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About Ask the Mayor

Ask the Mayor is back with a new mayor and a new format. Seattle Channel is hanging up the phone on the longtime, live, call-in show and changing the show's format to feature a live audience and quarterly broadcast from locations across the city. The show now features a topic of focus during the second half of the hour-long program with special guests joining the mayor in conversation.

Mayor Murray discusses broadband, affordable housing & the budget

Ask the Mayor: Fall 2014

You asked and he answered. Mayor Ed Murray joined host Brian Callanan for the fall episode of Ask the Mayor. Murray responded to questions posed by a live audience and submitted online. Topics included municipal broadband, affordable housing, increased funding for the animal shelter, Seattle`s new Indigenous Peoples` Day, labor standards, waterfront development and more. The second half of the program focused on the mayor`s proposed 2015-2016 budget now before the City Council. The city`s budget director Ben Noble joined the mayor in fielding questions, which ranged from raising city employees` wages to adding police to the hopes of bringing an NBA team back to Seattle.