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#1 City Inside/Out: Chopp vs. Spear 10/17/2014
Voters in the state`s 43rd Legislative District in Seattle face an interesting choice on the fall ballot. Should they re-elect Democratic State House Speaker Frank Chopp to an 11th term? Or should they support Socialist Alternative candidate Jess Spear? Chopp won overwhelmingly in the primary but says he is not taking a November victory for granted. We help you break down where the candidates stand on affordable housing, a higher minimum wage, transportation and education funding. How progressive does Seattle want its future to be? The candidates join us for an in-studio debate.

#2 Budget Committee Public Hearing 10/23/2014
Agenda: First public hearing on Revenue Sources, second public hearing is on the general budget.

#3 CityStream: Remote Area Medical Clinic 10/9/2014
Seattle is known for its generosity, but there`s one event coming up in late October that will be one of the largest non-profit undertakings Seattle has ever seen. As Abbey Gibb shows us, City and King County leaders along with hundreds of volunteers, will transform Key Arena from a concert venue into one of the largest medical clinics you`ve probably ever seen.

#4 CityStream: Healthy Community 10/9/2014
It`ll be a transformation like no other at Key Arena – from concert and sports venue to a massive mobile health clinic. Find out how the Seattle/King County Clinic with Remote Area Medical will start to change lives. Then, how one man`s homeless roots helped him build his tech start up today – and how he`s giving back. Plus, with flu season here, learn how Seattle schools are keeping students happy, healthy and in the classrooms. Join host Angela King from Seattle City Hall for these stories and more.

#5 Art Zone with Nancy Guppy 10/24/2014
From the corner of 18th and Union, Art Zone explores an iconic storefront building in the Central District. Host Nancy Guppy chats with New City Theater Director John Kazanjian about the Company`s current production of “Hamlet,” featuring Mary Ewald in the leading role. Two doors down, producer/musician Michael Cozzi invites us in to the new Moscozzi recording studio to capture a couple of tunes from Tennis Pro, the band featured in "Big In Japan." One more door south, and we`re in the studio of photographer Karen Moskowitz. All this and a moment with visual artist Tatiana Garmendia, plus a tease for a new documentary on time travel.

#6 Ask the Mayor: Fall 2014 10/22/2014
You asked and he answered. Mayor Ed Murray joined host Brian Callanan for the fall episode of Ask the Mayor. Murray responded to questions posed by a live audience and submitted online. Topics included municipal broadband, affordable housing, increased funding for the animal shelter, Seattle`s new Indigenous Peoples` Day, labor standards, waterfront development and more. The second half of the program focused on the mayor`s proposed 2015-2016 budget now before the City Council. The city`s budget director Ben Noble joined the mayor in fielding questions, which ranged from raising city employees` wages to adding police to the hopes of bringing an NBA team back to Seattle.

#7 Budget Committee 10/23/2014
Agenda: Public Comment, Department of Neighborhoods, Department of Planning and Development, Office of Arts and Culture, Department of Parks and Recreation.

#8 Deep Sea Diver "Always Waiting" 9/25/2014
Jessica Dobson, Peter Mansen, Garrett Gu and Elliot Jackson of Deep Sea Diver fame perform the title song from their newest EP, “Always Waiting.”

#9 CityStream: Pot Tourism 10/2/2014
Washington and Colorado are the first states to legalize marijuana. Rarely does a day go by when we don`t hear some news about the buying and selling and growing and taxing- of recreational cannabis. But with this new law, comes new entrepreneurial opportunities. Jenny Cunningham shows us a little known slice of the new pot economy.

#10 City Inside/Out: Jayapal vs. Watanabe 10/3/2014
Voters in the 37th legislative district in South Seattle have an interesting choice this November. Should they pick human rights activist Pramila Jayapal or business professor Louis Watanabe to replace Senator Adam Kline in Olympia? What issues are the most important to residents in this diverse district? Hear from both Democrats about what distinguishes their campaigns!

#11 Budget Committee Session II 10/24/2014
Agenda: Public Comment, Human Services Department, Seattle Department of Transportation.

#12 Budget Committee Session I 10/24/2014
Agenda: Public Comment, Seattle Police Department, Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion/Multi-Disciplinary Team, Seattle Youth Violence Prevention Initiative.

#13 Seattle Voices with Joe Guppy 10/21/2014
Psychotherapist Joe Guppy discusses his new memoir “My Fluorescent God,” in which he confronts his most compelling case – his own. It was a few stomach pills he took in 1979 that pushed him over the edge into paranoid psychosis and straight into the mental ward of Seattle`s Providence Hospital. Guppy talks with host Eric Liu about the raw, often wryly comic memoir in which he describes his spiritual and psychological journey in rebuilding his sanity and discovering the Seattle arts scene. Guppy was a writer/performer on the comedy show Almost Live, where he met his wife Art Zone host Nancy Guppy.

#14 CityStream: High-Flying Fun 10/16/2014
From recycling homes to restoring planes to music programs taking flight, CityStream soars with creativity. Meet the dedicated volunteers who restore old airplanes to museum quality at the Museum of Flight. Then, taking the stress out of air travel is the next big hit at Sea-Tac Airport thanks to the new Experience the City of Music Program. Plus, we check out the growing field of shipping container architecture. Host Nicole Sanchez explores these stories and more from the Museum of Flight.

#15 CityStream Pet of the Week: Duke and Pooky 10/9/2014
These two been together their whole lives (11 years!) so they`re looking for our new home together. Pooky is a laid back lady - gentle, easy-going, and calm and Duke has a lot of get-up-and-go and spunk for a fellow his age.

#16 City Inside/Out: Election Roundtable 10/24/2014
With the general election less than two weeks away, we round up a trio of Seattle political reporters to weigh in on the issues and races to watch. From universal preschool to transit funding to gun background checks, voters have plenty to ponder with decisions impacting their pocketbooks and the future direction of the state. Joining us in studio are Essex Porter of KIRO TV, John Carlson of KVI AM 570 and Dominic Holden, former associate editor of The Stranger.

#17 CityStream: Sea-Tac Music 10/16/2014
While many people enjoy air travel, for others, an airplane trip means nothing but hassels; from dealing with long lines, security checks and rushing to your gate to make that connecting flight. But for travelers in and out of Sea-Tac airport, their experience is a bit different thanks to the new Experience City of Music program. And it`s already proving to be the next big hit. Nicole Sanchez has the story.

#18 Budget Committee Session II 10/22/2014
Agenda: Cross-Cutting Issues and Department without Significant Budget Issues, Office of Economic Development, Minimum Wage/Labor Standards, Interfund Loan Extensions.

#19 CityStream: Financial Empowerment Centers 6/5/2014
Have you ever been worried about how you`re going to get the money to pay your bills this month? If so, you`re not alone. But there`s a new effort from the City of Seattle that could provide some help. It`s called a Financial Empowerment Center, a joint effort from the City and the Paul G. Allen family foundation. As Brian Callanan reports, this program isn`t giving a handout, but a “way out” of poverty for hundreds of Seattle families... through the power of financial planning.

#20 Budget Committee Session I 10/22/2014
Agenda: Public Comment, Central Waterfront, Cross-Cutting Issues and Departments without significant Budget Issues.

#21 Community Stories: Medical Interpreters -- A Bridge to Care 9/28/2009
Navigating the health care system can be daunting, especially if there are cultural and language barriers. Medical interpreters, who often draw from their own experiences and histories, work with patients and providers to bridge those gaps.

#22 Full Council 10/6/2014
Agenda: Public comment, Department of Finance and Administrative Services Director Oath and Appointment, Indigenous Peoples` Day, Central Waterfront Committee, small efficiency dwelling unit, Appointments, Use and sale of electricity.

#23 Seattle News NOW: 10.24.14 10/24/2014
New bus improvements could speed up transportation in the City, plus the Bicycle Master is unveiled. Plus, find out how residents can help make Seattle school zones safer. These stories and more are on Seattle News NOW.

#24 CityStream: Seattle Urban Wineries 12/12/2013
Wine makers are leaving the country side to set up shop in the city. Producer Jenny Cunningham takes a look at the new trend that`s bringing the wine maker to the heart of Emerald City.

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