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About Town Square

Town Square is a Seattle Channel series dedicated to connecting people and ideas. With lectures, debates, and forums recorded around the city at places such as Town Hall, the Seattle Public Library, and the Central District Forum of Arts and Ideas, Town Square brings interesting and provocative conversations to cable TV and the web.

Town Square: Seattleness - A Cultural Atlas
Town Square: Seattleness - A Cultural Atlas

Longtime residents of Seattle have seen the city's cultures morph dramatically, enough that designers Tera Hatfield, Jenny Kempson, and Natalie Ross have created a visually rich cultural atlas titled "Seattleness: A Cultural Atlas." Through both experiential and data-driven cartography, Hatfield, Kempson, and Ross provide an extensive cultural map of the moody borough that has brought us airplanes, grunge, gourmet coffee, and e-commerce. With invitations for newcomers to the city and longtime residents alike, these three dynamic designers call us together for a cultural exploration of the green metropolis. Presented by Town Hall Seattle.


Tera Hatfield, design director

Jenny Kempson, multidisciplinary designer

Natalie Ross, landscape architect

Moderated by Sarah Ellwood, Professor and Chair of the Department of Geography at the University of Washington.