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CityStream: Really? Summer Safety
Summer in Seattle is a fun season, but it can also be a very dangerous one. Angela King takes a look at some of the less obvious health hazards of summer.
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A sampling of our most recently added videos.
CityStream: Really? Summer Safety
Summer in Seattle is a fun season, but it can also be a very dangerous one. In her latest installment of Really, Angela King takes a look at some of the less obvious health hazards of summer but ones with serious consequences.
CityStream: Just Garden Project
Getting outside and enjoying a little gardening or better yet a fresh dinner from your own garden is top on the list for many Seattleites. Now one non-profit is making that chance affordable for everyone in the city. Abbey Gibb has the story.
CityStream: Parks Volunteers
It takes more than just trees and flowers to make the parks in the Emerald City shine. Nicole Sanchez tells us how volunteers are responsible for projects throughout the large parks system.
CityStream Pet of the Week: Daisy Mae
Daisy Mae is a super sweet four year old Pit Bull Terrier. She may be missing a few teeth but she still has a big, wonderful smile. Come find out if you`re a good match for Daisy Mae!
CityStream: Parks & Summer Safety
Summer in Seattle means a day at the park. We go behind the scenes and meet some of the volunteers who play a vital role in maintaining the city`s parks. Then we catch up with the Just Garden Project, which aims to cultivate a just food system by helping lower-income communities grow their own food. And warm weather brings more opportunity for outdoor activities and accidents. Find out how you can keep your family safe with sun and water safety tips. Join host Nicole Sanchez from Carkeek Park for these stories and more.
Paul Schell: A Mayor`s Legacy
In December, 2001, as he was leaving office, Seattle Mayor Paul Schell sat down with host Sharon Griggins to discuss the accomplishments and challenges of his administration (1998-2001). This program is presented in memory of Paul Schell (1937-2014)
Mayor`s Media Availability 7/30/2014
Mayor Murray speaks with the media.
Public Safety, Civil Rights and Technology Committee 7/30/2014
Agenda: Technology Matching Fund Program, enforcement and timely payment of parking infractions, Immigrant and Refugee Commission, Community Police Commission members compensation, commission appointments.
Racial Equity Fund Open House
On 7/29/14, the Seattle Office for Civil Rights held an event to highlight Seattle`s network of human services agencies who are working to build capacity to advance racial equity and end racism in the community. Many organizations gave presentations regarding their work including Partners for Black Parent Empowerment, Rainier Beach High School/SESEC, Non-Profit Anti-Racism Coalition (NPARC, Washington Indian Civil Rights Commission and the Seattle Office for CivilRights/RSJI.
Community Conversation - Downtown Public School 7/28/2014
Seattle Public Schools holds a conversational meeting regarding the possibility of creating a K-5 elementary school in downtown Seattle.
Full Council 7/28/2014
Agenda: City Light 2014 Integrated Resource Plan Update and Progress Report, Office of Arts and Culture.
Council Briefing 7/28/2014
Agenda Items: Preview of Today`s Full Council Actions, Council and Regional Committees, Human Services Department (HSD) Outcomes Framework.
Select Committee on Utility Strategic Planning 7/28/2014
Agenda: 2015-2020 Strategic Business Plan for Seattle Public Utilities and endorsing a six-year rate path required to support the Strategic Business Plan.
Seattle Ethics and Elections Commission Meeting 7/24/2014
The Seattle Ethics and Elections Commission holds regular public meetings. Most are held the first Wednesday of the month, 4:00 - 6:00 pm, in the 40th floor conference center of the Seattle Municipal Tower.
Seattle BOARD OF PARKS Commissioners 7/24/2014
A meeting of the Seattle BOARD OF PARKS Commissioners.
Energy Committee
Agenda: Public Comment, Review concerning Seattle City Light (SCL) CEO Jorge Carrasco, Seattle City Light`s (SCL) 2012 Integrated Resource Plan, Public Comment.
Finance and Culture Committee 7/23/2014
Agenda: Film Forum, Office of Arts and Culture name change, acceptance of funding from non-City sources, 2014 Budget, marijuana locational restrictions.
Seattle Public Library Board 7/23/2014
A meeting of the Seattle Public Library Board.
Seattle Public Utilities and Neighborhoods Committee 7/22/2014
Agenda: Public Comment, Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) Director`s Report, Neighborhood Matching Fund 2014 projects, Climate Justice Ambassadors presentation, presentation.
Find It - Fix It Community Walk: Rainier Beach Station Plaza
City leaders join residents and business owners on a walk through the Rainier Beach Station Plaza neighborhood.
Central Waterfront, Seawall, and Alaskan Way Viaduct Replacement Program Committee 7/21/2014
Agenda: Office of the Waterfront Update, Report from Central Waterfront Committee, Elliott Bay Seawall Update, Alaskan Way Viaduct Replacement Program Update.
CityStream: Container Homes 7/21/2014
Finding affordable housing throughout the City can be a challenge. But one Seattle couple has found a way of creating it and from a source you might not expect. Josephine Cheng has the story of ShelterKraft Container Homes.
Planning, Land Use, and Sustainability Committee 7/21/2014
Agenda: Incentive Zoning.
CityStream: Hive Bio 7/22/2014
The South Lake Union neighborhood is one of innovation from the big bio labs to the headquarters of Amazon. While these companies have space to create the next big thing, there`s now spot in town that lets anyone don the goggles and lab coat. Nicole Sanchez has more on the Hive Bio Community Lab.
Council Briefing
Agenda Items: Preview of Today`s Full Council Actions, Council and Regional Committees, City Attorney`s Office Proposed Columbia Center Lease and Incentive Zoning.
Full Council 7/21/2014
Agenda: Center City Connector, office space in the Columbia Center, Oath of Office of Michael Mattmiller as CTO, Office of Professional Accountability, Board of Park Commissioners, expanding Legacy House, Economic Development Commission.
Special Seattle Public School Board Meeting 7/18/2014
A special meeting of the the Seattle Public School Board.
CityStream Pet of the Week: Rufio
Rufio here. I`m a goofy, flirty, and sassy dude who is EXUBERANT and FUN-LOVING! I am two years old and fully grown but not your average-size cat. I weigh 17 pounds but I`m not fat. My fur is black and white. Mostly black though. I have a half mustache and racing stripes down my throat that lead down to two big white spots on my tummy. I have big curious green eyes. I can`t really remember how it happened but I have a 90 degree kink at the tip of my tail. I`ll let you touch it, I don`t mind.
Seattle Transportation Benefit District 7/17/2014
Agenda: Report of the Seattle Transportation Benefit District Governing Board, resolution 12 a voter approved vehicle license fee and sales and use tax to fund Metro Transit service.
CityStream: Creative Spaces
Time to whip out your goggles and lab coat! We`ll show you how to get accessible and affordable lab space through the HiveBio community. With Seattle housing prices on the rise, we look at one cozy and affordable option, "cargotecture." Plus, it`s no secret Seattleites have a thing for the water. And some have taken to it -- quite literally by calling the water home. Join Host Abbey Gibb from Lake Union Park for these stories and more!
Housing Affordability, Human Services, and Economic Resiliency Committee
Agenda: Public Comment, Lifting Budget Proviso for Study to Expand Legacy House, Office of Economic Development (OED) Director`s Report, Economic Development Commission Appointment, Access Seattle Construction Mitigation, Office of Film and Music (OFM) Workplan.
Framing Pictures: Pieces of Film
The Northwest Film Forum hosts monthly talks about movies. Here they discuss Snowpiercer, The Rover, Edge of Tomorrow, Jersey Boys, and the patchy way the Twitterverse has changed film criticism.
Public Safety, Civil Rights and Technology Committee 7/16/2014
Agenda: Seattle Police Monitor`s Third Semiannual Report, Chief Technology Officer of the Department of Information Technology Oath of Office, Seattle Police Department`s 1st Quarter 2014 Sworn Staffing Update, Office of Professional Accountability Closed Case Report January-March 2014, Exploration of Seattle Municipal Identification Cards.
Housing Affordability, Human services and Economic Resiliency Meeting
Agenda Items: Public Comment, State of Ballard, Office of Housing (OH) Director`s Report, Housing Strategic Plan, Presentation by Tenant`s Union, Housing Preservation in Seattle.
Parks, Seattle Center, Libraries, And Gender Pay Equity Committee
Agenda: Public Comment, Chair`s Report, Relating to the 2008 Parks and Green Spaces Levy, Relating to the redevelopment of Yesler Terrace, Board of Park Commissioners Reappointment.
Town Square: 50th Anniversary of Civil Rights Act 1964
The Reverend Dr. Samuel McKinney joins Larry Gossett and a host of dignitaries to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act of 1964.
Mayor`s Media Availability: Office of Immigrant and Refugee Affairs (OIRA) Director 7/15/2014
Mayor Murray announced Cuc Vu as his choice to lead the City`s Office of Immigrant and Refugee Affairs (OIRA). In her new role as Director of the Office of Immigrant and Refugee Affairs, Vu brings her life experience as a refugee who knows the stigma of food stamps and the prestige of an Ivy League school, as well as 12 years of experience working on immigrant and refugee affairs as an advocate, issue organizer and non-profit founder and executive.
Planning, Land Use and Sustainability Committee 7/15/2014
Agenda: Annual Comprehensive Plan Amendments Docket-Setting, downtown waterfront, Living Building and Seattle Deep Green Pilot program.
Seattle Voices with Tom Mara
Tom Mara is Executive Director of KEXP, an arts organization with a mission to enrich people`s lives by championing music and discovery.
Council Conversations with Kshama Sawant
How did a software engineer from India end up becoming the first socialist member of the Seattle City Council? In her first appearance on Council Conversations, Sawant, who was elected to the council by a razor-thin margin last year, discusses her path to politics, including her push to raise Seattle`s minimum wage to $15 an hour. She joins host Josephine Cheng at the "bridges to nowhere" in the Washington Park Arboretum to talk about what drives her activism and what`s next on her history-making political agenda.
City Inside/Out: Council Edition - July 2014
Summer is here and recreational marijuana stores have finally opened in Seattle. Councilmember Nick Licata says he has a tough decision to make when it comes to aligning the new system with medical marijuana dispensaries. Plus, Council President Tim Burgess fields questions about City Light CEO Jorge Carrasco`s pay-raise controversy, and Councilmember Jean Godden has a plan to shake up the way the Seattle Police Department deals with female officers on the force. All this and more, plus questions from our viewers on the July episode of Council Edition with host Brian Callanan.
Council Briefing
Preview of Today`s Full Council Actions, Council and Regional Committees.
Full Council 7/14/2014
Agenda: Public comment, Transportation Network Companies, Taxi, For-hire Services, Affiliated Drivers and Vehicles, 2014 Budget, Wastewater Treatment Division permission, Seattle Department of Transportation; Accepting a Statutory Warranty Deed, Land Value Determinations for Shoreline Street End and Term Permit Fee Methodologies, Seattle Pedestrian Advisory Board Appointment, Rates and Charges for Water Services of Seattle Public Utilities, Urban Forestry Commission Appointment, West Seattle Junction Parking and Business Improvement Area, 2013 Annual Report of the Office of the City Auditor, Pike Place Market Preservation and Development Authority.
Select Committee on Utility Strategic Planning
Agenda: Public Comment, SPU Customer Review Panel Recommendation, Adopting a 2015-2020 Strategic Business Plan for SPU.
Seattle News NOW: 7/11/14
Seattle`s trash gets converted to energy; a new director for the transportation department and local produce means local profits for neighborhood farm stands. These stories and more are on this week`s Seattle News NOW.
PSA: Child Care Assistance Program
Find out how families can qualify for free childcare with the Child Care Assistance Program from Seattle`s Human Services Department.
CityStream: Mayors Against Illegal Guns 7/16/2014
With gun violence on the rise in Seattle and a new Police Chief in office, Mayor Ed Murray is looking for more ways to help calm the violence. As Nicole Sanchez reports, so are other Mayors all across the country.
CityStream Pet of the Week: Coco
I`m Coco the trusty Chocolate Lab and I was put on this Earth to be your ever mellow and obedient best buddy. I come ready-made with a bag of tricks; sitting, staying, laying down and shaking hands are easy as pie. All tricks come with a treat toll, of course. I don`t take Visa or cash but treats and pets would be perfect!
Book Lust with Nancy Pearl featuring Haroon Ullah
Nancy and Haroon discuss how he came to write The Bargain from the Bazaar and how the family described in the book symbolizes the complexities of modern day Pakistan. He also talks about growing up South Asian just east of the Cascades in Richland, Washington.
Seattle Transportation Benefit District 7/10/2014
Agenda: Public Comment, Concerning a voter-approved vehicle license fee and sales and use tax to fund Metro Transit service in Seattle.

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