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City Inside/Out: Marijuana Mess
It`s been two years since voters chose to legalize recreational marijuana. Should lawmakers now align recreational and medical marijuana in a common regulatory system?
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2010 Census
The U.S. Census counts every resident in the United States, and is required by the Constitution to take place every 10 years. The 2010 Census will help communities receive more than $400 billion in federal funds and helps determine the number of seats your state has in the U.S. House of Representatives.
2010 City Council Retreat
Video from the 2010 Legislative Department Staff Retreat.
2012 City Council Retreat
Video from the 2012 Legislative Department Staff Retreat.
A Guide to Visitors: Stories on Stage
Real-life stories told by real-life people is what A Guide To Visitors is all about. Host Jeannie Yandel is your guide to a curated selection of true stories told by gifted storytellers. Each half-hour A Guide To Visitors: Stories on Stage episode showcases three compelling storytellers.
Alaska Yukon Pacific Exposition
2009 celebrates the centennial of the Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition otherwise known as Seattle first world`s fair.
Alaskan Way Viaduct and Seawall
Focusing on the Alaskan Way Viaduct and Seawall, the replacement project and Seattle's waterfront.
American Podium
Seattle is a crossroads for information, and a popular stop for the authors, politicians and pundits making news nationally and internationally. The SEATTLE CHANNEL's American Podium series take you to the lecture halls and conference rooms where some of today's most fascinating speakers are sharing their thoughts and insights about what's going on in the world today.
An Evening With...
Figures of both national and local prominence in the arts come to talk with Seattle. "An Evening With" showcases discussions, interviews, panels and presentations with a variety of guests from all areas of the arts at venues such as the EMP|SFM, SIFF, Town Hall, the Frye Art Museum and more.
And Now This...
And Now This... is a series of short videos about how art is a way of life and how art is everywhere.
Arena Review Panel
A private investor has a proposal to construct a new arena in Seattle’s Stadium District with the ability to host NBA and NHL teams. The Mayor and County Executive have appointed a panel of community leaders and finance experts to evaluate the proposal.
Art Venues & Organizations
From the tiniest coffeehouse gallery to SAM and from fringe theater to the Rep, the SEATTLE CHANNEL is the video home of arts in Seattle.
Art Zone with Nancy Guppy
The SEATTLE CHANNEL ART ZONE presents a weekly show starring Nancy Guppy and Seattle's fabulous creative scene, with fresh highlights from local arts, entertainment and cultural happenings. ART ZONE with Nancy Guppy features interviews with local artists and performers, reviews and previews of current offerings, and lots of surprises.
Artist & Performer Profiles
A collection of profiles of local artists and performers whose compelling and inspiring works can be seen, heard and experienced in and around Seattle.
Artist Behind the Art
In this series, we get a behind-the-scenes look at some of the local artists involved in the City's numerous arts programs.
Ask the Mayor
Ask the Mayor puts YOU on TV, along with Seattle's Mayor Ed Murray! Tune in every month for a chance to ask the Mayor about specific issues. Dial (206) 684-8821 during the show or email anytime before the show to:
Award Winning Arts and Culture Videos
Programs produced at the Seattle Channel that have won regional and national awards.
Award Winning Community Videos
Programs produced at the Seattle Channel that have won regional and national awards.
Award Winning Government Videos
Programs produced at the Seattle Channel that have won regional and national awards.
Award Winning Public Affairs Videos
Programs produced at the Seattle Channel that have won regional and national awards.
Beyond the Badge
Beyond the Badge focuses on law enforcement issues, police procedures, and highlights specialized services, neighborhood crime patterns, and successful projects. Beyond the Badge is produced by the Seattle Police Video unit.
Big Night Out
Big Night Out is a monthly variety show on the SEATTLE CHANNEL that tapes the first week of the month. Episodes are filmed before a live audience Columbia City Theatre in Seattle!
Black History Month
In honor of Black History Month, the Seattle Channel has put together a collection of videos that highlight and celebrate local African Americans and their culture.
Boards and Commissions
The Mayor and City Council appoint residents of Seattle to over 50 boards and commissions. Over 300 of the people who serve are directly appointed by Mayor Nickels.
Book Lust with Nancy Pearl
Seattle's own "action figure librarian" and best-selling author Nancy Pearl sits down each month with top writers from around the country for conversations about books and the process and art of writing. There's no one better qualified than Nancy to discuss books and writing, bringing an informed reader's perspective to lively conversation and in-depth dialogs about all things literary. Book Lust with Nancy Pearl is filmed monthly at the University Bookstore in Seattle.
Budget Committee and Events
The Seattle City Council's Budget Committee focuses on topics relating to the City's budget. Meetings are chaired by Councilmember Tim Burgess. This section also includes other budget related videos.
Features and special coverage of Bumbershoot, Seattle's annual arts festival held over Labor Day Weekend at the Seattle Center.
Center City Seattle
Learn how Seattle can shape its growth and develop urban neighborhoods within the downtown core.
Central District Forum for Arts and Ideas
The Central District Forum for Arts and Ideas offers progressive programs that encourage thought and debate on the role of African-Americans in American culture.
City A Go Go
City A Go Go is a twice-monthly look at what's going on in and around Seattle, with lively host Nancy Guppy visiting restaurants, museums, galleries, and special places all over the city. City A Go Go will inspire you to get off your couch and experience the city where you live, with new and exciting ideas, and fresh looks at arts and culture you may have thought you already knew.
City At Work
Seattle residents pay taxes for roads, property and more, but where exactly does all that money go? City At Work sheds light on the money mystery as we go behind-the-scenes to look at your tax dollars working for you. Plus, meet the folks that make city programs and services successful for all Seattle residents to enjoy. Find out what your city is up to in the most recent City @ Work.
City Celebrations and Festivals
Watch special City celebrations and festivals which highlight holidays, people and events in Seattle.
City Club
Seattle CityClub offers a variety of public affairs programs, which feature leaders and newsmakers from around the region and across the nation.
City Inside / Out
Seattle is a vibrant and complex city, and the SEATTLE CHANNEL's City Inside/Out with Brian Callanan brings you thoughtful, in-depth reports and discussions about important local issues every week.
City Inside/Out: Council Edition
Join host Brian Callanan for a monthly conversation with members of the Seattle City Council. City Inside/Out: Council Edition features a conversation about the issues with three Seattle City Councilmembers.
City of Music
Seattle is a music town! Check out bands, composers, orchestras, record stores, instrument shops and all the notes and noises that make the soundtrack of the city.
To find out what fuels Seattle’s limitless vibrancy and to keep abreast of how the city is growing and changing in the 21st century, the SEATTLE CHANNEL presents CityStream, a weekly magazine show.
Civic Cocktail
A civic conversation with a twist, Civic Cocktail occurs the first Wednesday of every month. A panel of pros discusses a range of topics and then the audience poses questions.
Seattle is taking action to prevent one of the biggest threats to the future our city and the planet - global warming. Through Seattle Climate Action Now, we are committed to leading by example and helping everyone in the city take steps today to reduce climate-changing pollution in their homes, at work and on the road. The SEATTLE CHANNEL highlights the local individuals and groups responding to climate change and making impacts on a national and global scale.
Committee of the Whole
The Seattle City Council meets as a Committee of the Whole to discuss single issues in depth.
Committee on Public Campaign Finance
The purpose of the Special Committee on Public Campaign Finance is to review the legislative proposal sent to Council by the Seattle Ethics and Elections Commission for the establishment of a public campaign finance system. The Committee will deliberate and make a final decision as to whether to send a proposal for consideration by voters in the November general election.
Community Stories
Seattle is mosaic of cultures and diverse communities, with an endless supply of inspiring tales to share. Community Stories presents this rich tapestry -- the people, the neighborhoods, the communities, relevant issues, cultural traditions and rich histories that make each of us unique. Learn more about your neighbors on Community Stories.
Cookus Interruptus
The mission of Cookus Interruptus is to educate viewers about how to prepare high-quality wholesome food within the context of busy family life.
Council Briefings
Informative sessions with Council Members and City Staff that focus on current issues that may come before the City Council. Every Monday at 9:30 a.m.
Council Conversations
Join host Josephine Cheng to learn more about the Seattle City Councilmembers. Find out why they got into politics, what drives their decisions and why they love the Emerald City. Tune in each month to hear more from one Councilmember as Cheng dives into their history as politicians in a different spot around town – a spot that means something to each lawmaker.
Council Press Conferences
Press conferences and special announcements made by the Seattle City Council.
Meeting and events of the Citizens` Telecommunications and Technology Advisory Board.
Daily Shorts
Short on time, but hungry for informative and entertaining stories about all things Seattle? We've packaged some of our best content in short format so you can catch up on the go and remain in the know. Get the latest news and information from the Seattle Channel in brief, bite-size video clips featuring a range of subjects from public affairs to arts to inspiring people, places and programs.
From the traditional to the avant garde, Seattle loves a good dance.
Department of Neighborhoods
Seattle Department of Neighborhoods works to bring government closer to the residents of Seattle.
Department of Planning and Development
DPD's mission is to manage growth and development within Seattle in a way that enhances quality of life. We promote a safe and sustainable environment through comprehensive planning, good design, and compliance with development regulations and community standards.
Discovery Institute
Events sponsored by the Discovery Institute, a nonpartisan public policy think tank conducting research on technology, science and culture, economics and foreign affairs.
Downtown Seattle Republican Club
The Downtown Seattle Republican Club hosts interviews and forums that focused on local and state issues.
Eccentric Seattle
You may think you knew Seattle's history, but you haven't heard the best stories until you've spent time with author J. Kingston Pierce. Based on his book of the same name, Eccentric Seattle exposes the lesser-known (though no less compelling) people, places and stories of our city's past. Dive into Seattle's lesser known history with Eccentric Seattle with J. Kingston Pierce.
Economic Resiliency and Regional Relations 2012/2013
Councilmember Clark chairs this 2012/2013 committee, which focuses on: economic resiliency and economic development policies and programs; regional, state, federal, and other governmental matters; and historic preservation
Education and Governance Committee 2014/2015
Councilmember Tim Burgess chairs this Education and Governance Committee. As Chair of this committee, Councilmember Burgess focus on issues relating to public schools and improving student success rates, intergovernmental relations, ethics and elections, as well as personnel issues and labor-management relations.
Video Voter Guides, On the Ballot features, community forums and discussions that all focus on current and past elections.
Elliott Bay Book Company
Located in Pioneer Square and home to over 150,000 titles, Elliott Bay Book Company presents many author events and readings.
Emergency and Earthquake Planning
What every citizen should know and how to equip and safeguard your home for an Emergency.
Energy and Environment 2012/2013
Councilmember O'Brien chairs this 2012/2013 committee, which focuses on: Seattle City Light; and the City's energy and environmental policies, stewardship, conservation programs, and initiatives.
Energy Committee 2014/2015
Councilmember Kshama Sawant chairs this Energy Committee. As Chair of this committee, Councilmember Sawant focus on issues relating to Seattle's energy usage, as well issues relating to alternative energy sources, air pollution regulation, energy utility rates, and Seattle City Light finances.
It rains a bunch, so movies, filmmakers, actors, directors, critics, screenwriters festivals, features, shorts and all things cinematic get lots of credit in Seattle!
Finance and Culture Committee 2014/2015
Councilmember Nick Licata chairs the Finance and Culture Committee. The committee is responsible for reviewing the Mayor’s proposed budget and City financial management policies. Councilmember Licata’s committee also manages issues relating to Seattle’s art and culture, which includes nightlife issues and public access television.
Forums, Brown Bags and Community Meetings
Mayor's town halls, City Council forums, community brownbags and other public meetings.
Front Row
The SEATTLE CHANNEL ART ZONE presents Front Row, highlighting the best in local performance. Music, dance, theatre, literary arts and just about anything that takes place in a concert hall, auditorium or theater is fair game for the roving SEATTLE CHANNEL cameras!
Full Council
The Seattle City Council's Full Council acts on matters referred to the Council from its many committees. The Council meets every Monday at 2:00 p.m.
Gallery Hop
Take guided tours of new galleries and established galleries, and meet the diverse people bringing art to Seattle in new and different ways. Join host Nancy Guppy as she does the Gallery Hop.
Government Performance and Finance 2012/2013
Councilmember Burgess chairs this 2012/2013 committee, which focuses on: government performance and accountability; financial management and policies of the City and its agents; oversight of public works construction projects; fleets, facilities, and other administrative functions; personnel issues; the City Employees' Retirement System; oversight of ethics and elections; education activities; and the Customer Service Bureau.
Health Care and Public Health
Events, meetings and special features focusing on health care industry and public health issues.
History In Motion
Seattle grew up in the age of motion pictures, and some of the most historic films from the Seattle�s Municipal Archives, MOHAI and local documentary filmmakers have found a home on the SEATTLE CHANNEL.
HistoryLink is an evolving online encyclopedia of Seattle and King County history.
Housing Affordability, Human Services and Economic Resiliency Committee 2014/2015
Councilmember Sally J. Clark chairs this Committee on Housing Affordability, Human Services and Economic Resiliency. Councilmember Clark’s committee handles issues concerning affordable housing, homelessness, child care, and disability services, local and regional public health, as well as policies relating to economic development and affordability, including the minimum wage.
Housing, Human Services, Health, and Culture 2012/2013
Councilmember Licata chairs this 2012/2013 committee, which focuses on: human services, homelessness, child care, aging, and disability services; housing policies and programs; local and regional public health; arts activities, nightlife issues, and public access television.
In Good Company
In Good Company: A Seattle Business Showcase, is brought to you by Mayor McGinn as part of the Seattle Jobs Plan to recognize businesses that embody Seattle’s pioneering spirit and reflect Seattle at its best. The ongoing showcase of businesses will spotlight one locally-owned business every month for being unconventional, transformative, and exemplary.
Intiman Theatre
Featuring Intiman's On Being an Artist series and other exciting plays and events.
Videos for internal City use only.
KEXP Live at the Triple Door
The Seattle Channel joined KEXP radio 90.3 to bring viewers KEXP Live at the Triple Door. Utilizing KEXP's exclusive 500 Club performances, the program highlights the uniqueness of KEXP and the diverse range of talented musicians (local, national and international) that come through and from the Pacific Northwest. Watch the KEXP Live at the Triple Door concerts and special musician interviews.
Labor Relations Policy 2012/2013
Councilmember Burgess chairs this 2012/2013 committee.
Libraries, Utilities, and Center 2012/2013
Councilmember Godden chairs this 2012/2013 committee, which focuses on: the Seattle Public Library; water, drainage, wastewater, and solid waste services provided by Seattle Public Utilities (SPU); and the Seattle Center.
Living Literature
McLellan/O'Donnell Living Literature Series, sponsored by the Seattle Public Library and the Washington Center for the Book.
Living Treasures
Living Treasures document the life and works of outstanding artisans and arts advocates.
Local Music Show
Seattle music, musicians and music videos finally have a home on Seattle TV! The Local Music Show is a half-hour program showcasing local artists and their music videos, hosted by John Richards from KEXP and taped at live music venues around the city. Each Local Music Show episode features interviews, videos, information about what's going on in the local music scene, and special surprises, too.
Married in Seattle City Hall
On December 9, 2012 Seattle City Hall opened to welcome same-sex couples to get married in the grand lobby along with their family and friends. Local judges volunteered to officiate the weddings and artists created beautiful displays in front of which couples took their vows. Seattle Channel set up a wedding "couple cam." These videos share the words, reactions and sentiments of the newlyweds on their wedding day at City Hall.
Mayor Ed Murray
Videos relating to Mayor Ed Murray.
Mayor's Arts Awards
The awards recognize contributions made to the city by artists, arts and cultural organizations and community members.
Mayor's Small Business Awards
These awards honor the diversity and excellence of Seattle's small businesses, and their contribution to the city's economic vitality and quality of life. Ten winners are selected each year on the basis of excellence in management, entrepreneurial spirit, customer service, and community involvement.
The Seattle Museum of History & Industry ( MOHAI ) presents special features and events that focus on history of Seattle and King County.
Neighborhood News
Neighborhood News showcases Seattle neighborhoods. Hosted by Lowell Deo, Neighborhood News is a "good news" look at what's going on in the City's 97 different neighborhoods. Get a handle on what's happening around town with Neighborhood News.
Northwest Folklife’s Northwest Stories
Northwest Stories is a series of eight videos exploring communities that have long been a part of the annual Northwest Folklife Festival, which takes place over Memorial Day Weekend at Seattle Center.
Open Government Committee
The Open Government Committee has two purposes. One is to support the transparency of City Council decision making by improving citizens' access to public documents. The other is to improve communication between the Council and citizens about potential Council actions so that the Council can have the best possible understanding of citizens' views on those potential actions.
Open Government West
Open Government West brings together government, technology and civic engagement organizations throughout the region to facilitate collaboration and share best practices across open government initiatives.
Our City, Our Schools
The five-part series highlights levy-funded programs from pre-K through high school. Host Brian Callanan talks with everyone from principals to preschoolers about the Families and Education Levy's successes and its challenges. Is the investment paying off? How are levy programs improving student achievement? What are the benchmarks for measuring the levy's effectiveness?
The objective of the Papercuts campaign is to improve the environmental footprint and impact associated with the City’s purchase, use and recycling of printer and copier paper.
Parks and Neighborhoods 2012/2013
Councilmember Sally Bagshaw chairs this 2012/2013 committee, which focuses on: parks, public grounds, recreation, community centers, the Woodland Park Zoo, and the Seattle Aquarium; and neighborhoods.
Parks, Seattle Center, Libraries, and Gender Pay Equity Committee 2014/2015
Councilmember Jean Godden chairs this Parks, Seattle Center, Libraries, and Gender Pay Equity Committee. As Chair of this committee, Councilmember Godden takes up issues surrounding the gender pay gap in Seattle, as well as issues relating to City parks, community centers, and public grounds, including the Seattle Center. Her committee also manages legislation relating to the Seattle Public Library system.
Pedestrian Safety Committee
Council Members discuss issues surrounding pedestrian and bicycle safety. Council President Nick Licata and Council Member Jan Drago co-chair this meeting.
Pike Place Market
The Pike Place Market, which opened August 17, 1907, is the oldest continually-operated public farmer's market in the country and is also Seattle's most popular tourist destination.
Planning, Land Use and Sustainability 2012/2013
Councilmember Conlin chairs this 2012/2013 committee, which focuses on: planning; land use; urban sustainability; and emergency preparedness, management and response.
Planning, Land Use and Sustainability Committee 2014/2015
Councilmember Mike O’Brien chairs the Planning, Land Use and Sustainability Committee. In addition handling policies involving City zoning, planning, and land use regulations, Councilmember O’Brien takes up matters that relate to climate and environmental protections, conservation programs, and green infrastructure.
Seattle Police Department videos
Port Of Seattle
Features, meetings and events focusing on the Port Of Seattle.
Press Conferences
Find out what’s going on with your local government by watching press conferences which feature the Mayor, the Seattle City Council, the Police Department and many other City Departments and Offices.
Property Dispositions
Community meetings held to discuss City proposals regarding the disposition of surplus City-owned real estate.
Public Hearings
Citizens voice their concerns, provide feedback and ask questions about current issues to elected officials, government and community agencies.
Public Safety
Watch special public safety programs and features that focus in on Seattle’s Police, Fire, Law and Court services.
Public Safety, Civil Rights, and Technology 2012/2013
Councilmember Harrell chairs this 2012/2013 committee, which focuses on: law enforcement; fire prevention and suppression; emergency medical services; criminal justice; civil rights issues; city information technology planning, implementation, and organization.
Public Safety, Civil Rights, and Technology Committee 2014/2015
Councilmember Bruce Harrell chairs the Public Safety, Civil Rights, and Technology Committee. As chair, Councilmember Harrell considers policies relating to law enforcement, crime prevention and criminal justice, civil rights, emergency preparedness and medical services, City information technology planning and implementation, and cable telecommunication services in Seattle.
Public Service Announcements
Informative videos about important current events and issues.
Puget Sound Business Journal
The Puget Sound Business Journal presents an opportunity to hear local business leaders discuss current issues.
Puget Sound Regional Council
PSRC’s mission is to ensure a thriving central Puget Sound now and into the future through planning for regional transportation, growth management and economic development.
Reel Short Movies
The Seattle Channel and Northwest Film Forum have partnered to present the best in local short filmmaking, with unique films from around the region. Seattle is a film city, and now the city has a place where local films can be seen on regular basis.
Remarkable People
Through these engaging, candid and insightful half-hour video portraits, viewers meet colorful, gifted people who add to the vitality of the Northwest.
Safe Communities
The Mayor's Office, the Seattle Police Department and other City departments are working together on the Safe Communities Outreach Initiative.
Seattle 3-1-1
Seattle's proposed 311 service will provide one easy-to-remember number for all police non-emergency and other city services.
Seattle Art Museum
Features and special programs about the downtown Seattle Art Museum, the Seattle Asian Art Museum and the Olympic Sculpture Park.
Seattle Center
Committee meetings, feature shows and news segments about changes surrounding the Seattle Center.
Seattle Channel News
Join the Seattle Channel news team to take a closer look at what the City Council and Mayor have been up to recently. Find out what issues and decisions are hot and affecting Seattle residents. Tune in and watch Seattle Channel News.
Seattle Channel Promos
Watch the Seattle Channel. Learn more about upcoming shows.
Seattle City Light
Informative videos produced by Seattle City Light for citizens to learn more about City's Electric Utility and ways to conserve electricity.
Seattle City Light Committee 2014/2015
Councilmember Kshama Sawant chairs the committee handling issues involving Seattle City Light. The committee handles policies relating to Seattle’s energy usage, as well issues relating to alternative energy sources, air pollution regulation, energy utility rates, and Seattle City Light finances.
Seattle Departement of Transportation
Videos from the Seattle Departement of Transportation.
Seattle Ethics and Elections Commission
The Commission is responsible for interpreting and applying the Seattle Ethics, Elections, Election Pamphlet, and Whistleblower Protection Codes and the City's Lobbying Regulations. The Commission is supported by six employees who investigate complaints, monitor compliance, and offer information and guidance to citizens and employees regarding these Codes.
Seattle Fire Department
Videos from the Seattle Fire Department.
Seattle International Film Festival ( SIFF )
Forums, special coverage and features from the annual Seattle International Film Festival.
Seattle News NOW
Seattle is a dynamic city and the SEATTLE CHANNEL covers local issues better than anyone. Stay on top of what matters most to people in and around the city by joining Megan Erb each week for a brief and lively look at the issues on Seattle News NOW.
Seattle Office of Arts and Culture
Features, events and discussions presented by Seattle's Office of Arts and Culture.
Seattle Office of Civil Rights
Since 1969, the Seattle Office for Civil Rights (SOCR) has helped make Seattle a city where all people enjoy equal rights, equal opportunity and freedom from illegal discrimination.
Seattle Park District Board
On August 5, 2014, Seattle voters approved the Seattle Park District, a metropolitan park district authorized by Chapter 35.61 of the Revised Code of Washington. The Seattle Park District has the same boundaries as the City of Seattle and the Seattle City Council members serve as the Park District's Governing Board.
Seattle Parks and Recreation
Features and events focusing on Seattle's many parks and Seattle Board of Park Commissioners meetings.
Seattle Presents
Seattle Presents, a Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs program, showcases leading Seattle-area performers year round in the City Hall Lobby with weekly outdoor performances on the Civic Plaza in the summer. Acts range from big bands to early music, folk to jazz, global to classical, and everything in between.
Seattle Public Library
Informative videos produced for citizens about the Seattle Public Library and the new downtown Library.
Seattle Public Schools
Work sessions, Board of Directors meetings, community meetings and specials relating to the Seattle Public Schools.
Seattle Public Utilities
Informative videos brought to you by the Seattle Public Utilities about the City's water, waste and recycling services.
Seattle Public Utilities and Neighborhoods Committee 2014/2015
Councilmember Sally Bagshaw chairs this Seattle Public Utilities and Neighborhoods Committee. Councilmember Bagshaw oversees Council’s work on issues surrounding services provided by Seattle Public Utilities, including water, drainage, wastewater, and solid waste services. The committee also consider matters involving Seattle neighborhoods, such as neighborhood outreach and engagement.
Seattle Speaks
SEATTLE CHANNEL, Town Hall and CityClub came together to create Seattle Speaks -- a unique, multi-media town hall for the 21st century to create compelling television on surrounding challenging and important issues in Seattle.
Seattle Transportation Benefit District
The Seattle Transportation Benefit District is governed by a Board, comprised of Seattle City Councilmembers acting ex officio and independently of their elected position. The STBD Board will seek guidance and advice from an established Citizens Transportation Advisory Committee III.
Seattle Voices
Seattle Voices' host Eric Liu engages in one-on-one conversations with some of the most interesting, provocative and inspiring people in Seattle. Eric will introduce us to people from all walks of life, from politics to the arts, to sports and music. Seattle Voices features guests with vision and energy who are making Seattle's public life more vibrant.
Seattle's Public Art
Come along for a series of profiles on local artists whose compelling and inspiring works are seen in public places around Seattle and the Pacific Northwest! The Mayor's Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs commissioned the Seattle's Public Art video tour of the studios and sites where public art is being created, with the stories behind the art provided by the artists themselves in their own words.
Seattle's Sister Cities
The City of Seattle has long been an innovator in developing relationships with cities around the world. With Mike James and Susan Han as your guide, learn what these diverse cities have to offer to the modern traveler, and see what Seattle has in common with her "sisters" around the world.
Select Committee on Minimum Wage and Income Inequality
The Select Committee will work with the Mayor's Office, The Office of Policy and Innovation, the Department of Finance and Administrative Services, the City Budget Office, and the City Attorney's Office to study current minimum wage standards, enforcement of minimum wage standards, and potential modifications to these protocols.
Select Committee on Parks Funding
The purpose of the Select Committee on Parks Funding is to review recommendations from the Parks Legacy Citizen Advisory Committee regarding a package of parks and recreation services (including capital projects, maintenance and operations, and programs) and funding options for implementing that package. The Committee will deliberate and make a final decision as to whether to send a proposal for consideration by voters in the August, 2014 election.
Select Committee on Preschool for All
Select Committee on Preschool for All
Select Committee on Utility Strategic Planning
The purpose of the Select Committee on Utility Strategic Planning is limited to evaluation and consideration of approval of Seattle Public Utilities' proposed Strategic Plan and updates to Seattle City Light's Strategic Plan.
Sodo Arena
Public meetings for the environmental review of the proposed Sodo sports and entertainment arena.
Sound Transit
Features, meetings and events focusing on Sound Transit and light rail.
South Lake Union
Special features, programs and meetings focusing on Seattle's South Lake Union region.
South Lake Union Committee
Review and recommend action on proposed legislation submitted by the Executive related to rezoning and redevelopment efforts in South Lake Union. Councilmember Richard Conlin chairs this special committee.
SPD Press Conferences
Press conferences and special announcements made by the Seattle Police Department.
Special Art Lectures, Forums and Conversations
Special events and discussions about the current state of Arts in the City and future direction.
Special Committee for Educational Achievement
Special Committee for Educational Achievement for Seattle School Children.
Special Committee on Central Waterfront, Seawall, and Alaskan Way Viaduct Replacement Program
Analyze, review, and as appropriate, act on Alaskan Way Viaduct and Seawall Replacement Program proposals and legislation including steps to implement the Bored Tunnel Alternative, the Moving Forward projects, and the seawall replacement; agreements between the City and WSDOT; and all mitigation plans and efforts.
Special Committee on City Light Strategic Plan
Deliberate and review Seattle City Light's proposed six-year Strategic Plan for City Light including the level of O&M and capital expenditures and supporting rates for 2013-2018, make changes as appropriate, and to adopt a final Plan by the end of June 2012.
Special Committee on Law and Risk Management
The purpose of the Special Committee on Law and Risk Management is to provide policy oversight, deliberate and make recommendations intended to improve how the City manages the legal risk and liability the City faces as a result of providing services.
Special Committee on SR 520
The Special Committee will monitor the activities of WSDOT, SDOT, the Governor's office and the State Legislature, and community stakeholders with regard to the SR 520 Project and take necessary actions or make policy recommendations in 2010.
Special Committee on Taxi, For-hire, and Limousine Regulations
The Committee will work with the Department of Finance and Administrative Services to study the existing market for Taxi, For-hire, and Limousine services, the current approach to the regulation of these services and potential modifications to this regulatory structure.
Special Committee on the Library Levy
Special Committee to review and recommend action on proposed levy options submitted by the Library Board to the City Council (and the Mayor) for a vote of the people of Seattle in August, 2012.
Special Committee on Waterfront Planning
The purpose of the Special Waterfront Planning Committee is to review, monitor and act on plans, strategies and partnerships for the management, use and programming of new public spaces on the Central Waterfront. The Committee will also review and act on development or redevelopment of Parks Department's waterfront properties on the Central Waterfront, including the Central Waterfront Master Plan for Piers 57-63 (Alaskan Way Landing).
Special Committee on Yesler Terrace
Yesler Terrace is a 30-acre publicly subsidized housing community located on the southern slope of First Hill, adjacent to downtown, Harborview Medical Center, the International District and Seattle University.
Special Diverse City Stories, Programs and Events
Programming that highlights diversity in the city of Seattle and its many communities. This video collection also includes Race and Social Justice Initiative (RSJI) videos that focus on ending racial inequity in the community.
Special Public Affairs Features and Events
Special features, lectures and events highlighting public affairs and civic events in Seattle.
Videos relating to sports
SR 520 Floating Bridge
Special videos and meeting coverage about the State Route 520 floating bridge.
Sustainable by Design
Looking beyond recycling and pollution control, this program shows how progressive designers, urban planners, educators and business leaders are making sustainability an integral part of their work. Educate yourself by watching Sustainable By Design.
Tech Cetera
Celebrate our regions diverse, creative genius: from the big guys to the small startups. Plus, we highlight how local government can help get dreams off the table and into our community.
Special events, features and meetings that focus on technology in the City.
The American Avant Garde
Local filmmaker Karl Krogstad interviews cutting-edge film artists from around the United States, looking at examples of their work and talking about the challenges of indie filmmaking.
The Next 50
The Next 50, six months of events and activities from April to October 2012, celebrates the 50th anniversary of the 1962 Seattle World's Fair at Seattle Center, the legacy it left to the region and the opportunities ahead during the next 50 years. At Seattle Channel, we're pleased to capture some of today's events and to share several rare, vintage Century 21 Exposition films and television programs from the Museum of History & Industry's collection as part of our History In Motion series.
All Seattle's a stage, so drama, musical comedy, cutting edge performances, historic venues, fringe theaters and established institutions all play a starring role in the city.
Town Hall
From Forums to Follies. Also included are lectures and concerts at the City's Town Hall.
Town Hall Committee
Provide an opportunity for public engagement with the Council on issues and concerns. Each Town Hall will have a more specific focus which will be announced when the meeting is scheduled.
Town Square
Town Square is a SEATTLE CHANNEL series dedicated to connecting people and ideas. With lectures, debates, and forums recorded around the city at places such as Town Hall, the Seattle Public Library, and the Central District Forum of Arts and Ideas, Town Square brings interesting and provocative conversations to cable TV and the web.
Special programming that takes a look at Seattle's transportation challenges and ways to make improvements.
Transportation Committee 2012/2013
Councilmember Rasmussen chairs this 2012/2013 committee, which focuses on: city-wide and regional transportation and transit policies and planning, street maintenance and rehabilitation, traffic control, and parking policies; neighborhood transportation planning; pedestrian and bicycle programs; coordination of transportation issues and the representation of the Council's interests on transportation.
Transportation Committee 2014/2015
Councilmember Tom Rasmussen chairs the 2014/2015 Transportation Committee. The committee will handle matters pertaining to city-wide and regional transportation policy and planning. These issues range from pedestrian and bicycle programs, traffic control and parking policies, and overseeing the City’s coordination with regional and state departments of transportation.
University Book Store
Seattle's University Book Store has been a local favorite for more than a century. The flagship store on University Way is well-stocked and is the site of near daily author readings, book signings and other literary events.
University of Washington Lectures
University of Washington lecture series and special events. Includes the Danz & Walker-Ames Lecture Series, special UW Library events, University of Washington Club, University of Washington Graduate School and more.
Urban Sustainability
This series highlights the latest advances in sustainable design, planning and development, and ways to transform Seattle into a climate neutral, pedestrian friendly, transit oriented, community focused and sustainable designed city.
Verve is a showcase of local artists -- those already known and those yet to be discovered. Episodes of Verve consist of video portraits of three artists. Verve viewers get a look inside the artists' worlds -- their creative processes, studio and work environments, and thoughts on inspiration.
Visiting Seattle
Specials designed to give travelers and tourists insight on traveling in Seattle.
Visual Arts
Thousands of artists, galleries, museums and schools make for a lush visual arts landscape and anything-but-still-life in Seattle.
Special features and programs focus on Seattle's Waterfront.
Winter Holiday
Celebrate the holiday season with SEATTLE CHANNEL'S coverage of holiday music, theatre, dance and more.
Winter Storm
Winter storm tips from the City of Seattle.
Seattleites just can't get enough authors, publishers, presses, books, book groups, libraries, bookstores and poetry slams. They're all here in one handy volume!
World Affairs Council
The World Affairs Council of Seattle, a non-profit, non-partisan organization, is the leading foreign affairs forum in the Pacific Northwest.
Youth Town Halls, Youth Commissions, Youth Engagement.

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