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MOHAI's Community Conversations: Facing the Opioid Epidemic
MOHAI's Community Conversations: Facing the Opioid Epidemic

Enrique Cerna moderates a community conversation examining how King County can work to tackle the growing epidemic of opioid addiction. Recently declared a "national public health emergency," opioid-related deaths kill more people in Washington State than automobile accidents or firearms. Local responses range from providing police with tools that counteract overdoses to opening safe injection sites. This program is part of the MOHAI's Community Conversations series.

Panelists Include:
Rob Johnson, Seattle City Councilmember (District 4)
Brad Finegood, King County Behavioral Health and Recovery Division
Dr. Caleb Banta-Green, Alcohol and Drug Abuse Institute, University of Washington
Thea Oliphant-Wells, Social Worker at the Public Health Needle Exchange


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