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Seattle Speaks:
Preschool Politics

If pre-k is publicly-funded, what would your top priority be? Watch the latest episode of Seattle Speaks to see what was said and learn more about this important issue.

Presented in partnership with Seattle CityClub & Town Hall Seattle

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Preschool Politics
Seattle Speaks

Only 3 out of 10 children (ages 3-4) were enrolled in Washington preschool programs last year, but a publicly-funded universal pre-k measure is on the November ballot. What would universal pre-k look like in Seattle, and how should it be funded? Join Seattle CityClub, Seattle Channel and Town Hall.

From the show:

Preschool Measures Comparisons (pdf)
Preschool Politics Pre-poll Results (pdf)
#SeattleSpeaks Tweets

To learn more about each measure:

Seattle Speaks, hosted by Seattle Channel’s Brian Callanan, is an Emmy-award winning series that brings together local leaders, critics, stakeholders, and citizens like you to deliberate pivotal moments in our city’s history.

Seattle Speaks is brought to you by SEATTLE CHANNEL, Town Hall and Seattle City Club. This unique, multi-media town hall for the 21st century is designed to encourage open discussion among city officials, leaders, adults and youth alike about important issues surrounding our region.

About Seattle Speaks

Seattle Speaks is brought to you by SEATTLE CHANNEL, Town Hall and City Club. This unique, multi-media town hall for the 21st century is designed to encourage open discussion among city officials, leaders, adults and youth alike about important issues surrounding our region.

Watch video clips from one of our previous shows, Seattle Speaks: Youth Violence.

Hear Maraunjanique “Mook” Smallwood speak on the issues concerning youth violence and what she hopes adults can do to help.

Hear how one mother credits her daughters’ education for leading her to be a better parent and to be there for her children.

Hear how former gang member Tony McCane worked to change his life around and escape the youth violence lifestyle.
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View poll results from previous shows:

Seattle Speaks: Preschool Politics online results (pdf)
Seattle Speaks: Wade into the Waterfront online results (pdf)
Seattle Speaks: Seattle Public Schools audience results (pdf)
Seattle Speaks: Seattle Public Schools online results (pdf)
Seattle Speaks: Marijuana Policy audience results (pdf)
Seattle Speaks: Marijuana Policy online results (pdf)
Seattle Speaks: Youth Violence audience results (pdf)

Viewer Comments

Comments from Seattle Speaks: Wade Into the Waterfront
Tuesday April 30, 2014

The following is a selection of questions and comments from Seattle Speaks: Wade Into the Waterfront. Comments unedited for content & spelling.

Pre-Poll comments

Email comments

Comments from Seattle Speaks: Wage Worries
Thursday October 10, 2013

The following is a selection of questions and comments from Seattle Speaks: Wage Worries. Comments unedited for content & spelling.

Pre-Poll comments:

Do you support a $15 per hour minimum wage?

  • Not global,selected workers, exemptions for small businesses
  • It sounds good but I am concerned it will backfire, if businesses decide not to invest here.
  • We already have the highest minimum wage in the country. $15 per hour will kill small and start-up businesses, stifling innovation and force creative enterprise out of the City limits.
  • A living wage is one of the minimal prerequisites of a decent civic society.
  • In a region where a humble apartment rents for $1,000 to $1,200 monthly, a $15 per hour minimum wage is hardly unreasonable. Despite Washington's $9.19 miminum wage being the highest in the nation, it remains woefully inadequate when adjusted for inflation and market costs of a most basic existence.

  • Do you think our businesses will suffer if Seattle raises minimum wage to $15 per hour?

  • Restaurants have thin margins, something like 4%. How can they afford a 62% jump in payroll?
  • Absolutely. 100% certainty. As a small business owner, my labor costs will devour all company profit and force me to consider closing. This is not a dramatic overstatement some might . but others might actually florish
  • Unquestionably. They will need to raise prices to cover the added costs. Will consumers still buy from them rather than seeking a lower, perhaps online alternative, I doubt it.
  • Because no business will be exempt from any minimum wage level within Seattle city limits, all would be on equal footing and pass on the costs to their customers (from within the city limits). However, brick and mortar businesses in adjoining municipalities or operating online outside Seattle would be at an advantage to businesses operating within Seattle city limits if/when Seattle residents did business with them.

  • Would you be willing to pay more for goods & services?

  • I would be willing to pay a small premium but not 60+% more!
  • It has not proven to be necessary to raise prices in other cities that have raised the minimum wage. Higher wages equals more folks spending more money for goods and services.
  • At a higher wage level, this isn't a willingess issue, it will be fact.
  • The real issues here, beyond the immediate minimum wage debate and ballot measure for Sea-Tac, are the U.S. economic policies of the last 30 years and property values of the past 20 years. Real wages for the middle class have declined and continue to decline, while real estate values have risen. Until about 20 years ago, median wages and median home prices essentially rose and fell in approximate unison. Since then, median home prices have risen faster than median wages and we are now seeing that this is unsustainable. Another real estate crash is already in the making.

  • SeaTac residents are voting in November for a $15 minimum wage for airport & hospitality workers. Would you support that measure?

  • From what I understand, most of the airport workers do not live in SeaTac and will not be spending their money there. Plus what about those working outside the airport? Those workers will still be getting $9.19 while the airport workers are making $15. This does not seem right. Why not make it a citywide ordinance?

  • Should the minimum wage be raised at the city, county or state?

  • State but city can lead. Much easier to enforce on a state level, though it may make the state less competitive, jobs-wise.
  • Leave minimum wage policy to the State. This is well outside the scope of municipal policy. Fix transit.
  • Fill in potholes. Stick to the basics of public service and STOP with social agenda policy. Repeal Paid Sick and Safe Time ordinance.
  • I can understand that this may need to come in increments, both in terms of geography and actual wage.
  • Doesn't really matter. It will still impact the cost of everything from groceries to housing to parking
  • The cost of living in Seattle is much higher than other areas of the state. Though in order to have equity the state minimum wage should be raised to $15.
  • The state can't get its act together to help low-wage workers by fixing our worst-in-the-nation tax system, so there's no way I'd hold my breath waiting for them to raise the minimum wage.
  • With disparate housing and other costs throughout the state, I'm not sure that any miminum wage level set at the state level can address the complexities we face.

  • To view more comments on wage worries, please visit Seattle Channel's facebook page.

    To view the conversation on twitter, check out #seattlespeaks.

    Comments from Seattle Speaks: Shaping Seattle Neighborhoods
    Tuesday April 16, 2013

    The following is a selection of questions and comments sent in during the live Seattle Speaks: Shaping Seattle Neighborhoods. Email comments unedited for content & spelling.

    Email comments:

    Why were more people in their 20's and 30's involved? We baby boomers (and older) have shaped Seattle's neighborhoods to our liking. We need to let the next generation decide what world their children (our grand children) will inherit. If like previous generations their vision ideal will be quite different from their parents. If we do embark on a new neighborhood planning effort we should strive to have a median age ~35.

    there should be affordable  parking in SLU

    SLU sucks for parking
    should i ride my bike to slu from the eastside?

    we need to make it easy for the eastside to come an enjoy the SLU area not send them away with high price parking we need a parking garage

    Giant wall buildings over 12 stories high kill views from Capitol Hill forever. Great cities have interesting buildings of different shapes with a mix of skinny and fat buildings.
    cost of parking in the area is driving people away

    Next meeting should be all inclusive, all diversity should invited so that they can express their concerns. Remember in Seattle we have the most diversity zipcode

    we need a parking a garage  near MOHI to have a area to rent cars and flex cars  bikes where are they going to park

    my employees won't ride the bus because they are so packed
    my employees can find parking in slu

    we need parking in SLU a parking garage flex cars bikes
    Developers have too much influence in shaping Seattle Neighborhoods; Neighbors are voices are ignored.

    It's not a height tax. The additional height is a gift to developers and we need to create public benefit at the same time we give away such tremendous private gain.

    It doesn't help sub-housing where resident have no other service that is leadimg them to go out of sub-housing. Residence in New holy or west Seattle need good career devolopment programs, training, job couching & counselors who can over come with them job barriers, other housing options mixed housing, home sales with Sharia compliance mortgage companies.

    I am concerned about the dearth of young people, and of people of color, participating in the discussion at Town Hall tonight. How can we have a reasonable and legitimate discussion about the future of Seattle - an increasingly diverse city - without the voices of the people who will ultimately live there? We are seeing a very particular perspective represented at Town Hall: older, possibly retired, white residents. I hope viewers and participants recognize the slanted and specific perspective.

    From Twitter:

    #SeattleSpeaks asked: can you grow and maintain community? Yes, you can. You just have to listen.

    Great learning experience at #SeattleSpeaks looking FWD to the next one @SeattleDPD @downtownseattle @UptownSeattle @SeattlePlanCom

    Lots of great discussion at tonight’s #seattlespeaks event. Love that there are so many passionate people in this city. cc: @CityClubLive

    I moved here for the growth opportunities. I'm staying b/c I want to make sure those opportunities are accessible to all #SeattleSpeaks

    @CityClubLive More affordable housing so workers can live near their jobs rather than enduring long, polluting commutes #SeattleSpeaks

    It seems that people often believe that their voices aren't heard simply if they don't agree w decisions made #SeattleSpeaks @CityClubLive

    "Do you feel like your voice is being heard when it comes to neighborhood development?" 45.6% of #seattlespeaks attendees say no.

    #seattlespeaks my top concern about mass transit is cost versus effectiveness

    Balancing growth and neighborhood values... First topic of discussion tonight at #seattlespeaks cc: @THSEA.

    Comments from Seattle Speaks: Same-Sex Marriage

    The following is a selection of questions and comments sent in during the live Seattle Speaks: Same-Sex Marriage. If you'd like to share your thoughts on Same-Sex Marriage or submit ideas for upcoming Seattle Speaks shows please use the email from above or contact us at

    Received via email:

    Same sex marriage has nothing to do with the church or god.  Not everybody believes in god or the same god.  Plus you get the marriage license at city hall not from the church.

    Thanks for letting us know about the the support coming from the Chamber. Sweet facts!

    This is not about three people. This is NOT about three people. Never had been. Same argument said about Blacks being allowed to marry Whites. "What's next?" It's the same "be afraid" tactic. It's not factual, it's inflammatory.

    There are no Federal Marriage Laws outside of general taboos. Marriage is State Laws.

    My partner and I have been together three years and hope to be married soon. She comes from a non-religious background and I come from a religious background. Regardless of this background we were both brought up to believe that if you love someone and you want to build a life and family with that person: you marry that person. We want to have the marriage that our parents do.

    The legislation is about 2 committed people being allowed to marry.

    Beautifully spoken words!

    I moved to Seattle from Louisiana because I felt unwelcome as a lesbian -- unprotected by discrimination laws, hated by the religious authorities, and a convenient political scapegoat. To live in a state with marriage equality would mean the world to me -- finally, a complete citizen.

    Very well said!

    My 3 year old can't wait to be a flower girl at her aunt's wedding next summer to her new auntie.

    Um... 67 + 10 + 3 doesn't equal 100% folks.
    :  Excuse me? M/F couples can get married just cause they wanna. Yes, any M/F couple can get married. (and divorced the next week)

    If Marriage is a religious institution, then shouldn't we all simply have civil unions as we follow the rule of Separation of Church and State?

    That was the exact same claim against mixed race marriages years ago. "It was not meant to be that way as defined by the church" -- sad.

    Redefined? The definition is two people who ask for a certificate of marriage, to get married. No church ritual is involved here. This is a bit of paperwork which grants civil rights.

    Since no law will ever keep same-sex couples from enjoying fulfilling, life-long relationships with each other, in public and in private, what  real and demonstrable harm would allowing those couples to marry pose to you or your community?

    I am three weeks away from giving birth to a baby girl and I want her to grow up in a state where people aren't denied their basic civil rights.

    Seems to me like the only opposition to referendum 74 is coming from a religious reason.  What about separation of state and church?  We are speaking about civil marriage not religious marriage!

    Why can't my moms get married? They love each other.

    I voted other- I believe in EQUAL RIGHTS.

    I would like to ask the opposition how they would feel if people had the right to vote on who they were and weren't allowed to marry?

    I am ten. I want my moms to get married.

    And so an atheist can't get a marriage certificate? (God's gift)

    (thank you for the moments of laughter)

    How would the opponents of same-sex marriage sit down and tell a friend that they do not believe their child should be allowed to marry?

    Could you please ask the preserve marriage representative how he justifies deceitful tactics used in his social media campaign?  More recently his Facebook page has seen spikes in "likes" yet the cities listed for these likes are not just outside our state but outside our country.  The Facebook page is listed as a community page yet all same sex supporters with intelligent comments are being blocked.  Why all the lying and also blocking of conversation?

    I am a person that values religion but more importantly I believe in the separation of church and state. It isn't any more complicated than that.

    5000 years ago people didn't live past the age of 30.  Should we go back there?

    Senator Swecker: I recall your words in the Senate. Where do you stand on mixed race marriages? FACT CHECK: No, raising children has been "it takes a village" in many cultures, where only two parents was NOT the standard.

    One man and several women can result in children, as well.

    Wow- time to evolve.

    Shouldn't there be a separation of church and state?  Since when does the church play such an enormous role in policy?

    Religion seems like a very important part of this debate.  Not everyone believes in God or practices religion.  As long as your religious beliefs aren't persecuted against, why persecute others?

    Doesn't anyone understand separation of church and state?

    Marriage is a religious institution which contemplates the union between a man and a woman. I believe that homosexual couples should be afforded all the same privileges as traditional married couples, except for the privilege of being given the title of marriage.
    I am a person of faith and very dedicated to my religious background - I support the right for all couples to marry. My faith has no place in policy & governing.

    I wish more churches and other faiths would stand up for human rights -- lead, rather than react.

    It seems as though it is really just an attempt to get benefits. It seems like the only people who will get married are gay - in Seattle 41% are single and live alone.

    In what previous civil rights struggles would the opponents have been proud to be part of the majority denying rights to a minority?

    I have a question for the opposition, reject 74.  In California, the opposition to gay marriage used a series of dishonest, hateful and un-Christ like advertising. Does reject 74 plan to use similar dishonest, hateful and un-Christ like advertising between now and election day?

    How does changing the definition of marriage from "one man, one woman" impact a heterosexual marriage?

    History has shown us that denying civil rights weakens and denies us.

    To the opposition:  How does granting committed, same-sex couples freedom to marry personally impact you in a negative way?

    If the purpose of marriage is to procreate and have families - are married couples that choose not to have children or are unable to have children not entitled to marry?

    It's "wrong" to deny people their basic civil rights.

    From social media:

    The "original purpose" of marriage was a property transaction. It’s already redefined. #seattlespeaks @SeattleChannel @seattlecitycouncil

    #Seattlespeaks Things that negatively impact children in a home: domestic violence & obesity. Those are DEADLY. Married gay parents aren’t.

    #seattlespeaks People saying same-sex marriage separates children from biological parents. I thought that was divorce? @SeattleChannel

    #seattlespeaks Equality influences my decision to support same-sex marriage. Plain and simple.

    #seattlespeaks One mane & one woman are only people with children? Hmm….Perhaps we should check some demographic statistics?

    Sorry but I’m totally for 74. It has nothing to do with God or the church. You get the marriage license at City Hall not the church.

    Comments from Seattle Speaks: Seattle Public Schools

    The following is a selection of questions and comments sent in during the live Seattle Speaks: Seattle Public Schools show. If you'd like to share your thoughts on a state of Seattle Public Schools or submit ideas for upcoming Seattle Speaks shows please use the email from above or contact us at

    I am watching the program on the effectiveness of Seattle Schools. We have to stop beating each other up. I don't hear anyone disagreeing with the idea that we need - in every school - exactly what the administration AND teachers are working toward, day and night - 1) ways for all educators to continuously improve their practice, 2) multiple forms of collaboration - that involve a range of stakeholders, including students to make learning more inclusive and engaging, 3) reliable data - and valuable insights of all kinds (such as those featured on this show), 4) advocates who understand that each and every one of us has a sphere of influence within which we can rally others... and that a it is our responsibility to know that learning - like human beings, is complicated. It can't be reduced to a simple formula. We need to stand together, roll up our sleeves, and give the districts' vision a fighting chance. -- Anonymous

    We have hard work to do. But we have a lot of success to probe, build upon, and communicate about in ways that don't further diminish this essential profession and our remarkable community. -- Margery

    I think the contract will help because I believe it will help keep the teachers accountable on more than just a pass fail system. It however doesn't allow us to offload the dead weight teachers. -- Cynthia

    It would seem to me, that Dr. Maria Goodloe-Johnson would make attendance at this evening's town meeting her top priority. While her apology for not being there was heard, the lack of her presence is alarming. -- Deb

    Want real reform then encourage high school students to form their own union with the power to negotiate with the Seattle School District and strike for better "learning" conditions if necessary. Each day students were on strike the district would lose State money. Nothing focuses the attention of an entrenched system like losing part of its budget. -- Anonymous

    Olga Addae, Kay Smith-Blum and Michael DeBell are right on! We absolutely need to provide for trust - relationship - innovation at the school and CLASSROOM level -- this is HUGE! I worry about "systems change" driven primarily from the top down. Innovation needs to be driven at ALL levels. -- Pennie

    Why should Seattle taxpayers pay for a system in which we have no direct control? We pay state, county property taxes and levy funds, yet it is never enough. -- Anonymous

    The moderator wasn't great- wouldn't allow any comment on issues of poverty, labor unions, etc, that are difficult. Well, at least he was lively. -- Anonymous

    Sounds like strategic plan is doing some Things right, but focus is too narrow. Expand implementation to include the other best Practice -- Kim

    Your 5 year plan is BAD -- Anonymous

    According to US dept of education stats, Seattle receives over $14,000 per student - how is that not enough $$$$? -- Anonymous

    The Science curriculum is one of the KEY reasons that my kids are in Seattle Public Schools. HOW DARE YOU remove one of the most unique amazing curriculums the SCIENCE program. What gives you the right to remove something that is so critical for our children's lives!!! -- Anonymous

    I give my kids teachers A pluses, they are amazing. I give our "leadership" a C. -- Anonymous

    The district wants to cut summer school- but that is where students can get caught up. It is too bad the district did not make cuts to things like redoing their website, remodeling Ingraham etc. so they could fund needs not wants. Their priorities are messed up. -- Anonymous

    In 1970's Seattle, twice as many public school students were served by fewer central office staff than today. Families are voting with their feet. Seattle is first in percentage of students in PRIVATE schools. -- Anonymous

    Ask the students, not the administrators why this is. -- Anonymous

    What makes Eastside school districts like Issaquah, Northshore, and Lake Washington successful? They listen to input from parents, community members AND TEACHERS. Also their superintendents and principals are held to a high standard of efficiency in the education of students. Because of great leadership, teachers also rise to great teaching regardless of students' academic abilities. -- Anonymous

    Yea on the career counselors! They are gone - and the military recruiters are in. -- Anonymous

    One thing that is rarely mentioned is how much unfair pressure is placed on the students in low income schools. How can we demand 8th graders at Aki and similar schools to not only succeed as they should, but to do so in disadvantaged environments prone to disruption? I think you will find that adults can't manage it, so certainly 12 and 13 year olds will rarely do so. Those that do should be lauded or, in fact, celebrated every day. -- Anonymous

    Hooray to the teacher who is speaking!!!! -- Anonymous

    Let's dump Goodloe Johnson and all the other know it alls and look at why kids are not ready to learn based on their life factors outside of the school system. If you put teachers from the Bush School at W Sea Elementary do you think they would raise cores to anywhere near Bush school gets. Let's look at the real issue - the big PC thing no one can talk about. Let's stop putting all the blame on the teachers. -- Anonymous

    YES! Every kid can learn!! -- Anonymous

    We want to keep our unique, successful SCIENCE curriculum that we are currently using!!!!! -- Anonymous

    Our Superintendent is bold and courageous. We should all feel proud of the work of our leaders and teachers that continue to push improvements and reform. -- Anonymous

    YES. Get ineffective teachers OUT. So hard for principals to do! -- Anonymous

    The District shills are in the audience! -- Anonymous

    I believe the new contract has helped me focus on my instruction and think deeply about areas I can improve in. -- Anonymous

    What's that guy talking performance in Seattle is horrendous. -- Anonymous

    YES! Science instruction comes DIRECTLY from the science department (Central Administration). Don't cut it. -- Anonymous

    Yes, we need accountability. The union will not give it, the district will not give it. Help the principals to do this. Help them help teachers be better, and help them find another place to work if that doesn't help. -- Anonymous

    Cut the central Administration and put the remainder at Lowell -- Anonymous

    The man who just spoke about Aki Kurose and Eckstein switching teachers and getting different test scores would never happen is dead right. Test scores are unreliable. How will special ed kids be measured? Gifted? -- Anonymous

    Notes are being taken. School Board members that sell out our students for their own aspirations will be called out. -- Anonymous

    We need school board members to have a background in education! If you have no knowledge of education, you should not be making decisions for an education system. -- Anonymous

    We don't question poverty...because then we'd have to do the right thing and redistribute wealth. -- Anonymous

    If the purpose of a school district is to educate children - why are millions spent on programs with little to negative impact to schools? Continuing down the wrong path is not bravery or in the best interest of students. -- Anonymous

    Are you kidding me?!?! Teacher quality is well-defined!! -- Anonymous

    I have been in lots of schools, I have seen lots of teachers. There are fabulous teachers, and yes, there are indeed some that need to go. -- Anonymous

    Process and procedure are how C.A. functions with no accountability. The achievement gap has become greater and the board gives Maria Johnson a raise. What kind of message is that! -- Anonymous

    Addae needs to understand that teachers MUST be held accountable -- Anonymous

    I am an SPS teacher in a school with a highly impacted population. I am proud of the work I do, and am ready to tie my performance to that of my students. IT IS MY JOB TO ENSURE MY STUDENTS ARE LEARNING! -- Anonymous

    Many of us working in the central office (non-management) work massive hrs due to the previous cuts over the last few years. We provide extremely important support to the schools- the burn-out level is unbelievable. Please note we believe the problem lies in top heavy executive/management level positions and not enough "line" employees to do the actual work!! -- Anonymous

    It is known fact that children cannot learn when their social and emotional needs are not met, yet the district de-values Counselors and proposes to get rid of them. This shows how much they value educating the whole child. What does education really mean? Is it only measured in scores? -- Anonymous

    Teacher high performance DOES equal higher student performance. The president of my union does not believe that. -- Anonymous

    I think the Super and the School Board better visit the Employee Assistance Program -- Anonymous

    As a teacher in SPS I have no respect for my union leadership. They do not speak for me, and do not adequately represent my voice. -- Anonymous

    Reduce class size. Get rid of the instructional coaches. -- Anonymous

    If we take away more supports being offered from central administration (such as coaching and mentoring support) teachers are going to feel the loss of support, and will have nowhere to turn. -- Anonymous

    I tried to get a ticket to this. It is a bit frustrating that there are So Many CityYear Students! What do they have to do with this conversation??? Why are there so many of them here, taking up seats of educators and parents? -- Anonymous

    You will never have good schools with all this administration and two wars going on. -- Anonymous

    While many blame teachers for being the problem. There are a number of ineffective and inexperienced principals who are turning schools that were once good into poor ones! -- Anonymous

    You would think that Goodloe Johnson would make decisions to benefit the children of her race instead of cutting them off at the feet. -- Anonymous

    This over administered district has no excuse for the large divide they have against fellow districts. Those educated people are the reason Seattle Schools are in trouble. -- Anonymous

    Since the district IS top heavy, sounds like employees are not very effective, if they have more work than they can handle. Perhaps making them all reapply would be the next solution. -- Anonymous

    The cuts offered were to maintenance workers and low-level workers. None of the fancy Central Administration people were on the list. -- Anonymous

    Cut administration. -- Anonymous

    Ms Thompson sees people who are working hard. But what are the results of their work? They're not 5-year-olds making noodle necklaces for their mommies - it's the results, not the effort that counts from Central Administration. -- Anonymous

    Cathy is using Willful ignorance. That is no excuse. -- Anonymous

    The number of children in poverty in Washington would line up on I5 from Canada to Oregon. -- Anonymous

    The problem that most people don't get is that the central office is down to bare bones. The schools depend on support of a lot of people who work there and will suffer without that support. -- Anonymous

    The achievement gap was around when site based management was the rule, going back to site based management is not going to fix anything. -- Anonymous

    The thousands of $$$ and time teachers are expected to spend on Writing Workshop has taken its toll on teachers ability to focus on Mathematics, Science and Social Studies. Are those subjects unimportant in the 21st century/technology age?! -- Anonymous

    With all the chaos she's caused, Maria Goodloe-Johnson is like a plate spinner on the Ed Sullivan show. Soon the plates are going to start crashing to the floor. -- Anonymous

    SPS has a bloated Central Administration in desperate need of reduction - SPS has a higher administrative burden than almost any other district in the state. And yet the decision by district management has been not to reduce and restructure, but to move expense segments (like professional development coaches) to other categories (they're in Teaching now, even though they do not instruct students). At least half of the recent "central office" cuts are to maintenance, gardeners, utilities... how many people are concerned about overpaid gardeners downtown? The cuts were to district-wide costs, not to Central Administration. SPS management is willing to consider every possible cut but cuts to its own organization. -- Anonymous

    Get rid of all central administration it is not the rubber that meets the road. -- Anonymous

    As a former employee at a low-income school I feel that too often people waste their energy trying to decide who is at fault when they could be lending their voices to shouting out the praises of good parents, good teachers, and wonderful organizations like City Year. Negative foci yield negative expectations and, inescapably, negative results. -- Anonymous

    Changing the 5 Year Plan at this point would not be helpful. Systems take time to change and we need to give ideas time before we decide they don't work. -- Anonymous

    In September, 99.8% of teachers voted "no-confidence" in the Superintendent. -- Anonymous

    Talk about how hard it is to fire really bad teachers. -- Anonymous

    Central administration wants 1 central administrator per employee that is Goodloe Johnsons strategic plan -- Anonymous

    I have worked for the school district since 1981. The most critical factor is the hiring of excellent principals. -- Anonymous

    MAP testing occurs for three weeks for 3 times per year. Nine weeks of the 30 week school year calendar is a huge amount of time to lose from student access to the schools' libraries. How does the board and central admin justify this huge loss of a great resource that is already in place? -- Anonymous

    School Board members- you are not off the hook! Many are the times you should have stood up to SPS. -- Anonymous

    Amazing that the superintendent is not present. Very disappointed. -- Anonymous

    PLEASE ask Cathy Thompson what that central budget goes towards -- Anonymous

    The problem I see is the limited funding coming from a state with the most regressive tax system in the country. And then to have those limited funds sucked into administration's budget is a recipe to harm not help Seattle students. We need to tax the wealthy not accept their charity so they can control content. -- Anonymous

    The union needs scrutiny. -- Anonymous

    School closures kill communities. -- Anonymous

    Can you ask Cathy what that central $$$ goes to? I think you'll be surprised! -- Anonymous

    Ridiculous. What a crock! we NEED to have accountability!! -- Anonymous

    The new contract could have been so much better. Principals NEED to have more power to get rid of BAD teachers. We spend the MOST money on teachers. There NEEDS to be a system that allows for serious accountability for teachers. We have great teachers, but we also have completely ineffective ones. The union I am forced to be a part of is NOT in favor of that accountability. -- Anonymous

    This District continues to pay over burdensome amounts for central administration as compared to all other districts statewide. Maybe the Meg Diaz report should be taken seriously but the lackey superintendent and her in the pocket board will not. -- Anonymous

    Ms. Addae is the only one so far clearly describing what needs to be done. This lady is very off track!! -- Zelda

    The publics ready for the superintendent to go. When will the school board see that? -- Anonymous

    The school district is spending a lot of bus transportation. I see large empty up and down our neighborhood street. Is it possible to consolidate or use smaller buses? -- Anonymous

    The achievement gap has widened since the strategic plan has been in place. -- Anonymous

    SPS should radically cut its central administration staff and instead invest the money in hiring more teachers and aides and decreasing class sizes at individual schools. -- Anonymous

    Language immersion schools should be option schools, with equal access for all children. However, the district is opening new schools as attendance area schools. Why can't my kids go there? -- Anonymous

    SPS needs to focus on individuals and not take a one-size-fits-all approach. Accountability? Yes, absolutely. Losing sight of individual differences? NO, NO, NO! -- Anonymous

    What I would like to see change the most is for our community to stop fighting change. Our country is woefully behind the rest of the world in K-12 education. We in Seattle should be leaders in education reform. I feel like all I ever hear from the community is criticism instead of recognizing where there is momentum for change, focusing on the positive and offering to help. -- Anonymous

    Susan Enfield just said that teachers all supplement the "aligned" curriculum. But when I asked to have my son placed with a math teacher who used the traditional instruction method, the math department head told me "due to our district guidance, all of our teachers use the reform method." So if teachers have freedom of pedagogy, they don't know it. Or else somebody is lying. -- Anonymous

    Education needs to address developmental stages of children, who do not always progress at the same rate in all areas. The solution is not to force kids to go faster or slower, but to work with their strengths & interests. Not expect each child to produce identical results irrespective of school or learning style. Unless MGJ is in a hospital bed, I want to know why she is a no-show. -- Anonymous

    GO back to a school-centered system. Use the central office to support those schools. Accountability doesn't mean central control. Each community is different. -- Anonymous

    If kids in the early grades fall behind, especially in basic math and reading skills, they need to get back on track immediately. It is not ok to promote kids who don't meet standards, as they just fall further and further behind. Social promotion, as is practiced in SPS, needs to go. -- Anonymous

    59.4% of Seattle Public School Elementary Students fail the Washington State Science Exams. Why does SPS continue to rely on the National Science Foundation Curriculum (implemented in 1997). It is a proven failure. -- Anonymous

    Some reform is needed for the district and the union. However, the reforms must come from researched plans/proposals and not from corporate muscling like The Gates Foundation and Teach for America. The union must be more proactive in proposing new reform ideas and should not accept the status quo. -- Anonymous

    What about letting kids/families retain a high degree of school choice, and require that schools with certain levels (of average income level? of student achievement?) adopt "sister" schools at the lower end. That relationship would require sharing resources of fundraising, kid achievements, etc. This could be fun, rewarding, and educational for all! -- Anonymous

    The one thing that will help the students that need it most is SMALLER CLASS SIZES! When a teacher can focus on a small number of high-need students, those students are getting served and will be able to learn better and move forward faster! (Just what Olga Addae just said!) -- Zelda

    Was told today that middle school my daughter is assigned to next year may not have room for all Spectrum children. Thus, some children won't get adequate education. -- Anonymous

    The focus and money spent on Writing Workshop and lack of focus on Mathematics at the elementary level is killing a student’s ability to be successful in middle/high school math and science! -- Anonymous

    As a teacher in SPS it has been a tough few years. Weak administrators (superintendant and inexperienced building principals) seem to be taking us into a dark place because of them being out of touch with what we in the trenches are trying to do each day. -- Anonymous

    Isn't it misleading to state the number of students enrolled in AP courses when, as is the case at Roosevelt, some of those AP courses are REQUIRED? Yes the students are taking an AP course, but it is the low level Human Geography in place of the optional AP World History from a few years ago. -- Anonymous

    SPS needs to make as many cuts at central administration as possible BEFORE they look to other areas. SPS should drastically cut their HR department. Cutting custodial hours will only lead to further decay of our buildings and is unacceptable. -- Anonymous

    In this time of budget crisis, administration should be cut first and cut deeply. Under Maria Goodloe-Johnson, administration has become bloated, climbing to 9% of budget compared to the norm of 6% for surrounding cities. -- Anonymous

    MGJ has been fiscally irresponsible. -- Anonymous

    While the district has an enormous administration- SPS expects parents and students to suffer. Ask MGJ about her proposal to increase Kindergarten tuition to $307/ month. Ask MGJ about her proposal for half day K. Is this equitable? Will this help close the achievement gap? Ask MGJ about her proposal to eliminate elementary school counselors while installing $4M dollars for testing computers. MGJ likes to boast the reformist talk while eliminating services and support to our schools! -- Anonymous

    Seattle has finally fallen victim to NCLB thinking, just as the research is showing conclusively how wrong-headed that legislation is, how detrimental it is to education. Yet our superintendent insists on adhering to the misguided Bush-era punitive approach. Why does education have to be about holding people "accountable"? When did it stop being about the joy of learning? -- Anonymous

    We have a leadership that is making decisions based on politics and not sound educational research. It emphasizes micro-management, high-stakes tests, and threatening children and teachers. It refuses to recognize growth or improvement, or success in any area other than language arts or math. -- Anonymous

    Give the power back to the principals and schools, not this centralized planning and killing of innovation. Fund counselors, fund special ed, fund the arts and music, stop changing everything all the time (bell times, school boundaries for assignments, closing and opening schools, ignoring problems with overcrowding). My list goes on and on. Classes are overcrowded, staff is stressed, parents are unhappy. We want out, but actually, I'd just like to have good, reliable schools. -- Anonymous

    Will all-day K be mandatory for all children next year? Can I opt out? I do not want to send my child to all-day K. -- Anonymous

    Comments from Seattle Speaks: Income Tax

    The following is a selection of questions and comments sent in during the live Seattle Speaks: Income Tax show. If you'd like to share your thoughts on a state income tax or submit ideas for upcoming Seattle Speaks shows please use the email from above or contact us at

    Why would anyone want a state income tax when we're taxed to death with every purchase we make, Are we going to eliminate the sales tax or the B&O tax? you know all the these liberal multi-millionairs don't really don't pay the taxes we little people do. Why don't Msrs. Gates and Soros just sent at check to the government and leave the rest of us alone. -- Anonymous

    You cannot run a government with out some kind of revenue and currently our revenue is not large enough to support our budget. If we do not increase revenue then our debt will only continue to grow, which we cannot afford! I do not like the Idea that as a young person entering into the real world the rest of my life will be spent trying to pay for huge amounts of debt accrued by those before me because the rich don't want to pay their fair share! -- Anonymous

    Also it seems to me that those against this are lying through their teeth because they understand that they are the ones being taxed and they want to avoid being taxed because they like being rich. -- Anonymous

    Imposing a tax on the rich is just a step to impose a imcome tax on all income levels. Dont fool ourselves, it will happen sooner then later. -- Anonymous

    The poorest people in the state of Washington are currently paying the largest portion of their income to taxes, the richest the least. The sales tax does not tax people equitably; an income tax is the only means by which we can balance this system so we can stop taxing the poor deeper into poverty. -- Anonymous

    HOW MUCH DOES THE BARTELL FAMILY NEED? This is a progressive instead of a regressive tax. -- Betty Weber

    Seattle Schools might have more money for students if they didn't lose track of $300K in gasoline which went into the tanks of employees after hours. -- Anonymous

    A dollar to a charity goes mostly to the recipient. A dollar in taxes does not. -- Anonymous

    NO! as a 35-year Washington State home owner and tax payer, I will NEVER support a tax increase until Washington leaders return to representing the people over special interests and apply fiscal responsibility. -- Anonymous

    Are we certain there are no duplicative programs, redundant administrative personnel or departmental fiefdoms at the UW which could be cut before we claim it needs more support? -- Anonymous

    No I do not support 1098 -- Anonymous

    After 30 years of listening to theories that income will "trickle down" you would think people would realize that nothing trickles down. When are people going to wake up and realize that the rich have been using the same scare tactics to avoid taxes for decades? -- Anonymous

    Business, business. The tax is on individuals. -- Anonymous

    How will more money to schools help if Seattle Public Schools continue to expand central administration and ignore widespread waste and accounting mispractices, as documented in the State Auditor's Report? -- Anonymous

    If voters are concerned about cuts in Education, perhaps it time to get government OUT of the business of education and open it up to private enterprise, and those who know how to run a financially responsible operation. -- Anonymous

    I don't steal money from my neighbor to pay my own bills. I don't want the government to take money from rich people to pay its own bills. The sales tax should be more than enough - let's cut government spending so that the state doesn't spend beyond its means. -- Anonymous

    Until the public understands the relatonship between State employee unions and other unions, and why taxes fuel bureaucracies which lead to boondoggle spending, this should not be passed. Unions have become a quasi-governmental force. -- Anonymous

    Please try to get some of the facts clear: are charitable donations deductible before computation of this tax, and if so, why not? WOuld an S corp owner be able to deduct their reinvestment or not? -- Anonymous

    Initiative 1098 is a naked attempt to take rich people's money to pay government bills. History shows that when a majority is legally allowed to violate the rights of a minority, that government cannot last. Initiative 1098 can only harm Washington state. -- Anonymous

    People who say they don't believe in "big government" sure like to have police, courts, jails roads, schools, and public hospitals. What do they think government does? -- Anonymous

    Absolutely NOT! Olympia's reckless and irresponsible is what led us directly into this deficit. State leaders don't know how to apply fiscal responsibility. -- Anonymous

    Mr. Gates' 2002 tax commission argued strongly for a "broad-based" income tax. Has he changed his view or does he still think a broad-based income tax would be the best solution for Washington? -- Anonymous

    Even with the income tax as proposed, low-income households will still pay a disproportionately high share of state and local taxes. This is a necessary step towards an even playing field, but it's far from unfair to the wealthy. -- Anonymous

    No the money will not be earmaked for education and medical care. You can't trust Olympia they set aside the 2/3 majority requirement. -- Anonymous

    No, N0! -- Anonymous

    If the rich people create all the jobs right now they are doing a really poor job. why should we trust them? -- Anonymous

    No! -- Anonymous

    Olympia will use it above and beyond if the King County legislature example with the ferry tax is any example. -- Anonymous

    Hey Bill - the referendum that you call a defense against Olympia changing the law to tax everyone would itself be just another initiative that they can also toss out! -- Anonymous

    no -- Anonymous

    Yes this will become a state wide income tax -- Anonymous

    It is the first step toward a tax for all if history serves. Look at the states such as Connecticut which started out this way 20 years ago. -- Anonymous

    yes -- Anonymous

    A dollar given to most of the well run charities in Washington, particularly some which fund UW, goes almost entirely to the school. A dollar given to the state does not. -- Anonymous

    It will hurt small business -- Anonymous

    is an excise tax deductible from your federal income tax - yes or no? -- Anonymous

    The public needs to see the payrolls of the County and State. -- Anonymous

    My concern also reflects the large contributions that unions have made to I1098's passage. Clearly the passage of I1098 helps them it is unclear exactly how. This needs to be aired and understood. -- Anonymous

    Have we ascertained that there are no duplicative or unnecessary costs of administration at the state's colleges? -- Anonymous

    It is a LIE that investments in a business will not be taxed. You must have profits BEFORE you reinvest, but this tax will hit those profits as soon as they are determined to exist, but before they can be used. QUIT LYING! -- Anonymous

    The public should be shown a more granular picture of the work of all the pro-education charities. Do you want people to give less to them by taxing them instead? -- Anonymous

    Find out why there is a correlation between increased taxes and increased payrolls. The public should not make this decision until they see the payrolls of state and county employees. -- Anonymous

    The real question that I'm not hearing anyone ask is not 'where will the money for schools and health care come from?', but should be 'where has the money that funds schools and education gone?'
    According to the debate, if a student costs nearly $14k per year to educate and a person on welfare costs $1,000 per month to support (as an example), then for nearly every person we can push off of welfare we can educate a child. Now that sounds like a much more wise investment. -- Anonymous

    The only way out of the economic malaise is an innovation, technology, productivity cycle. Unintended outcome of this tax is it deprives capital markets of risk capital. Do we want to pay down the federal debt or don't we? -- Anonymous

    Law of unintended outcome will come into play. Massive flight of capital into municipal bonds by taxpayers who pay only Alternative Minimum Tax will deprive capital markets of funds needed to fuel an innovationc cycle. This raises cost of capital. -- Anonymous

    What concerns me is how soon this tax will be extended to the rest of us. In 2 years the state legislature can vote to extend it to everyone, and if this passes I am 99% sure that is what will happen. -- Anonymous

    Cynicism not withstanding,an income tax is easily the most equitable long term approach to addressing the increasing shortfall in revenue. -- Anonymous

    I was born, raised and educated in Washington and chose to move to Alaska specifically because of the greater opportunities and lower tax burden. Additionally, two of my siblings have followed for essentially the same reasons. I could run my IT business from anywhere in the U.S. but choose to continue to base my operations in Alaska because of the favorable tax environment. -- Anonymous

    Charitable contributions will fall. Money given to education such as through the non-profit organizations which contribute doctoral fellowships in science and computer sciences at UW, is a more efficient way to fund education. More of each dollar gets to its target. -- Anonymous

    Microsoft is registered in Nevada. -- Anonymous

    Even our Governor sells our state by telling companies that they should move here because we do not have a state income tax. -- Anonymous

    The most important consideration is that this is one tax in a portfolio of state taxes. We need to rebalance the burden of tax in a fairer way, and this is a small step in that direction. -- Anonymous

    The history of legislatures re-appropriating "excess" funds from taxes is long. The public needs to see a serious discussion of this. -- Anonymous

    1098 would be really damaging to family owned businesses. They will bear the brunt of the tax increases. It is simply unfair. -- Anonymous

    Get Alliance for School Choice to participate in this debate. A positive, efficient solution instead of one which will lead to more taxes and more bureaucracies. -- Anonymous

    It's so divisive. Tax everyone or no one, -- Anonymous

    Get the facts about the path of income tax since it began 20 years ago in Connecticut. Taxes represent opportunity cost and lost productivity. No productivity means no profits and no jobs, and high inflation when profits do occur. -- Anonymous

    Wyoming and Alaska are nice places. Thank you for showing us that 1098 supporters are stuck up elitists. -- Anonymous

    we don't need a state income tax. What happened to the money from the lottery that was supposed to go to schools. Our students are not being taught, now or when I went through the school system. The headlines in the paper are still "Johnny graduated from High School,cna't read or write". -- Anonymous

    I think the NEA and SEA are more interested in job security than educating students. Also SEIU to which I belonged for iver 40 yrs. is of course interested in getting more money. I would support an income tax if the sales tax was cut to 3%. -- Anonymous

    public employee union members' children can afford school. Look at the King County payroll. It is publiclyavailable. -- Anonymous

    At least investigate school vouchers and the Minneaopolis prototype program before concluding the raising taxes is the answer. -- Anonymous

    Money is fungible. It does not reach intended recipients and there is long history of funds being re-appropriated. Get the facts. -- Anonymous

    If throwing money at problems were all you had to do, The Great Society would have created Utopia, not more dependent, dysfunctional households. -- Anonymous

    We do not need to throw money at education until we find out why spending hasn't worked. School vouchers are a place to start. -- Anonymous

    Money is fungible. It can be spent however the legislature wants. Look what happened with the ferry taxes. We never got to vote and then the funds were re-appropriated. -- Anonymous

    This is the camel's nose under the tent. Look at Connecticut and other states which thought they were just getting a small tax on the few. How have these taxes worked out in Connecticut, California, NJ? -- Anonymous

    For the 1098 proponents - when do you plan on explaining to voters that everyone, no matter how large or small their income, will have money withheld from their paychecks all year long, leaving them to pay the same sales taxes they do now with less take home pay? -- Anonymous

    What amount of money will 1098 take out of Washington economy? -- Anonymous

    We are being given a false choice. Being against 1098 does not imply that one is against education. School voucher systems such as that prototyped by Alliance for School Choice in Minneapolis are the answer. Cut costs, don't spend. -- Anonymous

    Until money is no longer fungible, the targeting of preferred areas is not realistic. What is the guarantee the taxes get to recipients? Or that high percentage won't to to pay state employees? -- Anonymous

    There is a constant claim that small businesses are hurt by this initiative. I own a small business - a true small business with less than $200K in revenue. My business shoulders a disproportionate tax burden to large businesses and very high earning residents - and every penny matters to my business. Every economist will tell you that small business is the engine of economic growth (and don't tell me that Bartells is a small business!). We need to relieve the tax burden on true small businesses and this initiative moves the tax system in the right direction. -- Anonymous

    A lot of the answers I'm hearing are not discussing the details of 1098 that are really on the table: How is 1098 going to tax business if it's a personal income tax? What portion of washington small business will this affect?
    What provisions exist to allow lawmakers to expand this tax? Are we really staring down the barrel of a multi-tax grenade launcher? -- Anonymous

    Does anyone really believe that a high percentage of the taxes will get to the intended recipients? Does anyone believe that school vouchers would not be a more efficient way to improve education? -- Anonymous

    I belive this is a backdoor attempt to get a state income tax that's been rejected at least twice. My children will also vote against I-1098 they're in their 30's. I agree the sales tax should be cut and that should be in the initiative. -- Anonymous

    does mr. gates think it would be a good idea to tax everyone eventually? It kind of sounds like he just said that. -- Anonymous

    Why doesn't Washington state have an income tax like other states? The scare tactic is that businesses will leave WA if it passes, but CA, where I am from has an income tax and businesses and the wealthy haven't left there! -- Anonymous

    Comments from Seattle Speaks: Marijuana Policy

    The following is a selection of questions and comments sent in during the live Seattle Speaks: Marijuana Policy show. If you'd like to share your thoughts on Marijuana or submit ideas for upcoming Seattle Speaks shows please use the email from above or contact us at

    how can everyone use negative effects as a reason for prohibition when alcohol and tobacco are clearly unhealthy. -- Anonymous

    Is intoxication of one type or another an inherent part of human life? Have we, as other animals, evolved an appetite for altering our consciousness? Tobacco, Alcohol, and Opiates have all at one time or another enjoyed a degree of common sense in application and legislation. Marijuana is no different, and the common sense approach is not prohibition but sensible legislation targeted at removing the criminal element from usage and to realize that such as those who enjoy Beer, Wine, or Liquor, some enjoy smoking Marijuana. -- Anonymous

    I think it should be legalized, it has less negative side effects than alcohol by far! I do not drink but I do use for rec. Purposes. The current rules for medical marijuana growing are total crap & do need to be fixed. The state could control the cost of it and still make a ton of money without treating it with a future sin tax ;) -- Anonymous

    I suffer from PMDD and I use Marijuana for my symptoms of nausea and abdominal cramping. I've tried prescription drugs and none have worked. When on prescriptions It was like i was a zombie. Couldn't work, drive, or eat. Marijuana keeps me sane through my mood swings and helps me sleep. I believe Marijuana SHOULD be legalized. -- Anonymous

    current medical marijuana law is a sad joke. with the Frye decision stating that law enforcement is free to ransack a medical cannabis patient's home cannabis is the _only_ medicine that forces patients to give up their constitutional rights in order to gain medical benefits. -- Anonymous

    Comments from Seattle Speaks: Youth Violence

    The follow is a selection of questions and comments sent in during the live Seattle Speaks: Youth Violence show. If you'd like to share your thoughts on youth violence or submit ideas for upcoming Seattle Speaks shows please contact us at

    Do a longitudinal feature on a half-dozen of the kids who said the most interesting comments. Follow up with them six months, one year, etc. from now. That would be compelling television, and would make a difference in individual lives and this community. -- Porgy

    I am a Seattle Police officer plus the single parent of 13 year old. I also am a lifelong city resident. I would love it of there were a curriculum in the schools for us to learn how to communicate with each other. It's important for the Seattle youth to understand that there is a reason for most everything we do but it can't always be explained in the heat of the moment. The police have a paramount obligation to enforce the law, investigate criminal activity, and present those responsible for prosecution. That's how we keep the city safe. In order to do that, we need to take steps to secure our safety and that is not always pleasant. -- Eric

    I Liked This Conversation Because They Actually Let The Youngesters Speak Up And About How The Feel On The Community! Just Listen To Their Voice And Make It A Little Better Than It Is Now,, So Our Kids In The Future Can Feel More Safe. -- Aaliyah

    i wish my community would change right away... i cant stand another day out here. it's gettin harder and harder i shouldn't have to watch my back everyday. or everywhere i go. its just not fair. -- Jakayla

    I feel like young people dont have the same lives as the young people did years ago. people are so concerned about what people think about them that they don't care that their lives are in danger. they're puttin gangs and the streets before their life and their family -- demicko

    !80 is not working The YMCA street soldiers is working. MAD will change things. -- Concerned Central District Citizen

    I think more needs to be done. More people need to keep watch. More teens need to be informed. More teens need to be talked and LISTENED to. Adults tend to talk at teens and expect them to listen, yet the adults themselves could care less what the teen has to say. -- anonymous

    i personally think that adults don't care. they haven't been as concerned as they are now that the police officer has gotten killed.they haven't given up yet but if it were a child they would have given up by now. i don't think that young adults have as much power as the adults do. it makes no sense -- Lawanna

    It looks like a lot of the violence are coming from youth with broken homes, what is the city doing economically to make sure the household of these communities are well suited to raise a family? because that is the foundation -- from the garfield teen center

    What kind of programs are they creating for the youths to make money instead of selling drugs? -- garfield teen center

    How are you spending the money on us? and how are we benefiting? how can you guys verify that we are benefiting? -- garfield teen center

    What is it going to take for the youth violence to stop? do you guys think the $8million dollars is enough? -- Erica from Garfield teen center

    i don't feel safe because people always getten killed and its like u can turn the corner and there someone going heads up and fightin or getten jump or something and its like am i ganna get jump or something for my phone or stuff but i just dont feel safe and its like people getten rap and more so i just dont feel self in the world -- d.rock

    why would you work so hard to find the person who killed cop but yet when piere, quincy, and streetz got killed you still haven't found the ppl who killed them -- j-boogy

    I have friends who just last week were jumped and his ipod touch got stolen. Youth violence is a really big issue that doesn't seem to be getting any smaller despite the efforts the city claims to be taking. I can't walk in my school's neighborhood without being afraid that someone's following me. It's not a good feeling at all. -- Miyuki

    This was a excellent video inspired alot of young people to think about life and if this is just a trend or the real world !! -- Sharonda

    I have two teenagers that will start high school next year. What are three things I might tell them to do that may help them avoid becoming a victim of violence? -- Lisa

    Note: The views expressed here do not reflect the views of the Seattle Channel or the City of Seattle.

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