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Front Row: Freebo & Alice Howe perform at Kenyon Hall
Front Row: Freebo & Alice Howe perform at Kenyon Hall

Alice Howe and Freebo perform at Kenyon Hall. Folk, rock, and blues icon Freebo plays bass with singer-songwriter Alice Howe on her songs, and Alice sings harmony with Freebo on many of his songs.

Freebo is a genuine folk, rock and blues icon who, after over 40 years of recording and touring with many of the great artists of our time. He is regarded as one of the most gifted singer-songwriters of today.

At once timeless and original, Boston singer-songwriter Alice Howe combines a soulful, impeccably tuned voice with exquisitely crafted poetry. A lifelong songwriter, Alice's musical sensibility lies in '60s folk and '70s Southern California songwriters, with comparisons drawn to the pure, distilled sounds of Joan Baez and Joni Mitchell.


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