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Best NW Music Videos
John Richards will host a special episode of The Local Music Show that will air in 2008 highlighting the Best (and Worst) NW Videos. Nominate videos and check out local music experts' top ten lists below.

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The Best NW Music Videos of All Time?!?!

The SEATTLE CHANNEL is collecting your nominations and assembling top ten lists from a panel of music experts for a special episode of The Local Music Show with John Richards that will air in 2008. Send in your ideas right now and check out the top ten lists below from Peter Blecha, John Richards and the Seattle Office of Film + Music.

Your Nominations

arrowSeattle Office of Film + Music Best and Worst Lists

Seattle Office of Film + Music "Top 10 Best NW Music Videos" List
1. Nirvana "Smells Like Teen Spirit"
2. Plan B "Double Crossin' Little Rat"
3. Sir Mix-A-Lot "Posse on Broadway"
4. Modest Mouse "Float On"
5. Treepeople "Cartoon Brew"
6. Soundgarden "Rusty Cage"
7. Harvey Danger "Flagpole Sitta"
8. The Shins "Pink Bullets"
9. Menomena "Evil Bee"
10. Blue Scholars "Joe Metro"

Seattle Office of Film + Music "The #1 Worst NW Music Video"
1. Heart "These Dreams"

arrowJohn Richards Best NW Videos List

1. Nirvana "Smells Like Teen Spirit"
2. Pearl Jam "Even Flow"
3. Pearl Jam "Alive"
4. Alice in Chains "Would"
5. Screaming Trees "Nearly Lost You"
7. Soundgarden "Jesus Christ Pose"
8. Sunny Day Real Estate "Seven"
9. Harvey Danger "Moral Centrailia"
10. Mudhoney "Suck You Dry"

arrowPeter Blecha's Best, Worst and Great Lost Videos Lists

Peter Blecha's "Top 10 Best NW Music Videos of ALL TIME" List
1. Red Dress "Bad Bunch" 1986
2. U-Men "Dig It A Hole" 1988
3. Sir Mix-A-Lot "Posse On Broadway" 1988
4. Nirvana "In Bloom" 1988
5. Temple of The Dog "Hunger Strike" 1990
6. Alice In Chains "We Die Young" 1990
7. Soundgarden "Louder Than Live" 1990
8. Nirvana "Smells Like Teen Spirit" 1991
9. Pearl Jam "Even Flow" 1992 [live @ Moore Theater version]
10. Mad Season "River of Deceit" 1995

Peter Blecha's "Worst NW Music Video of ALL TIME" List
1. Fleetwoods "Come Softly To Me" CBS' Ed Sullivan Show 4/5/59 [The North-west band was forced to pose by a wooden corral-fence dressed-up in cowboy-styled western wear!]
2. The Daily Flash "Oi, Oi, My Bulgarian Baby" The Girl From U.N.C.L.E TV show 1967 [Band was not allowed to sing their hit, "The French Girl" so they sang a nonsense tune!]

Peter Blecha's "The Great Lost Videos" List
1. The Ventures "Walk--Don't Run" KTVW's Dance Party TV show, Tacoma, 11/28/59
2. The Sonics "The Witch" Upbeat! TV Show w/ host Don Webster, Cleveland, OH., ca. 1966

Check back soon for the best or worst lists from other exciting local judges.

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