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CityStream: Firefighters Story Time
The Seattle Public Library`s story time is a popular program with the tots. But there is one story time that welcomes some special guests with a very important message.
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A sampling of our most recently added videos.
Mayor`s Press Conference: Weyerhaeuser 8/26/2014
Mayor Murray and neighborhood leaders comment on Weyerhaeuser`s decision to move to Pioneer Square.
Seattle News NOW: 8.22.14
Discounts for qualified families on utility bills, the search for a new parks leader and ending institutionalized racism in Seattle. These stories and more are on this week`s episode of Seattle News NOW.
Framing Pictures: Guilty Pleasures
Film critics gather at NW Film forum to discuss Richard Linklater`s Boyhood, the better late than never U.S. release of A Summer`s Tale, and if you can truly feel guilty about a bad film you actually like.
CityStream Pet of the Week: Reptiles!
Looking for a leathery or slithery friend? Stop by the Seattle Animal Shelter today and see if a snake or other reptile is for you!
CityStream: Igniting Hope and Safety
Hot meals, housing, health care and more. Learn how the Chief Seattle Club keeps hope high and provides a place for urban Native Americans in need. Then kids get fired up for a favorite library story time. Check out a reading program aimed at raising awareness of home fire safety. From rock climbing to rafting, we hit the trail with teens taking part in a Seattle Parks program that provides valuable outdoor experiences and service opportunities. Join host Penny LeGate at Jefferson Park for these stories and more.
CityStream: Firefighters Story Time 8/25/2014
The Seattle Public Library`s story time is a popular program with the tots – and their parents. But there is one story time that welcomes some special guests with a very important message. Producer Peggy Lycett tells us the story of Firefighter Story Time.
CityStream: Chief Seattle Club 8/26/2014
Have you ever heard of something called the Urban Indian Relocation Program? Most people haven`t. It was a federal program started in the 50`s to move native Americans from reservations to cities where jobs were supposedly more plentiful. But the impact of relocating nearly 750 thousand tribal people to urban areas is still being felt today. Thankfully there is the Chief Seattle Club that serves only this unique group of Americans. Producer Penny LeGate has more.
Mayor`s Press Conference: Parks Superintendent 8/20/2014
Mayor Murray thanks Christopher Williams, Acting Superintendent of Parks and Recreation for the past four years, who is stepping down to the role of Deputy Superintendent. Williams is returning to his previous role with the department as he manages some personal health issues. The Mayor will conduct a national search to find a new leader for the Parks and Recreation Department. The search is underway and will be completed by January of 2015.
Seattle Public School Board Part 1 8/20/2014
A meeting of the Seattle Public School Board. Part 1 of 2.
Seattle Public School Board part 2 8/20/2014
A meeting of the Seattle Public School Board. Part 2 of 2.
City Inside/Out: Council Edition - August 2014
What`s next now that voters have approved the creation of a Seattle Park District? With skyrocketing home prices, what`s the city doing to provide affordable housing? And, why is the City Council speaking out about the conflict in Gaza? Get answers to these questions and more on the August episode of Council Edition with host Brian Callanan and Councilmembers Sally Bagshaw and Jean Godden.
Artistic Freedom and Artistic Responsibility 8/18/2014
In response to spirited conversation about art, race and cultural representation, Seattle Repertory Theatre and the Office of Arts and Culture have created a forum on artistic freedom and artistic responsibility.
Council Conversations with Sally Clark
Seattle City Councilmember Sally Clark shares her work on affordable housing and why this issue is so important in our region. Plus, she discusses the path ahead to phase in a $15-per-hour minimum wage in Seattle and the creation of a voter-approved Seattle Park District. And next year, voters will elect seven out of the nine City Council members by district. Learn why Clark is running at large. She joins host Josephine Cheng at the ArtSpace Mt. Baker Lofts, a live-work arts facility in the Rainier Valley, to discuss these topics and more.
CityStream: Seattle Rows 8/18/2014
Pop quiz: What`s the oldest college sport in America? If you said football, you`re wrong. If you said baseball, sorry, wrong again. It`s actually rowing and the first rowing race was in the mid-1800`s between Harvard and Yale. Fast forward to Seattle today. With all of the water around us, it`s no surprise that rowing is one of the most popular outdoor water sports in the city…that is if you don`t mind getting up early!
CityStream Pet of the Week: Idi
Idi is a blue eyed handsome boy with wonderful markings. He may be a bit cross-eyed, but it really just adds to his many charms. He`s such a gentle boy, he`d be a good choice for your very first cat. His ideal home will be adult-only, and be calm, quiet and mature. Idi did live with other cats in the past, so a compatible kitty housemate is a possibility.
CityStream: Night Sky and Morning Waters
From dawn to dusk, we take to the water and sky on this episode of CityStream. Glide into Seattle`s rowing culture and learn why America`s oldest college sport continues to make waves. Plus, bats aren`t as scarce in Seattle as some might think. We visit a Columbia City attic where a colony of the winged mammals has taken up residence and discover the positive impact they can have on our environment. Then we go deep with a group of dedicated divers who clean up the region`s waters. Join host Angela King from the Mount Baker Rowing and Sailing Center on Lake Washington for these stories and more.
CityStream: Bats in Seattle 8/20/2014
As twilight dawns in Seattle, some are seeing what they think are birds flying about. When actually, its bats. Producer Ian Devier tells us, bats in Seattle may not be as uncommon as you may think.
Mayor`s Press Conference: Utility Discount Program 8/13/2014
Mayor Ed Murray provides an update on the City of Seattle`s efforts to promote affordability by increasing enrollment in the Utility Discount Program.
Finance and Culture Committee 8/13/2014
Agenda: Public Comment, Appointment and Re-appointments to the Seattle Music Commission, Relating to the 2014 Budget, Extending Deadline for compliance with Restrictions on Marijuana, Fire Station 20, Greenlake, Beverly and Boulevard Park Substations, 620 S main Street surplus.
Energy Committee
Agenda Items: Public Comment, Environmental Discussions on Dangers with Nuclear Power, External Risk Management Letter.
Planning Land Use, and Sustainability Committee 8/13/2014
Agenda: Public Comment, Establishing a Definition for Micro-housing Unit, Comprehensive Plan Amendments, Minimum Floor Area Ratio Requirements, Fire Station No. 29.
Find It - Fix It Community Walk: Rainier Beach
City leaders join residents and business owners on a walk through the Rainier Beach neighborhood.
Transportation Committee 8/12/2014
Agenda: State Route 520 Project, 23rd Avenue Corridor Improvements project, Group Health pedestrian tunnel, Pike Place Market PDA Vacation Petition, Seattle Corridors, Appointment and Oath of Office of Scott D. Kubly as Director, Department of Transportation.
The Mountains to Sound Greenway: Trail of Our Heritage
The Mountains to Sound Greenway links urban and rural lands from Central Washington to Puget Sound, and many local leaders consider it a model for smart growth that strikes a balance between people and nature. A new program to preserve this stretch of scenic landscape from Seattle to Ellensburg is attracting national attention with an effort to designate the Greenway as a National Heritage Area. This half-hour special looks at the past and future of this 1.5 million acres of forests, wilderness, and cities and towns that stretches along Interstate 90 and is home to an estimated 1.4 million people.
Seattle Public Utilities and Neighborhoods Committee 8/12/2014
Agenda: Neighborhood District Coordinators Program, Combined Sewer Overflow Reduction Program Presentation, University of Washington Easement, Appointments, historic preservation.
Town Square: Making Long-Term Investments in Civic Health
The 2014 Greater Seattle Civic Health Index report addresses community disparities in educational access, economic and public and civic health.
Our City, Our Schools: Summer Learning Programs
Summer is a great time to hit the beach and the books. Learn how to keep kids off the “summer slide” -- the drop in students` reading, writing and math skills that can occur when young minds sit idle over summer break. Studies show that kids without access to summer school can lose up to two grade levels of knowledge by the time they enter fifth grade. The latest installment in the Our City, Our Schools series looks at the impacts of summer learning programs funded through the Families and Education Levy.
Building the Compassionate Schools Movement 8/11/2014
Following the tragedy in Newtown, CT, Dr., Christopher Kukk and Scarlett Lewis began work to weave compassion into schools. After meeting with President Obama the movement to create compassionate schools had begun.
Select Committee on Utility Strategic Planning
Agenda: Public Comment, Relating to Seattle Public Utilities.
Central Waterfront, Seawall, and Alaskan Way Viaduct Replacement Program Committee 8/11/2014
Agenda: Elliott Bay Seawall Update, Alaskan Way Viaduct Replacement Program Update.
Council Briefing
Agenda: Preview of Today`s Full Council Actions, Council and Regional Committee, Relating to Cultural Districts within Seattle`s Neighborhoods.
Full Council 8/11/2014
Agenda: Neighborhood Matching Fund projects, Prioritizing family unity, redevelopment of Yesler Terrace, Education Center in Lake Union Park, Appointments, SPU Strategic Business Plan.
Seattle News NOW: 8.8.14
Drivers should brace for another road closure and parking rates in nearly two dozen neighborhoods are changing. Plus tech funds are handed out and pianos in the park are giving residents a chance to tickle the ivories. These stories and more are in this week`s Seattle News NOW.
2014 Tyree Scott Freedom School
The youth participating in the Tyree Scott Freedom School present their work on economic equity, education, and juvenile justice transformation.
CityStream: Seattle Milestones
From an iconic skyscraper to a steam plant to the evolution of an ethnic newspaper, CityStream marks some Seattle milestones. Once the tallest building on the West Coast , Smith Tower turns 100. Learn how this building rose to such great heights. Plus, The International Examiner marks 40 years of community journalism with a digital archive of its photos featuring four decades of Asian American history. And one of the city`s oldest utilities is heating up the headlines with its latest effort to combat climate change. Join host Josephine Cheng from the Smith Tower for these stories and more.
CityStream: Smith Tower Turns 100 8/15/2014
The historic Smith Tower in Pioneer Square turns 100 years old in 2014. This beautiful building is just as iconic to our skyline as the Space Needle. Josephine Cheng looks back at the story of the Smith Tower.
CityStream: Seattle Steam 8/14/2014
Pioneer Square is home to many of our city`s historic buildings. And many of these buildings get their heat from the historic Seattle Steam – one of the city`s oldest utilities. Seattle steam has just tapped into a “deep-water well” to help run its plant on western avenue downtown. Brian Callanan explains why environmentalists are saying this is yet another way Seattle is leading the way when it comes to dealing with climate change.
CityStream Pet of the Week: Dylan
Dylan is a two year old Pit Terrier who is whole package: athletic, smart, and sweet. Who could resist? Hopefully not you!
Housing Affordability, Human Services, and Economic Resiliency Committee
Agenda: Public Comment, Director`s Report, Construction Careers Advisory Committee Report.
Book Lust with Nancy Pearl featuring Sarah Bird
Prolific novelist Sarah Bird talks with Nancy about how her childhood as a military "brat" has provided the kernel of many of her books, especially The Yakota Officers Club and her newest, Above the East China Sea.
CityStream: International Examiner Digital Archives 8/13/2014
The International District is home to one of the city`s most prolific ethnic media community newspapers. And the International Examiner is celebrating a milestone this year; its 40th anniversary. To keep up with changing times, those working at the paper have created a project to shares its vast photo archive with today`s online audience. Shannon Gee has the story.
Parks, Seattle Center, Libraries and Gender Pay Equity Committee 8/5/2014
Agenda: Appointments, Gender Equity Resolution Update, Education Center in Lake Union Park, redevelopment of Yesler Terrace.
Mayor`s Media Availability: Broadband and Internet policy update 8/5/2014
Seattle Mayor Ed Murray announces that, as part of his three-point plan for more and better broadband service in the Seattle, he will send legislation to City Council that will bring more competition to the marketplace and more access to service – especially in neighborhoods that are currently under-served.
Select Committee on Utility Strategic Planning 8/4/2014
Agenda: 2015-2020 Strategic Business Plan for Seattle Public Utilities and endorsing a six-year rate path required to support the Strategic Business Plan.
Full Council 8/4/2014
Agenda: Immigrant and Refugee Commission, Technology Matching Fund Program, Community Police Commission members compensation, Appointments.
Council Briefing
Agenda: Preview of Today`s Full Council Actions, Council and Regional Committees.
The Source: A Story of Seattle`s Tap Water
Over half the world`s population does not have safe, clean reliable drinking water. Seattle is fortunate we have the Cedar River Watershed. But global climate change is effecting us all.
CityStream: Really? Summer Safety
Summer in Seattle is a fun season, but it can also be a very dangerous one. In her latest installment of Really, Angela King takes a look at some of the less obvious health hazards of summer – but ones with serious consequences.
CityStream: Just Garden Project 8/8/2014
Getting outside and enjoying a little gardening or better yet a fresh dinner from your own garden is top on the list for many Seattleites. Now one non-profit is making that chance affordable for everyone in the city. Abbey Gibb has the story.
Paul Schell: A Mayor`s Legacy
In December, 2001, as he was leaving office, Seattle Mayor Paul Schell sat down with host Sharon Griggins to discuss the accomplishments and challenges of his administration (1998-2002). This program is presented in memory of Paul Schell (1937-2014)

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