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#1 Visiting Seattle 5/3/2011
This program will take you from Pioneer Square to the Seattle Center, Pike Place Market to the International District, and South Lake Union Park to the Waterfront. Seattle is chocked full of history, stories of the Gold Rush, Great Fire, numerous regrades, and TWO World`s Fairs. For a city that`s only one hundred and fifty years old, even the architecture is thrilling. There is plenty to do and see in Seattle. For additional travel information, visit:

#2 Central Waterfront, Seawall, and Alaskan Way Viaduct Replacement Program Committee 7/21/2014
Agenda: Office of the Waterfront Update, Report from Central Waterfront Committee, Elliott Bay Seawall Update, Alaskan Way Viaduct Replacement Program Update.

#3 Finance and Culture Committee 7/23/2014
Agenda: Film Forum, Office of Arts and Culture name change, acceptance of funding from non-City sources, 2014 Budget, marijuana locational restrictions.

#4 CityStream: Creative Spaces 7/17/2014
Time to whip out your goggles and lab coat! We`ll show you how to get accessible and affordable lab space through the HiveBio community. With Seattle housing prices on the rise, we look at one cozy and affordable option, "cargotecture." Plus, it`s no secret Seattleites have a thing for the water. And some have taken to it -- quite literally by calling the water home. Join Host Abbey Gibb from Lake Union Park for these stories and more!

#5 Art Zone Hedgebrook Special: Women Authoring Change 5/23/2014
In 1985, Seattle philanthropist Nancy Nordhoff bought a working farm overlooking Useless Bay on Whidbey Island. The land became Hedgebrook -- one of the few residency programs in the world exclusively dedicated to supporting the creative process of women writers. This Art Zone special tells the story of the rural retreat on its 25th anniversary. Go inside the world of Hedgebrook with Nordhoff and meet some of the women writers who have inhabited these woods including Gloria Steinem, Valerie Curtis-Newton, Elizabeth Austen, Pramila Jayapal and more.

#6 Seattle News NOW: 7/11/14 7/11/2014
Seattle`s trash gets converted to energy; a new director for the transportation department and local produce means local profits for neighborhood farm stands. These stories and more are on this week`s Seattle News NOW.

#7 Find It - Fix It Community Walk: Rainier Beach Station Plaza 7/22/2014
City leaders join residents and business owners on a walk through the Rainier Beach Station Plaza neighborhood.

#8 Seattle Public Utilities and Neighborhoods Committee 7/22/2014
Agenda: Public Comment, Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) Director`s Report, Neighborhood Matching Fund 2014 projects, Climate Justice Ambassadors presentation, presentation.

#9 Energy Committee 7/23/2014
Agenda: Public Comment, Review concerning Seattle City Light (SCL) CEO Jorge Carrasco, Seattle City Light`s (SCL) 2012 Integrated Resource Plan, Public Comment.

#10 CityStream: Container Homes 7/21/2014
Finding affordable housing throughout the City can be a challenge. But one Seattle couple has found a way of creating it and from a source you might not expect. Josephine Cheng has the story of ShelterKraft Container Homes.

#11 Seattle Public Utilities and Neighborhoods Committee 7/8/2014
Agenda: People`s Academy for Community Engagement, New Water Rate Class, 2013 Recyling Rate Report, Urban Forestry Commission, Green Seattle Partnership Team Update.

#12 CityStream 12/3/2009
On this episode of CityStream -- math isn`t always the most popular subject in school, but there`s a new formula to change that perception. And, job interviews are nerve racking on their own, but what about when you`re not prepared? How a Dress for Success is helping women put their best "dressed" foot forward. Plus, what are Seattle Seniors doing to stay young? It`s more than just exercising. Join host Lowell Deo from Winterfest at the Seattle Center for this episode of CityStream.

#13 What Does it Mean to be White? 8/6/2012
Author Dr. Robin DiAngelo describes how race shapes the lives of white people, explains what makes racism so hard for whites to see and speaks back to popular white narratives that work to deny racism.

#14 CityStream: Walking Tours 3/6/2014
Visiting a museum is just one way to learn about the history and culture of our city, but as Nicole Sanchez recently discovered, there`s a tour you can sign up for that takes you into the heart of the Emerald City, it`s call Seattle Free Walking Tours.

#15 Book Lust with Nancy Pearl featuring Robert Schenkkan 4/10/2014
Robert Schenkkan won the 1992 Pulitzer Prize for Drama for The Kentucky Cycle, a series of 9 one-act plays; he talks here about his newest play, All the Way, the story of Lyndon Johnson`s first year as president.

#16 CityStream: Helping Hands 7/10/2014
We travel halfway across the globe with a Seattle doctor whose compassion knows no boundaries. Then, closer to home, learn how emergency preparation and neighborliness go hand in hand when it comes to a city program that helps residents become better prepared for disasters. Plus Mayor Ed Murray joins with other mayors to take aim at illegal guns. Join host Penny LeGate for these stories and more.

#17 CityStream Pet of the Week: Rufio 7/17/2014
Rufio here. I`m a goofy, flirty, and sassy dude who is EXUBERANT and FUN-LOVING! I am two years old and fully grown but not your average-size cat. I weigh 17 pounds but I`m not fat. My fur is black and white. Mostly black though. I have a half mustache and racing stripes down my throat that lead down to two big white spots on my tummy. I have big curious green eyes. I can`t really remember how it happened but I have a 90 degree kink at the tip of my tail. I`ll let you touch it, I don`t mind.

#18 Art Zone with Nancy Guppy 6/13/2014
Art Zone kicks off the summer reading season with a trip to Capitol Hill`s Elliott Bay Book Company, which is celebrating 40 years. On the shelf in this week`s show, a chat with book guru and head buyer Rick Simonson, who has been with the store since its early days, and Karen Maeda Allman, author events planner, shares some store secrets. Plus sculptor John Grade previews a new masterpiece in the works at MadArt. The poetic duo Iska Dhaaf shakes the rafters of Elliott Bay`s basement reading room. And before signing off for the summer, Art Zone leaves you with book suggestions by artists and a calendar of artist-led summer classes.

#19 Council Briefing 7/21/2014
Agenda Items: Preview of Today`s Full Council Actions, Council and Regional Committees, City Attorney`s Office Proposed Columbia Center Lease and Incentive Zoning.

#20 CityStream Pet of the Week: Coco 7/10/2014
I`m Coco the trusty Chocolate Lab and I was put on this Earth to be your ever mellow and obedient best buddy. I come ready-made with a bag of tricks; sitting, staying, laying down and shaking hands are easy as pie. All tricks come with a treat toll, of course. I don`t take Visa or cash but treats and pets would be perfect!

#21 CityStream: Financial Empowerment Centers 6/5/2014
Have you ever been worried about how you`re going to get the money to pay your bills this month? If so, you`re not alone. But there`s a new effort from the City of Seattle that could provide some help. It`s called a Financial Empowerment Center, a joint effort from the City and the Paul G. Allen family foundation. As Brian Callanan reports, this program isn`t giving a handout, but a “way out” of poverty for hundreds of Seattle families... through the power of financial planning.

#22 CityStream: Stand Up Paddle Boarding 9/16/2010
There`s a new growing trend for water sports. And since we are lucky enough to live in this beautiful area with so many beaches and lakes, Stand Up Paddling boarding is catching on pretty quickly. Producer Ian Devier shows what this sport is all about.

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