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#1 Art Zone with Nancy Guppy 11/21/2014
Art Zone climbs Beacon Hill to the kitchen of Chera Amlag and Prometheus Brown (of Blue Scholars fame) for a taste of their new pop-up restaurant menu. Host Nancy Guppy shares some delicious leftovers with the Smokey Brights, who play two songs from their hot-off-the-presses album at Columbia City Theater. Visual artist Arturo Artorez shares his unique approach to drawing, which includes bringing losing lottery tickets to life. We tease an upcoming Seattle Channel feature on Japanese American pop artist Enfu. And Nancy takes to the streets to give away tickets to Seattle Art Museum`s Pop Departure exhibit.

#2 City Inside/Out: Marijuana Mess 11/21/2014
It`s been two years since voters approved Initiative 502 to legalize recreational marijuana in Washington state. Should state lawmakers align recreational and medical marijuana in a common regulatory system? We talk with Rev. Reggie Witherspoon who is protesting a recreational pot shop that opened near his church`s teen center. The owner of the contested recreational marijuana shop, Ian Eisenberg, states his case. Will state and city lawmakers clear the haze with clearer pot laws? State Sen. Ann Rivers (R-18th) and Seattle City Councilmembers Sally Clark and Nick Licata weigh in. We also hear from Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes, potrepreneur Dax Colwell of New Leaf Enterprises and community activist Rev. Harriett Walden.

#3 CityStream: Kung Fu to Climate Change 10/30/2014
From martial arts moves to combating climate change, CityStream highlights some powerful people and programs with roots in Seattle. Get a preview of the new “Do You Know Bruce?” exhibit at the Wing Luke Museum offering a window into martial arts icon Bruce Lee`s life in Seattle. Then, don`t let trash waste away in the landfill. A new Seattle City Light program converts trash into energy. Plus, the nation`s largest public food forest is cultivating community in Beacon Hill. Host Abbey Gibb shares these stories and more from the Wing Luke Museum.

#4 History in Motion: Miracle Strip 10/1/2007
Local filmmaker Stephen Sadis paid tribute to Seattle's late thoroughbred racetrack, Longacres, in this 1990s documentary. Featuring archival footage, historic photos and contemporary interviews. Courtesy of Stephen Sadis.

#5 18th Annual KC Mental Health & Substance Abuse Forum 11/13/2014
Features Mayor Ed Murray, Dep. King County Exec. Fred Jarrett, Jim Vollendroff, Dir. of King County`s mental health and substance abuse services and a parental perspective from TV reporter/producer Penny LeGate.

#6 Council Conversations with Nick Licata 11/12/2014
Labor laws, homelessness and medical marijuana businesses are among the topics of discussion on Council Conversations with Seattle City Councilmember Nick Licata. Will a new city office of labor standards provide tougher enforcement of its workplace laws, including paid sick leave and an ordinance against wage theft? How is the city addressing a growing homelessness problem? Will Seattle receive revenue from the state to regulate medical marijuana dispensaries? Plus, Licata talks arts and culture and looks ahead to 2015 and the City Council`s new district-based elections. He joins host Josephine Cheng at Hugo House in Capitol Hill for these topics and more.

#7 CityStream: Remote Area Medical Clinic Follow Up 11/6/2014
In an unprecedented effort, Key Arena was transformed in late October into the Seattle/King County Health Clinic – a massive mobile medical facility. The result – thousands of people were able to receive much needed healthcare. Abbey Gibb has the story.

#8 CityStream Pet of the Week: Munchkin 10/30/2014
Munchkin was found stray and is really looking forward to a safe, loving home. She`s calm pooch who loves tasty treats but is pretty shy with strangers. However, she`ll bond strongly with her family and would do best in an adult only home with some prior dog experience.

#9 Council Conversations with Sally Bagshaw 11/20/2014
With petty crime and homelessness on the rise, how do city leaders plan to address these growing concerns? Seattle City Councilmember Sally Bagshaw weighs in. Hear her thoughts on helping the homeless, including a proposal to fund churches and nonprofits to offer services. Plus, what does a six-year public utility business plan mean for Seattle ratepayers? And how will Seattle`s shift to City Council elections by district impact regional issues? Bagshaw joins host Josephine Cheng at the Belltown Community Center to discuss these topics and more. Watch it now!

#10 City Inside/Out: Privacy Initiative 11/14/2014
When you pay your utility bill online or call 911, what happens to the personal information you provide? The city of Seattle has launched a new privacy initiative intended to show the public how the city collects and uses data. Can the city maintain the public trust while embracing new technologies to use data more effectively? We bring together city and technology leaders for a roundtable discussion: Michael Mattmiller, the city`s chief technology officer; Councilmember Bruce Harrell, chair of the City Council`s technology committee; Ben Krokower, chair of the city`s Citizens` Telecommunications and Technology Advisory Board; and Tracy Ann Kosa of the Seattle Privacy Coalition.

#11 CityStream: Financial Empowerment Centers 6/5/2014
Have you ever been worried about how you`re going to get the money to pay your bills this month? If so, you`re not alone. But there`s a new effort from the City of Seattle that could provide some help. It`s called a Financial Empowerment Center, a joint effort from the City and the Paul G. Allen family foundation. As Brian Callanan reports, this program isn`t giving a handout, but a “way out” of poverty for hundreds of Seattle families... through the power of financial planning.

#12 City Inside/Out: Chopp vs. Spear 10/17/2014
Voters in the state`s 43rd Legislative District in Seattle face an interesting choice on the fall ballot. Should they re-elect Democratic State House Speaker Frank Chopp to an 11th term? Or should they support Socialist Alternative candidate Jess Spear? Chopp won overwhelmingly in the primary but says he is not taking a November victory for granted. We help you break down where the candidates stand on affordable housing, a higher minimum wage, transportation and education funding. How progressive does Seattle want its future to be? The candidates join us for an in-studio debate.

#13 Art Zone: Mad Campus Artists 11/7/2014
Mid-process `postcards` from the studios of 3 MadArt / Mad Campus artists: Kevin McCarthy, Maki Tamura /Saya Moriyasu and W. Scott Trimble.

#14 Civic Cocktail: November 2014 11/5/2014
Fighting crime and filming movies Seattle style are the topics of conversation on the November episode of Civic Cocktail with host Joni Balter. Police Chief Kathleen O`Toole talks about her approach to cracking down on crime and why she believes Seattle`s police department is one of the most accountable in the country. Then filmmaker Lynn Shelton discusses her latest release “Laggies,” a dark romantic comedy shot in Seattle; chats about her directing style and shares creative secrets to making movies in film-friendly Seattle.

#15 Art Zone: Pop Art Quiz 11/20/2014
Art Zone host Nancy Guppy takes to the street to try and give away tickets to Seattle Art Museum`s Pop Departures Exhibit.

#16 Our City, Our Schools: Early Learning Academy 11/4/2014
Seattle voters recently approved a preschool pilot program. Yet sorting out how preschoolers learn isn`t as simple as it may seem. The latest episode of Our City, Our Schools looks at the city`s Early Learning Academy, which provides training for preschool teachers and helps them prepare their students for kindergarten. The academy, funded by the city of Seattle`s Families and Education Levy, is a bold lesson plan for the future of early learning. Host Brian Callanan talks with a panel of early-childhood education experts about the importance of equitable access to high-quality pre-K programs. This segment is part of the Our City, Our Schools special series, which offers an up-close look at levy-funded programs designed to increase student success in school.

#17 Budget Committee I 11/14/2014
Agenda: New Items, Statements of Legislative Intent, Budget Balancing Package.

#18 City Inside/Out: Affordable Housing 10/31/2014
Skyrocketing rents and housing prices in Seattle are fueling the city`s affordability problem, leaving most housing out of reach for low- and middle-wage workers. How will Seattle house over 100,000 new residents in the next decade? Should developers pay a new tax to create more affordable housing? Will a controversial proposal to raise the rents of low-income residents and move them into the job market work? How can the city`s homeless population find permanent housing? We hear from Andrew Lofton, executive director of the Seattle Housing Authority; Steve Walker, director of the city`s Office of Housing; Janet Pope, executive director of Compass Housing Alliance; and Roger Valdez, director of Smart Growth Seattle.

#19 City Inside/out Local Issues: Marijuana 11/21/2014
It`s been two years since voters approved Initiative 502 to legalize recreational marijuana in Washington state. Should state lawmakers align recreational and medical marijuana in a common regulatory system? Will state and city lawmakers clear the haze with clearer pot laws?

#20 City Council Brownbag: Cultural Competency and Bias with Dr. Edwin Nichols 5/17/2012
Dr. Edwin Nichols joins Seattle City Councilmembers Bruce Harrell and Mike O`Brien for a brown bag discussion on Cultural Competency and Bias. Nichols is a psychologist specializing in the philosophical aspects of cultural difference.

#21 Art Zone Shuffle: Cassandria Blackmore 9/14/2012
Figurative and abstract painter Cassandria Blackmore invites us into her Duvall studio to talk about the glass shattering process that defines her work. Produced by Ralph Bevins.

#22 CityStream: Walking Tours 3/6/2014
Visiting a museum is just one way to learn about the history and culture of our city, but as Nicole Sanchez recently discovered, there`s a tour you can sign up for that takes you into the heart of the Emerald City, it`s call Seattle Free Walking Tours.

#23 Community Stories: Medical Interpreters -- A Bridge to Care 9/28/2009
Navigating the health care system can be daunting, especially if there are cultural and language barriers. Medical interpreters, who often draw from their own experiences and histories, work with patients and providers to bridge those gaps.

#24 Art Zone with Nancy Guppy 4/6/2012
Smart and funny animation by Dale Goodson; art news from gal about town, Brangien Davis; the African American Film Festival hits Langston Hughes; and cool music from Damien Jurado.

#25 CityStream: Beacon Hill Food Forest 10/30/2014
Seattle is home to urban farms, P-Patches, green spaces, rooftop gardens and now a food forest. The 7-acre site on Beacon Hill was once just an empty field of grass; now its home the nation`s largest public food forest. So what exactly is a Food Forest? Shannon Gee meets the volunteers who made this unique idea an edible reality.

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