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#1 City Inside/Out: Chopp vs. Spear 10/17/2014
Voters in the state`s 43rd Legislative District in Seattle face an interesting choice on the fall ballot. Should they re-elect Democratic State House Speaker Frank Chopp to an 11th term? Or should they support Socialist Alternative candidate Jess Spear? Chopp won overwhelmingly in the primary but says he is not taking a November victory for granted. We help you break down where the candidates stand on affordable housing, a higher minimum wage, transportation and education funding. How progressive does Seattle want its future to be? The candidates join us for an in-studio debate.

#2 Art Zone with Nancy Guppy 10/17/2014
Art Zone heads to Hugo House, an urban retreat for writers and readers, where host Nancy Guppy encounters five local authors who have freshly published books this fall. Garth Stein pens a new novel, a ghost story set in Seattle. Becky Selengut cooks all things mushroom. Zubair Ahmed whispers poetry. Gabriel Teodros shares a book of lyrics and Joe Guppy releases a painfully optimistic memoir.

#3 CityStream: Sea-Tac Music 10/16/2014
While many people enjoy air travel, for others, an airplane trip means nothing but hassels; from dealing with long lines, security checks and rushing to your gate to make that connecting flight. But for travelers in and out of Sea-Tac airport, their experience is a bit different thanks to the new Experience City of Music program. And it`s already proving to be the next big hit. Nicole Sanchez has the story.

#4 CityStream: High-Flying Fun 10/16/2014
From recycling homes to restoring planes to music programs taking flight, CityStream soars with creativity. Meet the dedicated volunteers who restore old airplanes to museum quality at the Museum of Flight. Then, taking the stress out of air travel is the next big hit at Sea-Tac Airport thanks to the new Experience the City of Music Program. Plus, we check out the growing field of shipping container architecture. Host Nicole Sanchez explores these stories and more from the Museum of Flight.

#5 Community Stories: Honor Totem [Captioned] 5/5/2014
This poignant documentary chronicles the John T. Williams Memorial Totem Pole project as a catalyst for healing and justice. The community art project rose from the August 2010 fatal police shooting of Williams, a First Nations woodcarver. The shooting sparked an outcry that extended beyond the city of Seattle and the native community. The slain man`s older brother Rick Williams chose a peaceful response through an ambitious endeavor to carve a 34-foot totem pole in honor of the Williams family`s artistic legacy and the memory of one of its most talented carvers. This version of the video has been captioned.

#6 CityStream: Remote Area Medical Clinic 10/9/2014
Seattle is known for its generosity, but there`s one event coming up in late October that will be one of the largest non-profit undertakings Seattle has ever seen. As Abbey Gibb shows us, City and King County leaders along with hundreds of volunteers, will transform Key Arena from a concert venue into one of the largest medical clinics you`ve probably ever seen.

#7 Visiting Seattle 5/3/2011
This program will take you from Pioneer Square to the Seattle Center, Pike Place Market to the International District, and South Lake Union Park to the Waterfront. Seattle is chocked full of history, stories of the Gold Rush, Great Fire, numerous regrades, and TWO World`s Fairs. For a city that`s only one hundred and fifty years old, even the architecture is thrilling. There is plenty to do and see in Seattle. For additional travel information, visit:

#8 Full Council 10/13/2014
Agenda: Public comment, land use and zoning, Supporting Washington State Initiative 594 (I-594).

#9 CityStream: Healthy Community 10/9/2014
It`ll be a transformation like no other at Key Arena – from concert and sports venue to a massive mobile health clinic. Find out how the Seattle/King County Clinic with Remote Area Medical will start to change lives. Then, how one man`s homeless roots helped him build his tech start up today – and how he`s giving back. Plus, with flu season here, learn how Seattle schools are keeping students happy, healthy and in the classrooms. Join host Angela King from Seattle City Hall for these stories and more.

#10 Seattle Voices with Nancy Nordhoff 10/13/2014
Nancy Nordhoff began Hedgebrook in 1985, a writers retreat on Whidbey Island, where she was able to conjoin love for the land with support of visionary women writers. Nordhoff has an active 30 year career on civic boards in Seattle.

#11 Art Zone with Nancy Guppy 10/10/2014
Art Zone hikes up to Capitol Hill for a conversation with choreographer/dancer Judy Kuehner (aka Cherdonna) and visual designer Mark Mitchell about their collaboration on Kuehner`s new show at Velocity "Worth My Salt." Bill Brown, whose illustration clients include Target, Vogue, The New York Times and Forbes, invites us into his studio for a martini, while Jason Plourde, director at Three Dollar Bill Cinema, talks up the Lesbian and Gay Film Festival. All this and an Easy Street Records performance from the magnificent Star Anna.

#12 City Inside/Out: Monorail Measure 10/10/2014
This fall, Seattle will vote on a monorail measure for the sixth time. Seattle Citizen Petition No. 1 would impose a $5 city-wide car-tab fee to help fund planning for a monorail line connecting downtown Seattle with West Seattle and Ballard. But critics contend taxpayers have wasted millions on past monorail proposals and argue Sound Transit already has plans for light rail in the same corridor. Should voters resurrect another monorail plan? Or did that train leave the station a decade ago? Hear why monorail supporters Bill Popp and Dick Falkenbury have opposing stances. Joining us in studio to debate the measure are Seattle Citizen Petition 1 sponsor Elizabeth Campbell and Seattle Subway Political Director Jonathan Hopkins.

#13 Video Voters` Guide: Fall 2014 General Election 10/15/2014
The city of Seattle Video Voters` Guide features two-minute unedited statements from candidates and representatives of ballot measures in the Nov. 4 general election. Included in the guide are two-minute pro and con statements related to four city ballot measures: two competing preschool-related proposals, a measure to fund planning for a monorail line between Ballard and West Seattle and a proposal to preserve transit service in Seattle. The voters` guide also includes statements from candidates for the Municipal Court of Seattle. All seven non-partisan seats for judge are up for election. The guide is a project of the Seattle Channel, Seattle Ethics and Elections Commission and King County TV.

#14 Indigenous Peoples` Day Signing Ceremony 10/13/2014
Mayor Ed Murray signed a resolution that honors indigenous peoples by declaring the second Monday in October “Indigenous Peoples` Day” in Seattle.

#15 Town Square: Friends of the Market 50th Anniversary 10/7/2014
Peter Steinbrueck leads a dynamic discussion about how public markets such as Pike Place Market, are integral to contemporary urban life.

#16 Little Brown Dress 9/7/2006
Can wearing the same dress everyday for a solid year change the planet? For dancer/choreographer Alex Martin, creator of The Little Brown Dress Project, every step counts.

#17 City Inside/Out: Assisted Suicide 9/26/2008
This week`s City Inside/Out takes an in-depth look at Initiative 1000, which would allow mentally competent, terminally ill adults who have a life expectancy of 6 months or less to obtain and self-administer lethal medication. Till now, only Oregon has a law that allows assisted suicide. In 1991, a similar initiative failed in WA. Is this initiative a humane way to die with dignity, or does it discriminate against the less-fortunate and promote euthanasia? We take a look at both sides of this controversial debate and meet some individuals who have a personal stake in its outcome.

#18 Book Lust with Nancy Pearl featuring Lyanda Lynn Haupt 10/7/2014
Naturalist Lyanda Lynn Haupt, award-winning author of The Urban Bestiary: Encountering the Everyday Wild and other books, describes how her studies of philosophy have informed her interest in the natural world.

#19 American Podium: Robert Reich on Reclaiming Prosperity 9/27/2014
Former U.S. Secretary of Labor Robert Reich examines the effects of Seattle`s movement toward a living wage on the future economics of the Puget Sound.

#20 Seattle News NOW: 10/10/14 10/10/2014
New regulations for small housing are put into play; plus newly appointed Police Chief O`Toole gives her first report to Councilmembers; and the Emerald City tops the list of safest places to go for a walk. These stories and more are on Seattle News NOW.

#21 CityStream: Financial Empowerment Centers 6/5/2014
Have you ever been worried about how you`re going to get the money to pay your bills this month? If so, you`re not alone. But there`s a new effort from the City of Seattle that could provide some help. It`s called a Financial Empowerment Center, a joint effort from the City and the Paul G. Allen family foundation. As Brian Callanan reports, this program isn`t giving a handout, but a “way out” of poverty for hundreds of Seattle families... through the power of financial planning.

#22 Deep Sea Diver "Always Waiting" 9/25/2014
Jessica Dobson, Peter Mansen, Garrett Gu and Elliot Jackson of Deep Sea Diver fame perform the title song from their newest EP, “Always Waiting.”

#23 Front Row: An Improvised Christmas Carol 12/20/2012
First performed in 1985, An Improvised Christmas Carol brings Charles Dickens`s Christmas classic to the stage but it`s not the story you`re used to seeing!

#24 City Inside/Out Local Issues: Citywide Monorail Citizen Petition 10/10/2014
This fall, Seattle will vote on a monorail measure for the sixth time simply because critics contend taxpayers have wasted millions on past monorail proposals and argue Sound Transit already has plans for light rail in the same corridor. Should voters resurrect another monorail plan?

#25 Art Zone Shuffle: Bless You 10/10/2014
An architect in the skies tries to spice things up in the city with a precarious creature. Could this be the return of Godzilla? With a combination of real images and illustrations, designer and director Philip Watts shares his animated short film “Bless You” on Art Zone.

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