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Seattle Climate Action Now
Today, people in neighborhoods across the city are joining the effort through Seattle Climate Action Now. And now mayors from 700 cities, representing 74 million Americans, have joined with Seattle in pledging to reduce harmful carbon dioxide emissions in their communities and urging the federal government to act.

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Seattle Climate Action NowSeattle is taking action to prevent one of the biggest threats to the future of our city and the planet - global warming. Through Seattle Climate Action Now, we are committed to leading by example and helping everyone in the city take steps today to reduce climate-changing pollution in their homes, at work and on the road. Get involved in Seattle Climate Action Now by visiting

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The Mountains to Sound Greenway: Trail of Our Heritage 8/12/2014
The Mountains to Sound Greenway links urban and rural lands from Central Washington to Puget Sound, and many local leaders consider it a model for smart growth that strikes a balance between people and nature. A new program to preserve this stretch of scenic landscape from Seattle to Ellensburg is attracting national attention with an effort to designate the Greenway as a National Heritage Area. This half-hour special looks at the past and future of this 1.5 million acres of forests, wilderness, and cities and towns that stretches along Interstate 90 and is home to an estimated 1.4 million people.
The Source: A Story of Seattle`s Tap Water 8/4/2014
Over half the world`s population does not have safe, clean reliable drinking water. Seattle is fortunate we have the Cedar River Watershed. But global climate change is effecting us all.
Seattle Community Climate Forum 5/5/2014
Mayor Ed Murray, joined by Councilmember O`Brien and City staff, presents "Moving the Needle", Seattle`s environmental progress report at the 2nd annual community climate forum.
Energy, Utility and Resource Summit 10/24/2013
Representatives from the City of Seattle`s many departmental services provide overviews of what`s available and how to access all of it.
CityStream: Planet Friendly 9/5/2013
The majestic elephant is a wonder to watch, but are zoos the right place for these animals or would sanctuaries be their best home? That`s the question experts and activists are pondering. We`ll take an in-depth look at the issue as it unfolds in Seattle with the Woodland Park Zoo`s three elephants. See how all parties want the best for these grand creatures. Plus, learn how kids are training to become pint-sized activists for Mother Earth. And find out the latest on the City`s Bike Master Plan; what cycle tracks and bike lanes mean for your commute. Join host Angela King at Golden Gardens in Ballard for these stories and more.
Coal Trains Panel Discussion 5/18/2013
Former Mayor Mike McGinn and UW Professor Dan Jaffe discuss the implications of trains moving coal through the Seattle metropolitan area.
Public Meeting: EPA`s Lower Duwamish Waterway Cleanup Plan 6/3/2013
One of several public meetings where the EPA is asking for comments on the proposed cleanup plan for the Lower Duwamish Waterway, a federal Superfund site.
GoGreen Conference: Getting Serious About Climate Change 4/24/2013
In this opening plenary of the 2013 Seattle GoGreen conference, meet four leaders who have left business-as-usual at the door to carve pioneering paths toward a restorative future.
GoGreen Conference: Intersections of Health and Sustainability 4/24/2013
From the 2013 Seattle GoGreen conference, hear 4 different leaders who are making waves at the intersection of health and sustainability.
Mayor`s Media Availability: Bullitt Center Grand Opening 4/22/2013
The Bullitt Center grand opening on Earth Day. The Center is the greenest commercial building in the world -- net zero energy, water; no toxics; 100% FSC wood.
Mayor`s Media Availability: Coalition to Oppose Coal Trains 4/22/2013
Leaders of city governments and tribal nations across the Pacific Northwest announced the formation of a new coalition to oppose coal trains and coal exports. The Leadership Alliance Against Coal will work together to raise awareness about the damaging economic, cultural, and health impacts of coal trains and coal exports, as well as take action to protect their communities.
Town Square: Enlisting Nature to Stem Climate Change 2/27/2013
Learn about the use of biological carbon storage - biocarbon - to reduce climate disruption caused by human greenhouse-gas emissions, and the other benefits it can provide to our economy and environment.
Seattle Climate Action Plan: We`re So Green 1/18/2013
If you were of fan of School House Rock, check out this incredibly catchy video that celebrates what`s great about our community but also reminds us there is so much more we can do to BE GREEN. (Including commenting on the Seattle Climate Action Plan). OSE collaborated with Seattle`s own Chris Ballew (Caspar Babypants; The Presidents of the United States of America) to create a video that`s sure to make you smile and get stuck in your head.
Press Event: King Tides 1/14/2013
City Councilmembers Mike O`Brien and Jean Godden join Green Ribbon Commission co-Chair Dorris Koo to discuss a new map developed by City planners. Using conservative scientific assumptions, the map shows sea level rise caused by climate change will flood parts of Seattle during high tides in the next 40 years.
Mayor`s Media Availability: Transportation Impacts of Coal Trains 11/5/2012
Former Mayor Mike McGinn joins City Councilmember Mike O`Brien, and the Seattle Department of Transportation at a press briefing on the impacts of running coal trains through Seattle.
Mayor`s Media Availability: Arbor Day 10/20/2012
Former Mayor Mike McGinn celebrates Arbor Day by recognizing Seattle`s 27th year as a "Tree City USA".
Seattle City Light: Solar power helps kids have fun 7/31/2012
Green Up, Seattle City Light`s voluntary program to build renewable energy projects in Seattle, has a new demonstration project that kids are finding quite fun. Beacon Hill overlook uses solar panels as a roof to power some Jefferson Park amenities.
Seattle Voices with Peter Seligmann 7/3/2012
Peter Seligmann is Co-founder, Chairman, and CEO of Conservation International. CI continues to prove that healthy ecosystems are essential for the present and future well-being of humanity and all life on Earth.
Plastic Bag Ban 6/19/2012
Starting July 1, 2012, plastic shopping bags will be banned in the City. Shoppers will need to bring reusable bags or be charged five cents for every large paper bag they use. For more information visit
CityStream Splashback: Homewise 6/14/2012
The City`s Department of Housing is working to make low income housing more eco-friendly through the Homewise Program. Through improvement such as solar water heaters, the building will save energy and the residents will save some green. Producer Nicole Sanchez has the story.
CityStream Splashback: Tree Programs 6/14/2012
Find out how you can help keep Seattle`s tree canopy growing and why trees are going high tech. Producer Nicole Sanchez show us how tree ambassadors are making an impact in our community.
Town Square: Conservation Remix - Built Environments 6/13/2012
What is "smart building"? How can you "save daylight" or be part of a "green roof renaissance"? These and other issues relating to built environments will be discussed at this session of "Conservation Remix."
Town Square: Seattle Aquarium Citizen Science Marine Forum 6/12/2012
Over a dozen high schools from the Seattle area monitor their local beaches, presenting their data for use by King County and the Seattle City Science team. Three panels will each share their perspectives on environmental conservation/sustainability.
Green Economy 5/21/2012
Joel Rogers, professor of law, political science, public affairs, and sociology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, speaks on the Green Economy – specifically around energy efficiency.
Town Square: GoGreen Conference 2012 4/25/2012
The GoGreen Conference is a one day conference designed to educate, motivate and inspire you to take your green quotient to the next level and to give you actionable next steps to make your business more sustainable.
World Water Day 2012 3/22/2012
Bookda Gheisar, Executive Director of Global Washington delivers the keynote address at this year`s annual World Water Day celebration.
American Podium: Guiding Lights Weekend presents Van Jones 3/10/2012
Van Jones, the keynote speaker for the Guiding Lights Weekend 2012, is a globally recognized, award-winning pioneer in human rights and the clean-energy economy.
American Podium: Andrew Ross - World`s Least Sustainable City 3/6/2012
In Bird on Fire, Andrew Ross (Professor of Social and Cultural Analysis at NYU, and a Nation contributor) examines Phoenix, AZ, one of the fastest growing and least sustainable metropolitan regions: a city in the bull`s eye of global warming.
American Podium: Andrew Ross - World`s Least Sustainable City Q and A Session 3/6/2012
Question and Answer Session: Andrew Ross. He examines Phoenix, AZ, one of the fastest growing and least sustainable metropolitan regions.
Climate Action Plan Brownbag 1/26/2012
A brown bag discussion on transit oriented communities, including a panel of local experts discussing tangible opportunities for healthy, safe and affordable communities.
Press Conferences: Community Power Works 2/3/2012
Community Power Works, a City of Seattle energy efficiency initiative, demonstrates a home energy efficiency upgrade in progress.
CityStream Splashback: Center for Game Science 2/2/2012
Producer Vincent Pierce shows us the unusual and playful way computers are helping to cure diseases at the UW Center for Game Science.
Council Media Availability: Protect Puget Sound 11/21/2011
City Councilmembers are joined by representatives from environmental advocacy organizations & businesses to announce legislation to help clean up Puget Sound & protect marine wildlife by banning single-use plastic bags from grocers and retailers.
American Podium: Jeremy Rifkin on the "Energy Internet" 10/5/2011
Jeremy Rifkin, author of The Third Industrial Revolution, says the “Energy Internet” will fundamentally change every aspect of the way we work and live -- if we can summon the political will to embrace it.
American Podium: Jeremy Rifkin on The "Energy Internet" Question and Answers 10/5/2011
A question and answer session with Jeremy Rifkin. This is additional footage from the original American Podium: Jeremy Rifkin that premiered on Tuesday, October 25 on the Seattle Channel.
Press Conference: Bullitt Center Groundbreaking 8/29/2011
A groundbreaking celebration for the Bullitt Center, which is designed to be the greenest commercial building in the world. With solar panels generating as much energy as it needs in a year (in Seattle!), capturing rainwater for all water needs and treating all wastewater on site, the Bullitt Center goes far beyond a typical green building.
Town Square: The Once and Future Promise of Energy Innovation 7/28/2011
Energy innovation has been hailed as the next frontier for the American economy and as critical for the future of both our environment and national security. CityClub carries this forward with a discussion on achieving an attainable energy future.
Mayor`s Media Availability: Electric Cars 7/13/2011
Former Mayor Mike McGinn, Councilmember Jean Godden, Seattle City Light Superintendent Jorge Carrasco and Greg Smith, founder/CEO of Urban Visions, owner of Stadium Nissan, announce the first shipment of Nissan Leafs to the City of Seattle`s fleet. By the end of 2012, a total of 35 Nissan Leafs will be added to the city fleet. The addition of the Leafs and installation of charging infrastructure around the city illustrates progress on both the sustainability and job creation aspects of the plan.
Press Conference: LED Streetlight Installation Update 7/12/2011
City Councilmember Bruce Harrell and Seattle City Light Superintendent Jorge Carrasco update reporters on the progress of LED streetlight installations, including a review of energy savings from the 6,000 streetlights installed in 2010.
American Podium: Climate Change Capitalism 5/11/2011
Authors L. Hunter Lovins and Boyd Cohen make a case that the best route to rebuilding our economy, and assuring national security, is to embrace efficiency, innovation, renewables, carbon markets, and new technologies.
CityStream 5/5/2011
Artistic expressions may come easily for many creative types, but for others, it`s more a challenge. Meet one Seattle artists who use art as a form of therapy. Then, Mother Nature helps keep the fun running at the Woodland Park Zoo with the addition of new solar panels on an older attraction. Plus, meet some racers who run for fun and to help maintain Seattle parks. Join host Nicole Sanchez for these stories and more from Artist and Craftsman Supply in the University District.
Department of Planning and Development: Benchmarking and Disclosure Program Open House 3/17/2011
A presentation on the Seattle Building Energy Rating and Reporting Ordinance.
Press Conference: Community Power Works for Home 4/19/2011
Former Mayor Mike McGinn joins other City officials at a "house party" to kick off a community based program helping central and southeast Seattle residents make energy-saving improvements to their homes.
American Podium: Environmentalist Bill McKibben 4/4/2011
Environmentalist and author Bill McKibben delivers the closing address at the 2011 Guiding Lights Weekend.
American Podium: Van Jones 4/4/2011
Van Jones is the best-selling author of the definitive book on green jobs: The Green-Collar Economy. He served as the green jobs advisor in the Obama White House in 2009.
CityStream 1/27/2011
Sustainability is more than just a trend in one neighborhood. How some West Seattle residents are making it possible for all their neighbors. Then, there`s about 10 new acres of green space in town. How you can check out these lofty sites. And, can green cleaning be friendly to the planet and your wallet while getting the job done? Plus tour a 300 square foot eco friendly home! Join host Lowell Deo for these stories and more on CityStream.
Green Roofs 9/28/2010
One of the hottest new technologies for improving the urban environment -- green roofs -- is shaping the city`s future.
Seattle is Going Carbon Neutral 9/16/2010
In 2010, the City Council established carbon neutrality as one of its sixteen Council priorities. The City of Seattle collaborated with a number of community groups and Catalytica took advantage of this opportunity and documented the groups brainstorming recommendations for the City Council to take in the next 1-3 years.
Seattle Public Utilities and Neighborhoods Committee Special Meeting 9/14/2010
A Carbon Neutrality Community Forum.
American Podium: Van Jones - Green Jobs and Local Climate Leadership 5/31/2010
Van Jones is a globally recognized, award-winning pioneer in human rights and the clean energy economy. He is the author of The Green Collar Economy.
Town Square: Cities as Green Pioneers 5/10/2010
Hear how cities such as Seattle, New York, and Portland are taking the lead in addressing global warming, pollution, energy dependence, and social justice.
Town Square: Go Green - Cultivating Sustainable Business 4/21/2010
The GoGreen Conference presents the latest in sustainable practices for local businesses.
Going Carbon Neutral 4/12/2010
This year Seattle City Council made carbon neutrality a top priority, but what does that mean? What`s the definition of carbon neutral? How does a person or business, let alone a city, know when it is carbon neutral? What`s a reasonable time by which to become carbon neutral? What programs and initiatives would have the greatest impacts? Who might benefit and who might pay? How can the federal government help our city achieve this goal? Are carbon offsets an answer or does setting up a carbon market simply put off true steps in carbon emission reduction? Join Seattle City Councilmembers and a panel of national and local experts to discuss these and other questions about climate change.
Town Square: Climate Change - From Crisis to Opportunity 3/31/2010
Successfully tackling the colossal challenge of climate change is going to depend on the power of positive vision. Join Susan Szenasy, Editor in Chief, Metropolis Magazine, and professor of Design Ethics at Parsons School of Design as she leads a discussion on moving our minds from climate change crisis to climate change opportunity.
Town Square: Women and Climate Change 3/11/2010
As unpredictable and extreme weather increases across the globe, so does the suffering of women in poor countries as they struggle to plant and grow food, collect water, gather firewood, and care for their families. Sara Curran and Lucy Jarosz, professors at the University of Washington, join others for a conversation based on their research and teaching expertise about the reasons and ways climate change affects poor women globally, and the possible solutions experts propose.
Town Square: Careers in the Green Tech Industry 3/1/2010
Global warming is one of the greatest challenges mankind faces today. It`s going to require innovations and new ways of thinking to reduce our dependency on fossil fuels and to improve our energy efficiency. A new industry is emerging, working on green technologies to provide us with alternative sources of energy and to help us consume energy more efficiently.
American Podium: Al Gore 12/1/2009
Former Vice President Al Gore`s best-selling book (and Oscar-winning film) An Inconvenient Truth sounded the global-warming alarm and raised the world`s climate consciousness to a new level. Now, drawing on more than 30 "Solutions Summits" Gore has since led with top scientists, engineers, and policy experts, he offers real solutions to the climate crisis and describes a comprehensive global strategy to implement them urgently. Our Choice, the latest work by the 2007 winner of the Nobel Peace, argues that the bold decisions necessary to address the Earth`s climate can also be the foundations of policies worldwide to create new jobs and stimulate sustainable economic progress.
Town Square: Alex Steffen - Building a Planet with a Future 11/1/2009
At the Copenhagen climate summit in December, the world`s leaders will try to reach agreement on a path to a climate-safe future. As debate rages about how to lift the developing world out of poverty while redefining affluence on dramatically more sustainable lines, Alex Steffen`s answers are increasingly influential. Steffen, the Seattle-based editor of the instrumental sustainability site, has become one of the world`s leading thinkers on the planetary future, and his ideas on "bright green" environmentalism-sustainable, dynamic, prosperous, and fair-have a wide following in Northern Europe.
SE Seattle Clean and Green 7/11/2009
Former Mayor Nickels recently returned to Othello Park off MLK Way to celebrate the 100th Clean and Green Seattle. The program, which is designed to connect neighbors to the environment and make communities more inviting for everyone, had its first Clean and Green event at the same location in 2002. Former Mayor Nickels visits with community residents and answers questions about Link Light Rail and new neighborhood developments as he helps remove litter. To date, Clean and Greens have collected a total of more than 542,550 pounds of litter and debris, repaired more than 4,275 streetlights and painted out nearly 6,305 graffiti sites. Clean and Green Seattle has invigorated communities and established lasting alliances between city departments and neighborhood organizations.
Seattle CAN Save Energy 5/1/2009
Kelly Guenther asks around and gets tips from a City Light expert and others about how you can save energy and reduce your carbon footprint.
West Seattle Clean and Green 9/26/2008
Former Mayor Nickels recently strolled the streets of West Seattle as part "Clean and Green Seattle", a program designed to connect neighbors to help out the environment and make our communities more inviting for everyone to use. Join him has he chats with neighborhood residents, and helps them plant trees, sweep streets and remove graffiti.
Town Square: Arts and the Environment 8/12/2008
Seattle Art Museum and Cascade Land Conservancy co-host a panel discussion on the common interests of the arts and environmental communities in creating vibrant urban spaces and conserving critical landscapes. How do artists make our cities livable and how should cities help artists thrive? Why should environmentalists care? What are the near term priorities for both the arts and the environment? What are the potential benefits of joint efforts and what approaches should be explored? Join us as we consider these questions and next steps.
Mayor's Press Conference: Green Fee Legislation 7/30/2008
Former Mayor Greg Nickels signs historic legislation on the green fee for disposable shopping bags and ban on foam containers.
Seattle City Light: Conservation and Environmental Stewardship 7/15/2008
Seattle City Light is a recognized leader in working to stop climate change through conservation, investment in renewable energy and stewardship of the environment. This feature points out how this has been accomplished.
Mayor's Press Conference: One Millionth CFL 7/9/2008
Former Mayor Greg Nickels announces Seattle has distributed more than one million energy efficient light bulbs through a 10 month-old purchasing program with Seattle City Light, bulb manufacturers and area retailers.
Town Square: Climate Protection - What’s Washington’s Plan? 6/6/2008
What challenges and opportunities face Washington State around climate change? Governor Gregoire’s Climate Advisory Team recently released their plan that aims to "reduce the pollution that leads to climate change, grow our clean energy economy and move toward energy independence." How exactly do they plan to accomplish these ambitious goals? Do all the stakeholders agree with their tactics? Join us for a lively discussion of state-level initiatives to address warming and bring your own questions to pose to our expert panel!
Mayor Greg Nickels: Coping With Global Warming 5/29/2008
Former Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels speaks at the 2008 MANAGING TECHNOLOGY CONFERENCE on Coping With Global Warming: What You Can Do, How Technology Helps.
Trees: A Poem by Cham Ba 5/5/2008
Seattle reLeaf is designed to spread the word about the value of trees to our community. In our efforts to engage the community in thinking and talking about trees listen to a poem by Cham Ba, an active member of the Youngstown Cultural Arts Center community and student at the Arts & Academics Academy at Evergreen High School. Born in Vietnam 1991, Cham moved over to the states when he was about 2 years old. He spent most of his childhood growing up in White Center. He got into poetry and rhyming in about the 3rd grade when he grew a liking to the books of Dr. Seus who became one of his major influences on rhyming. More tree information: City of Seattle Tree Portal
City Inside/Out: Green Fees 4/25/2008
This week's edition of City Inside/Out with C.R. Douglas takes a look the City of Seattle's recent environmentally friendly moves. Is the Emerald City becoming too green? The Mayor and Council President have proposed a 20-cent fee on all plastic and paper shopping bags from grocery, drug and convenience stores plus a tax on Styrofoam food containers. What will this mean for consumers? And how will these changes affect businesses - big and small?
Public Comment: Local Food Action Iniative Resolution 4/16/2008
The Seattle City Council Environment, Emergency Management and Utilities Committee held an evening meeting to hear comments on the Local Food Action Initiative Resolution.
Thorn To Be Wild 4/4/2008
A fun and inventive student-directed short film documenting the ongoing restoration of Seattle's largest forest, the West Duwamish Greenbelt. "Thorn to be Wild" tells the story of the Nature Consortium's volunteer-fueled efforts to replace harmful invasive species with a diversity of long-lived native trees and understory plants. The film project paired students from Seattle-area schools with local filmmakers and environmental activists. The film is student directed, includes original songs and scoring by youth, and will be showing at festivals throughout the Pacific Northwest. More tree information: City of Seattle Tree Portal
Mayor's Press Conference: Bag Fee and Foam Ban 4/2/2008
News conference to discuss highlights of proposed non-disposable shopping bags green fee/foam food container ban.
Mayor's Press Conference: Climate Friendly Taxis 3/12/2008
Former Mayor Greg Nickels announces new green taxi cab regulations and presents Seattle's first (and only) hybrid taxicab.
Town Square: Creating Green Neighborhoods in North America 2/28/2008
Greg Searle is the Executive Director of BioRegional North America. In this talk he shares strategies that participating developers are using to achieve ambitious targets, as well as lessons learned at the multi-award winning BedZED - the UK’s largest urban eco-village and the prototype for One Planet Living.
Mayor's Press Conf. of 02-16-08: Home Energy Days Kick-Off 2/16/2008
Former Mayor Greg Nickels will held a press conference at the Seattle Home Show to begin giving away 10,000 free home energy kits as part of Seattle Climate Action Now. The kits were available at the city’s Climate Action Now booth at the Home Show. The mayor also announced the latest number of mayors who have signed on to Seattle’s U.S. Mayors Climate Protection Agreement, which pledges cities to meet the Kyoto Protocol.
Winterize Your Home: Find Air Leaks 2/13/2008
Learn where to look and how to get started fixing air leaks.
Winterize Your Home: Seal Cracks and Gaps 2/13/2008
Learn to use caulk and spray foam to seal air leaks around windows, doors, molding, and plumbing.
Winterize Your Home: Weather Seal Windows 2/13/2008
Learn about an easy and low-cost alternative to window replacement.
Winterize Your Home: Weatherstrip Doors 2/13/2008
Weather stripping is an inexpensive strategy for sealing drafty doors.
Mayor's Press Conference: Vehicle Carbon Tax 2/6/2008
Former Mayor Greg Nickels and State Sen. Ed Murray announce a bill that would add the impact of global warming to the costs of owning a car or truck.
Town Square: The Environment, Issues & Trends from 30,000 ft 11/14/2007
What are the major environmental issues that will influence our region’s future? In what ways are we progressing toward sustainability, and in what ways have we stalled or slipped into reverse? How are Seattle’s environmental choices affecting the broader region? As the Puget Sound region grows – how are we going to accommodate those projected growth targets and transportation needs – while at the same time lowering our carbon emissions, preserving our watershed for our Eastern Washington farmers, and lowering our region’s contributions to waste landfills? Hear from our region’s leaders on these broad issues – and how you too, can affect change! Presented by CityClub.
Principles of Ecological Economics 1/23/2008
What is ecological economics? Dr. Robert Costanza, an internationally renowned ecological economist, presents an overview. He explains the key concepts of ecological economics - notably, how ecosystems and their functions provide vital goods and services that directly benefit people, and how the valuation of ecosystem services in dollar terms gives critical economic justification for ecological sustainability. He also discusses how the framework of ecological economics promotes and sustains human health and well-being.
U.S. Conference of Mayors: Breakout session “Blueprints for Building a Green City” 11/2/2007
Will Wynn, Mayor of Austin, TX moderates this session featuring Martin Chavez, Mayor of Albuquerque, NM; Kevin Burns, Mayor of North Miami, FL; Jim Hunt, Chief, Environmental and Energy Services City of Boston and S. Richard Fedrizzi, President and CEO, U.S. Green Building Council.
U.S. Conference of Mayors: Breakout session “Engaging Your Business Community” 11/1/2007
Manuel Diaz, Mayor of Miami, FL moderates this session featuring Marty Blum, Mayor of Santa Barbara, CA and Bert Gregory, President and CEO of Mithun
U.S. Conference of Mayors: Plenary session “How Do I Pay for This?” 11/2/2007
Matthew Driscoll, Mayor of Syracuse, NY moderates this session featuring Mark Begich, Mayor of Anchorage, AK; Rosemarie Ives, Mayor of Redmond, WA; Scott Bernstein, President of Center for Neighborhood Technology and Ash Awad, Vice President of Energy Services, McKinstry with remarks by Dean Allen, Chief Executive Officer, McKinstry
U.S. Conference of Mayors: Breakout session “Growing Transit and Expanding Infrastructure” 11/1/2007
Miguel A. Pulido, Mayor of Santa Ana, CA moderates this session featuring Chris Koos, Mayor of Normal, IL; John Robert Smith, Mayor of Meridian, MS and Todd Litman, Executive Director of the Victoria Transportation Policy Institute
U.S. Conference of Mayors: Breakout session “Land Use Strategies” Part 1 11/1/2007
R.T. Ryback, Mayor of Minneapolis, MN moderates this session featuring Heather Fargo, Mayor of Sacramento, CA; Dan Coody, Mayor of Fayetteville, AR and Jackalyne Pfannenstiel, Chair, California Energy Commission
U.S. Conference of Mayors: Breakout session “Land Use Strategies” Part 2 11/1/2007
R.T. Ryback, Mayor of Minneapolis, MN moderates this session featuring Heather Fargo, Mayor of Sacramento, CA; Dan Coody, Mayor of Fayetteville, AR and Jackalyne Pfannenstiel, Chair, California Energy Commission
U.S. Conference of Mayors: Plenary session “Green Collar Jobs” Part 1 11/1/2007
President of the U.S. Conference of Mayors Douglas Palmer moderates this session featuring Jerome Ringo, President of Apollo Alliance; Van Jones, President, Ella Baker Center for Human Rights; Tom Barrett, Mayor of Milwaukee, WI and Ron Dellums, Mayor of Oakland, CA
U.S. Conference of Mayors: Plenary session “Green Collar Jobs” Part 2 11/1/2007
President of the U.S. Conference of Mayors Douglas Palmer moderates this session featuring Jerome Ringo, President of Apollo Alliance; Van Jones, President, Ella Baker Center for Human Rights; Tom Barrett, Mayor of Milwaukee, WI and Ron Dellums, Mayor of Oakland, CA
U.S. Conference of Mayors: Breakout session “Engaging Your Community-At-Large” 11/1/2007
Greg Nickels, Mayor of Seattle, WA moderates this session featuring Tom Bates, Mayor of Berkeley, CA and Andy Lipkis, President of TreePeople
U.S. Conference of Mayors: Press Conference with NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg 11/2/2007
Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York City joins Former Mayor Greg Nickels, Seattle; Mayor Douglas Palmer, Trenton, N.J. and Mayor Manny Diaz, Miami as they announce new plans to ask Congressional leaders for more national work towards environmental measures.
U.S. Conference of Mayors: Opening Session Remarks Day 2 11/2/2007
The U.S. Conference of Mayors kicks off the second day with speeches from David Suzuki of the Suzuki Foundation and Roger Bernstein of the American Chemistry Council.
Mayor's Press Conference: Metropolitan Market's REbag 11/21/2007
Former Mayor Nickels appears at his neighborhood grocery store to help give customers reusable, recycled shopping bags along with energy-efficient light bulbs and a guide to reducing climate pollution.
U.S. Conference of Mayors: NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg 11/2/2007
New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg gives a keynote address on the second day of the U.S. Mayors Climate Protection Summit in Seattle.
U.S. Conference of Mayors: Opening Session Remarks 11/1/2007
U.S. Conference of Mayors kicks off the 2-day event in Seattle with speakers such as Former Mayor Greg Nickels, Gov. Chris Gregoire and Mayor Douglas Palmer, President of the U.S. Conference of Mayors.
U.S. Conference of Mayors: Congressional Field Hearing 11/2/2007
Several Mayors testified before members of Congress during a field hearing at the U.S. Mayors Climate Protection Summit in Seattle.
Mayor's Press Conference: CFL Installation 11/14/2007
Former Mayor Greg Nickels holds a press conference to introduce a Seattle Climate Action Now effort that will provide 40,000 energy-efficient light bulbs for low-income residents of the Seattle Housing Authority. The bulbs - part of Seattle City Light’s Twist and Save program - will cut 2.8 million pounds of carbon emissions and save residents $740,000 in energy costs.
City Inside/Out: Climate Change 11/8/2007
City Inside/Out with C.R. Douglas this week focuses on climate change and the U. S. Conference of Mayors meeting held in Seattle November 1-2. Highlights from appearances by former president Bill Clinton, former vice-president Al Gore, New York mayor Michael Bloomberg and Former Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels are featured, along with interviews with local entrepreneurs about why going green is good business. Guests include Rob Martin, Vice President, Tully's Coffee Corporation; Trudy Bialic, Public Affairs Director, PCC Natural Markets; and Kevin Hagen, Director of Corporate Social Responsibility, REI.
U.S. Conference of Mayors: Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels 11/1/2007
Former Mayor Nickels gave the morning's keynote speech at the U.S. Conference of Mayors Climate Protection Summit Thursday, November 1 at the Edgewater hotel.
U.S. Conference of Mayors: Former Vice-President Al Gore 11/1/2007
Former Vice-President Al Gore spoke at the U.S. Conference of Mayors Climate Protection Summit in Seattle. The speech, which was delivered via satellite, focused on what the country’s Mayors are doing to help the environment.
U.S. Conference of Mayors: Former President Bill Clinton 11/1/2007
Former President Bill Clinton was a keynote speaker at the 2007 U.S. Conference of Mayors Climate Protection Summit hosted by Former Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels.
Seattle Channel News Report: U. S. Conference of Mayors 11/2/2007
The SEATTLE CHANNEL public affairs team was on-site this week for the U.S. Conference of Mayors, hosted by Former Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels, and looking at the issue of climate change. C.R. Douglas has the story in this special SEATTLE CHANNEL News Report.
Mayor's Press Conference: Climate Action Now 10/31/2007
Former Mayor Greg Nickels kicks off the Mayors Climate Summit by raising a giant Seattle Climate Action Now flag atop the Space Needle Wednesday morning. The flag is 25' x35' and is readable from the air. The Seattle summit on Nov. 1-2 will be the largest-ever meeting of American mayors devoted solely to climate protection. More than 100 mayors from across the country will gather here for the two-day event to discuss the impact of climate change on their communities and the steps cities are taking to reduce greenhouse gas pollution.
Media and Public Policy on Climate Change 10/31/2007
This panel focuses on the changing role of the changing media in covering the climate change issue, and inspiring action by their viewers/readers. The event is organized by The Climate Group (an independent, nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing business and government leadership on climate change).
Mayor's Press Conference: Hybrid Vehicle Demo 10/24/2007
The Mayor announces a yearlong demonstration project to convert 13 existing Priuses in the City, County, Port, and Clean Air Agency's fleets to 80-100 mpg+ "Plug-ins." This is a partnership with U.S. Dept. of Energy Idaho National Laboratory.
Carbon Cap and Trade Policy Debate 10/12/2007
Nancy Hirsh of the NW Energy Coalition, moderates a debate on Carbon Caps & Trade Policy featuring Ralph Cavanagh of the Natural Resources Defense Council and Jim Lazar, Consulting Economist.
World Business Review: Seattle City Light's Green Power 10/11/2007
This segment of World Business Review looks at Seattle City Light's role as leader in reducing the effects of greenhouse gas on climate change. City Light was the first electric utility in the nation to be Greenhouse Gas neutral - and one of the first utilities to use energy conservation as a resource. The segment examines the contribution that customers are making through the use of the Green Up! Program that allows customers to add to their electric bill for the purchase of wind power. Hosted by retired General Norman Schwarzkopf.
Community Stories: Sustaining the Faith 10/8/2007
Environmental activism is not a term normally associated with religious groups. But in Seattle, a group of faith-based community leaders is on a mission to change that. Not only do they believe that religion can help save the environment; they believe the environmental movement may help save the religious community. To learn more about faith-based efforts to promote social and environmental sustainability visit Earth Ministry at To get involved in helping to restore green spaces through the Seattle Green Partnership Program, visit
CityStream 9/27/2007
On this special All-Green edition of CityStream, meet a couple who turned their house into Home-Green-Home. Then, visit Second Use Building Materials, where they're making green by turning construction waste into gold. Plus, Lowell Deo gives a plug for the ultimate green cars. Also, find out how Seattle's new climate action program will make other cities green with envy. And, Farmer Roger’s “green acres” are converting Seattleites to healthier food!
CityStream Segment: Home Green Home 9/27/2007
Meet a couple who turned their house into Home-Green-Home.
Cascade Scorecard 2007: How Green Is OUR City? 9/12/2007
Steve Nicholas, Director, OSE moderates a panel discussion between nationally renowned urban sustainability analysts Alan Durning, Executive Director, Sightline Institute ( and Warren Karlenzig, Chief Strategy Officer of SustainLane (
Mayor's Press Conference: Clean Vehicle's Now 9/19/2007
The Mayor kicks off the Clean Vehicle's NOW! Conference which will feature and promote clean vehicles, technologies and fuels and promote green and climate-friendly fleet management by public sector fleets in the region.
Energy Smart Services: Industrial Conservation Program 8/27/2007
Seattle City Lights Energy Smart Services offers many different ways for industrial customers to save on their electric bills while saving large amounts of energy. This video highlights some customers who have saved with this program.
Mayor's Press Conference: Ashworth Cottages LEED 8/22/2007
The Mayor joins with others in recognition of the Ashworth Cottages LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) platinum award from the U.S. Green Building Council. This is the first platinum rated project in Seattle and in Washington; 7th platinum residential project in US.
Alan Weisman: The World Without Us 7/18/2007
What would happen to Earth if humans vanished? Expanding on a Discover Magazine piece selected for The Best American Science Writing 2006, Alan Weisman’s The World Without Us is a thought experiment that explores how the rest of nature would respond if it were suddenly relieved of the relentless pressures heaped on it by humans. Weisman has drawn on the expertise of scientists, engineers, art conservators, miners, oil drillers, and religious leaders to examine our fleeting yet indelible human legacy on Earth. Presented by the Town Hall Center for Civic Life with University Book Store.
Future of Health: Nina Planck on Real Food 6/25/2007
Sixty-five percent of all American adults are overweight or obese and heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. So what should we eat? What foods should we avoid? Nina Planck, the daughter of Virginia vegetable farmers, created farmers’ markets in London and Washington, D.C. and ran New York City’s famous Greenmarket. In Real Food: What to Eat and Why, Planck reveals why traditional foods—fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, grass-fed meat and dairy—not only taste great but are in fact good for you. She shows why the emphasis on low fat diets in the last thirty years is wrong and why factory-style faming is bad for farmers, the environment, and you. Presented with Kim Ricketts Book Events.
Shower Head PSA 6/8/2007
How to install an energy saving shower head.
Sustainable Seattle 15th Anniversary 5/18/2007
In celebration of Sustainable Seattle's 15th Anniversary, a series of speakers talk about the organization's past accomplishments, current activities, and future plans. Speakers include King County Executive Ron Sims, Steve Nicholas from the Office of Sustainability and Environment, and Chantal Stevens from Sustainable Seattle. The keynote speaker is one of Sustainable Seattle's distinguished founders, Alan Atkisson, now the director of the Earth Charter.
City Inside/Out: Managing Urban Development 5/25/2007
This week's City Inside/Out takes an in-depth look at the issue of growth, density, and preserving neighborhood character. Interviews include: Chuck Weinstock, Exec. Dir., Capitol Hill Housing; Liz Dunn, Dunn and Hobbes; Dana Behar, HAL Real Estate Investments; Sally Clark, Seattle City Council; Chris Leman, Chair, City Neighborhood Council. The program also includes an in-studio discussion with former King County Councilmember Brian Derdowski, and Clark Williams-Derry, Research Director, Sightline Institute.
Did You Know? with Councilmember Richard Conlin 5/15/2007
Council Member Richard Conlin explains why Seattle has some of the best drinking water in the country.
City Inside/Out: Zero Waste 5/11/2007
This week's City Inside/Out looks at Seattle's new push to reduce waste and increase recycling rates. Guests include: Richard Conlin, Utilities Chair, Seattle City Council. Other segments feature: recycling compliance rates for apartments and condos; three businesses employing cutting edge recycling and reuse strategies; and a Recycling IQ test.
Town Hall Presents: Climate Policy 5/9/2007
Global warming is a real concern—politicians, business leaders, and environmental advocates now agree. A distinguished panel—including Ben Packers, Starbucks; Eric Markell, Puget Sound Energy; K.C. Golden, Climate Solutions; Denis Hayes, founder of Earth Day; Steve Nicholas, City of Seattle; and U.S. Representative Jay Inslee debates the policy and practicalities of climate change policy. Presented by the Thomas C. Wales Foundation.
Buyer Be Fair: The Promise of Product Certification 5/7/2007
Buyer Be Fair: The Promise of Product Certification takes viewers to Mexico, the Netherlands, the UK, Sweden, the U.S. and Canada to explore how conscious consumers and businesses can use the market to promote social justice and environmental sustainability through product labeling. This program focuses on Fair Trade coffee and Forest Stewardship Council certified wood.
Elliott Bay Books presents: Bill McKibben 3/21/2007
Bill McKibben has for two decades now been one of the most astute, vital writers addressing how we live on the planet. The author of such works as The End of Nature, The Age of Missing Information, and Enough, he is here with Deep Economy: The Wealth of Communities and the Durable Future. Co-presented with the TOWN HALL CENTER FOR CIVIC LIFE.
Seattle Voices with Ben Klasky 5/1/2007
Ben has been the executive director at Islandwood since January 2005. He previously served as executive director of Net Impact and is a board member of both Donor Empower and Camp Galileo. His career ranges from advising Fortune 500 companies at Deloitte Consulting, to teaching in a severely under-resourced school. IslandWood is a 255-acre outdoor learning center designed to provide exceptional learning experiences and inspire lifelong environmental and community stewardship. It has programs for schools as well as programs for adults, children and families.
Mayor's Press Conference: Climate Change 4/13/2007
Former Mayor Nickels is joined by US House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi to discuss Climate Change issues.
Environmental Health Lecture: Biofuels 3/21/2007
The Seattle Biotech Legacy Foundation's 2007 Our Health, Our Environment: Making the Link lecture series explores the relationship between human and ecological health. It is expected that in 2007 biodiesel production in Washington will leap from 10 million to between 150 and 200 million gallons and ethanol use will grow from 40 to 300 million gallons. Three local experts speak about biofuels and the potential health, environmental and policy implications of biofuel use: David Kircher, manager of air resources, Puget Sound Clean Air Agency; Peter Moulton, coordinator of Climate Solutions' Harvesting Clean Energy Program; and Tim Stearns, energy policy specialist with Washington Department of Community, Trade, and Economic Development.
Public Hearing: Prosposed Environmentally CAO Amendments 3/22/2007
The City Council’s Environment, Emergency Management and Utilities Committee held a public hearing to take comments on proposed amendment to the Environmentally Critical Areas Ordinance (Title 25) to designate certain geologic hazard areas.
Seattle Voices with John de Graaf 3/13/2007
John de Graaf is the recipient of more than 100 awards for filmmaking. Many of his programs address environmental subjects, including Beyond Organic, Escape from Affluenza, and Circle of Plenty. He has worked with KCTS for 23 years as an independent producer of television documentaries. De Graaf is the founder of the Hazel Wolf Environmental Film Festival.
World Affairs Council: Delivering America's Energy Security 2/8/2007
Red Cavaney, President and CEO of the American Petroleum Institute (API), the national trade association that represents all aspects of America's oil and natural gas industry, and which has 400 corporate members, from the largest major oil company to the smallest of independents, will speak on "Securing America's Energy Future." Through his rich and varied background, Mr. Cavaney is uniquely positioned to provide us with an insider's perspective on the current situation, and help us answer questions on where we can go from here.
Safe Keeping: Monitor and Tagging 2/26/2007
City Light is studying how salmon disperse in the upper Skagit River by tagging the fish before they head upstream to spawn.
Safe Keeping: Spawning Channel Development 2/26/2007
City Light is constructing spawning channels in the upper Skagit River to replace habitat that has been lost over the decades due to human development along the river.
Safe Keeping: Woody Debris Project 2/26/2007
City Light is restoring habitat for salmon in Tolt River by dropping large logs into the river to capture gravel for future salmon spawning.
Mayor's Press Conference: Climate Protection, Viaduct 2/14/2007
This Mayor discusses climate protection and current issues surrounding the upcoming Viaduct vote.
John Lombard: Saving Puget Sound 1/23/2007
No other developed area in the world matches the Puget Sound region's combination of beauty, wealth, natural resiliency, and history of environmental concern. John Lombard, Seattle native and senior policy analyst at the environmental consulting firm Steward and Associates, offers a practical proposal to conserve the region's most important ecosystems in the face of long-term population growth. Saving Puget Sound: A Conservation Strategy for the 21st Century provides a detailed review of the political and legal issues that must be at the core of any sound conservation strategy. Presented by the Town Hall Center for Civic Life with Elliott Bay Book Company and the University of Washington Press.
News Report: Mayor's Climate Action Plan 11/17/2006
This report takes an in-depth look at the Mayor’s recently released Climate Action Plan. The plan sets out a strategy for Seattle to meet the targets of the Kyoto Protocol and the international agreement about global warming. This News Report discussed the elements of the plan and features an interview with Former Mayor Nickels about the major elements.
Mayor's Press Conference: Climate Action Plan 9/27/2006
The Mayor announces the city's and community’s response to the Green Ribbon Commission on Climate Protection recommendations.
Sustainable by Design - Local Agriculture 9/12/2006
Local agriculture is said to be the next 'organic'. In Seattle and across the nation, there is a growing movement to 'think global and buy local'. In addition to supporting our local economy, buying local also means buying fresher and helping to reduce our impact on global warming and pollution. In this episode we learn how local farmers markets, community support agriculture and other programs are helping Seattle citizens eat healthier and connect with the local and regional farming community.
Sustainable by Design - High Point Neighborhood 6/23/2006
High Point is a new "green" neighborhood redevelopment project managed by the Seattle Housing Authority. This national award-winning design focuses on community and environmental sustainability, creating a safe, high quality and healthy residential environment. The completed project will contain a wide range of housing types each built to Green standards. The plan is designed to fully integrate the redevelopment with the surrounding community. Tom Phillips of Seattle Housing Authority points out some of the sustainable features of this innovative neighborhood design.
Sustainable By Design: New School Engineering 4/22/2006
The Sustainable by Design series highlights the latest advances in sustainable design, planning and development. Looking beyond recycling and pollution control, this program shows how progressive designers, urban planners, educators and business leaders are making sustainability an integral part of their work. In this episode we visit the UW's Sustainability and Design for Environment course where students are learning how to incorporate resource conservation and pollution prevention into the product design process.
Mayor's Press Conference: Green Ribbon Commission on Climate Protection 3/24/2006
Former Mayor Nickels receives the recommendations of his Green Ribbon Commission on how Seattle can significantly reduce global warming pollution to meet or beat the goals of the Kyoto Protocol. Joining the mayor is former Vice President Al Gore.
Seattle Channel Reports: City Light's Zero Net Emissions 2/22/2006
Seattle City Light has become the first large electric utility in the country to effectively eliminate its contribution of harmful greenhouse gas emissions into the environment. The utility’s goal of “zero net emissions” is a key element of the mayor’s effort to make Seattle a leader in combating global warming and meeting the goals of the Kyoto Protocol. Seattle Channel News takes a look at just how the utility did it.
Community Stories: Empowered by Biodiesel 1/6/2006
The burgeoning biodiesel community in Seattle is not just for hard core environmentalists anymore. Citizens choose to go biodiesel for a number of reasons - to have less impact on the environment and to be less reliant on fossil fuels are a couple of incentives -- but they also come together to share knowledge and support this growing industry. Biodiesel users like activist Aaron Kahn, business owner Rob Elam, and co-op member Ara Erickson share how folks create community at the fuel pump.
Conversations on Climate Change: The Effects of Global Warming in The Pacific NW 10/10/2005
A discussion lead by Dr. Philip Mote, Ph.D -- a research scientist at the University of Washington in the Climate Impacts Group and an Affiliate Professor in the Department of Atmospheric Sciences.
Cruise ships and Green Power 9/23/2005
Seattle City Light provides green power to visiting cruise ships.
The Great Blue Heron 8/12/2005
In 2003, citizens of Seattle chose the Great Blue Heron as the "Official Bird of Seattle". In this program, we get a close-up look at this majestic bird and examine some of the challenges it faces in our urban environment.
The Cascade Agenda: 100 Years Forward 8/9/2005
The Cascade Agenda spoke to more than 4,500 people and discussed what the region would look like in 100 years without major land conservation. They determined there are ways to make a difference with the market-place tools available such as transfer of development rights, conservation easements and new tools to be created such as forest conservation bonds. This piece provides a broad look at the agenda.
Plug-in Electric Vehicles 6/30/2005
Seattle City Light is looking at cars that run on electricity and are re-charged by plugging in at night.
Seattle Climate Protection Initiative: 2005 City Livability Awards Program 6/24/2005
A short feature about Seattle that was played in honor of Former Mayor Nickels' First Place Award received at the 2005 City Livability Awards Program, sponsored by The U.S. Conference of Mayors and Waste Management. The Award recognizes and honors mayors for exemplary leadership in developing and implementing programs that improve the quality of life in America's cities.
Council Forum: Visions of Urban Sustainability 1/25/2005
Seattle City Councilmember Peter Steinbrueck hosts a forum on lessons learned from Europe on green building and urban sustainability. The purpose of this forum is to hear from key developers and urban planning professionals who recently toured cities in Denmark and Sweden, what they learned about green building and urban design. The goal of the forum is to learn how new ideas can be applied here in Seattle and to stimulate interest in green building.
Solar Power 4/19/2004
Sharon Bennett describes how solar power is being used to generate electricity for public buildings in Seattle.
P-Patch Under The Wires Community Gardens 7/23/2003
Connie McDougall talks about community gardens flourishing beneath high voltage transmission lines.
Skagit River Watershed 4/24/2003
Learn more about the Skagit River Watershed on a tour with Kelly Guenther
Seattle Spotlight: Skagit Salmon 12/23/2002
Host Kelly Guenther shines the spotlight on the record numbers of salmon returning to the Skagit River, thanks, in part, to carefully controlled river flows. Award Winning Video: 24th Annual Telly Awards - 2003 Silver Telly
Dig It #2: Resource Conservation Educational Conservation Program 8/19/2001
What can You do to help conserve the earth's resources? 'Garbage Grrrl', 'DJ Use Less' and Seattle Students show you ways to make a difference in this award winning show.
Cascadia Center for Sustainable Design and Construction 5/4/2011
Plans are revealed and discussed for the Bullitt Foundation`s Cascadia Center for Sustainable Design and Construction.

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