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Pike Place Market at 100
The Pike Place Market turned 100 on Friday, August 17. The SEATTLE CHANNEL helped celebrate the day with coverage of the festivities at First & Pike and the big concert at Steinbrueck Park! Check out the photos and stories people shared in honor of the big day below.

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Pike Place Market Memories

The producers and editors at the SEATTLE CHANNEL asked for your memories of the Pike Place Market. In return we shared your stories and photos during our broadcast from the Pike Place Market on August 17th Watch Video

Thank you for sharing your photos and stories! Do you have additional stories or photos? Email them in to

Your Photos

Market Memories Pike Place Photo Pike Place Photo
Pike Place Photo Pike Place Photo Pike Place Photo
Pike Place Photo Pike Place Photo Pike Place Photo
Pike Place Photo Pike Place Photo Pike Place Photo
Pike Place Photo Pike Place Photo Pike Place Photo
Pike Place Photo Pike Place Photo Pike Place Photo Pike Place Photo Pike Place Photo Pike Place Photo Pike Place Photo Pike Place Photo Pike Place Photo Pike Place Photo

Your Stories

Jolene (Desimone) Maggard --
"My fondest memories of the Market is when I was a child my father (Joe Desimone), the nephew of one of the founders, would take me and my brothers to the market so that my brothers could sell vegetables from our farm in South Park. After the boys were set up my dad would take me to one of the café's to have a piece of pie while he had coffee with some of the other vendors. He would then take me home and later I would go with him to pick up the boys after their long day of work. It was some of the best times in my life learning about my family's history and how to work for a living. My grandfather also made his living by farming and selling at the Pike Place Market."

Gwen C. --
"In the early 1990’s, as a young female college graduate from the real Midwest (Michigan / Indiana), I interacted with many tourists. Each weekend, I would spend either a Saturday or a Sunday at the Pike Place Market near Rachel. I would take Metro downtown from Wallingford. I would offer to help tourists create memories of Rachel the pig by using their camera to take their picture with Rachel. I would not accept any money for my efforts; I encouraged happy tourists to donate to the foundation through Rachel instead."

Sue Secker --
"In 1987 we, that is John Secker and myself, came to live in Federal Way with our son and returned to England in 1990. We met a fantastic family called Carrie and Howard Qualls plus all their relatives who introduced us to Pike Place Market. We are still in touch and when we visit we just have to come up to Seattle and visit the market. It has a special place in our hearts. I am interested to read all the events and history of the market. I read the Seattle Times every day. Just to keep up to date. We are coming over in November for Thanksgiving. It will be our 20th anniversary of knowing our friends and Pike Place Market. We will be sure to visit the market for old time sake.

Thank you for this opportunity to comment on such a fantastic institution."

Taxman41 --
"In the early 70's, I worked for the city of Seattle at the Market. I was the Janitor. I cleaned the Farmers stalls after they left. There were no Arts and Craft stalls there. Only farmers selling fruits and veggies. I loved that job. I even got a write-up in the Seattle Times about my work.

My boss was Mr. Marvin Reed (the Marker Master). I loved the Market as much as he did. I loved it that the crazy guys at the fish market have not changed."

L. Schuetz --
"I am sure you are looking for feel good stories.....the fact is that Pike's is not a safe place any longer when darkness approaches. I moved into Belltown because of my perception of the access to fresh fruits, vegs and a community spirit....I am originally from Hawaii and this was a natural for me. I moved out of Belltown six months ago after a year living near the market on Elliott street. The move in and move out of Belltown cost me perhaps 5 thousand dollars...more or less.

During my year of living at the OLYMPUS my vechicle was broken into three times (in secured parking). I was robbed at knifepoint near Belltown Billiards and my backpack was stolen at Pikes while I was shopping and set the backpack down at my feet. The bums, drug users, prostitutes who prey on folks who use the market are everywhere....especially at about closing time of the markets on Saturday and where is there better evidence of the gap between the haves and have nots as in Seattle (especially the Pikes' area where there is essentially NO middle class) and no where is that reflected in any of the literature influencing people to move into the area.

I was influenced by Pikes to move into Seattle......I was also influenced by what I saw on a daily basis to get the hell out of there as soon as possible.

Whatever Pike's represented in it's first hundred years is in definite danger unless the area is cleaned up...and not just in the interest of billionaire investors and rich Microsqueeze kids who play in the area. Belltown and Pike's represent the future of Seattle and the region.....either you've got the money or you don't. Community? Where? In Belltown? Pikes? No's not anything more than unorganized chaos with a few good folks working hard to earn a few bucks in the face of rich folks who like to visit Pike's and leave the problems behind when they leave...another shooting? Oh, that was yesterday. No worries, it will be cleaned up by next Saturday....."

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