to otherwise unreachable emotional states, reopen neurological avenues that have been frozen, and evoke memories of earlier, lost events. Sacks is the author of nine books, including his best-known "The Man Who Mistook His Wife for a Hat." He lives in New York. This program is presented in cooperation with The Elliott Bay Book Co. Books will be available for purchase and signing.
American Podium: Susan Faludi - America After 9/11 2/12/2008
Susan Faludi is a Pulitzer prize-winning journalist and bestselling author of Backlash. She has turned her observational powers on this country’s psychological response to the 9/11 attacks in The Terror Dream. Faludi asks why the response to this attack was a summons to restore "traditional" values. Why did much of the country perceive the attacks as targeting home and family rather than as an attack on America’s commercial and military edifice? Faludi believes the answer lies in humiliation and the myths of our cowboy past. Presented by the Town Hall Center for Civic Life with University Book Store.
American Podium: Tom Brokaw - Aftershocks of the 60's 2/4/2008
Tom Brokaw, bestselling author and veteran broadcaster, talks about his new book Boom! Aftershocks of the Sixties. As he did with The Greatest Generation, Brokaw brings a pivotal time in American history to life. Brokaw surveys the turbulent events of a decade of great changes, which are still reverberating today. Presented by the Town Hall Center for Civic Life with University Book Store.
American Podium: Lou Dobbs 1/29/2008
Lou Dobbs is a Harvard-educated economist, anchor and managing editor of CNN’s Lou Dobbs Tonight and editorial columnist. Originally a classically conservative economist, Dobbs’s views have changed over time. In his new book, Independents Day: Awakening the American Spirit, he examines the public policy choices over the past thirty years that have eroded individual liberties, disenfranchised the middle class, reduced worker rights and pay, and led the nation into social and political division at home as well as into conflict around the world. Presented by the Town Hall Center for Civic Life with Elliott Bay Book Company.
American Podium: Timothy Egan - A Taste of the Vine 10/4/2007
For the last seventeen years, Timothy Egan has worked on the West Coast as a writer for the New York Times, first as the Pacific Northwest correspondent, now as a national enterprise reporter. In 2006, he won the National Book Award for his history of people who lived through the Dust Bowl, The Worst Hard Time. In 2001, he won the Pulitzer Prize as part of a team of reporters who did a series on how race is lived in America. He has done special projects on the West, on the decline of rural America, and he has followed the entire length of the Lewis and Clark trail for a series in the New York Times. Mr. Egan is the author of five books, including The Good Rain: Across Time and Terrain in the Pacific Northwest.
American Podium: Paul Krugman 1/14/2008
Economist Paul Krugman writes a twice-weekly column for The New York Times and teaches at Princeton University. His new book, The Conscience of a Liberal, studies the past eighty years of American history—from the reforms that tamed the inequalities of the Gilded Age to the reemergence of growing economic disparity in our own time in an attempt to understand what happened to middle-class America and what it will take to achieve a “new New Deal.” Presented by the Town Hall Center for Civic Life and University Book Store.
American Podium: Jeffrey Toobin 1/7/2008
One of the season's more anticipated non-fiction books is The Nine: Inside the Secret World of the Supreme Court (Doubleday), by New Yorker legal affairs correspondent and attorney Jeffrey Toobin. "It's not laws or constitutional theory that rule the High Court, argues this absorbing group profile, but quirky men and women guided by political intuition. Toobin surveys the court from the Reagan administration onward, as the justices wrestled with abortion, affirmative action, the death penalty, gay rights and church-state separation … His savvy account puts the supposedly cloistered Court right in the thick of American life." - Publishers Weekly.
American Podium Series: Helen Thomas 11/26/2007
A trailblazing journalist, Helen Thomas has covered every president since John F. Kennedy. She is renowned for her probing questions and hard-hitting analysis. Now a syndicated columnist, she served as White House correspondent for UPI for 57 years. She has broken barriers for women reporters, being the first to serve as an officer of the National Press Club. The title of her latest book speaks volumes: Watchdogs of Democracy?: The Waning Washington Press Corps and How It Has Failed the Public. Ms. Thomas was the keynote speaker at the ACLU of Washington Bill of Rights Dinner in Seattle.

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