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About Art Zone with Nancy Guppy

Take a look at Seattle's fabulous creative scene, with fresh highlights from local arts, entertainment and cultural happenings. Art Zone with Nancy Guppy features interviews with local artists and performers, reviews and previews of current offerings, and lots of surprises. New episodes of Art Zone with Nancy Guppy premiere Friday nights at 8 p.m., with additional playbacks throughout the week.

Host Nancy Guppy grew up in Seattle and, with the exception of a three-year stint in Los Angeles, has lived in the city her entire life. Before creating arts programming for the Seattle Channel, Nancy spent 10 years as a writer/performer/producer on KING TV's late night comedy show, Almost Live!. Nancy enjoys morning coffee, daily walks, dinner with friends, hang time with husband Joe, and hitting the local art scene as much as she possibly can.

Art Zone: 'Awesome' Live at Café Nordo
Art Zone: 'Awesome' Live at Café Nordo

Art Zone with Nancy Guppy presents "Awesome" Live at Café Nordo. The seven-member band/art collective reunites for an evening of smart, funny, intricate and beautiful music. The band features an uncommon mix of instruments, including an accordion; a banjo; an electric tambourine; and a theremin, an electronic musical instrument controlled without physical contact. "Awesome" (John Osebold, Evan Mosher, Rob Witmer, David Nixon, Basil Harris, John Ackermann and Kirk Anderson) traces its roots to the early 2000s when the members were working in the local theater scene. Over the last decade plus, the theatrical musical group has entertained fans with their signature style of performance art. Expertly unique, these guys reunited in November 2017 at Nordo's Culinarium in Pioneer Square for a night of musical fun that lives up to their name.