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About CityStream

CityStream is the Seattle Channel's weekly feature magazine show. Tune in and join our hosts as we venture to new and exciting spots in Seattle. We'll visit hidden parks, new restaurants and favorite haunts as we bring you in-depth coverage of the happenings in the Emerald City. Learn about unique organizations and the people making a difference in our town. Hear about up and coming programs and what you can do to join in.

Simply put, if you live in or near Seattle - if you care about Seattle - CityStream will help you connect to life in the city.

CityStream: Wonders of Work
CityStream: Wonders of Work

As a young girl, Mercy Laurino wondered why so many in her family were getting cancer. Would she inherit the disease? What was her risk? Could it be prevented? These questions fueled her desire to learn and help others. Today, she's a leader in the growing field of genetic counseling, supporting families in identifying and managing inherited risk. Also, many Americans dream of retirement. We meet three Seattleites who've worked the same job for a half-century or more. They reveal why they've stuck around so long! Then, it's not years on the job, but the chance to contribute that has some developmentally disabled employees so excited to work. Host Dennis Bounds has these stories from University Book Store.